As Immigration Talk Devolves, Some Reagan Insight | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Dear Laura – Your ancestors coming here were part of a massive demographic shift. Mine, too. Wake the eff up!

  2. and the catholics were treated like the muslims are now but we all got along cuz we all pupued people like trump they're gone and we still keep on keeping on

  3. The sad thing is that their are so many Americans that think that working in the fields are below them and immigrants are more than willing to pick vegetables, fruits and what ever else because that money is better than nothing….and it feeds their families….

  4. INGRAHAM! Check your ancestry, a Germanic surname…so where did your family came from originally???I encouraged you to educate yourself in HISTORY and also Learn we were all created EQUAL.🤔. Also very concern about you adopting children from other RACES !🤔

  5. The leader of the Party of Reagan is the lapdog of a KGB goon. The leader of the party of Lincoln panders to lovers of the Confederacy. Oh, how the mighty are fallen…

  6. Listening to Reagans heartwarming words I finally realize why I truly hate Trump. Sure there are infinite reasons to despise him and his idiocy but there is also real hate deep down. He succeeded to destroy the beloved conception of America I grew up with and which is so beautifully summarized in Reagans farewell speech.

  7. You can't "bring in" MS-13. MS-13 is an American organisation born in Los Angeles and is actually an American EXPORT !


  9. L Ingraham, your boss R.MURDOCHS' father went to AUSTRALIA as a migrant. Murdoch Origen of the name is GAELIC, scottish.Now R.Murdoch is an American citizen ,Not AUSTRALIAN anymore and owns FOX! So called news? With a SAUDI prince!!!🤔😳IT pays to have EDUCATION !LEARN from HISTORY.

  10. Wow, these Liberals really do have Republican's best interest at heart. Please do not get confused or distracted. Stay on message, Laura. Do not allow Bolsheviks to use their pearl-clutching to back down.

  11. The right-wing GOP are behaving like a consortium of bigoted landlords and I don't hold out much hope for any mass epiphany. I'm pretty sure that an entire generation of entitled racists are gonna have to die off before reasoned, justice based immigration policy can be enacted here in the land of the free.

  12. Gawd, whether I agreed or disagreed with their policies –it was good to have real American Presidents once upon a time…


  14. MSNBC show the whole Laura Ingraham commentary, not just the little segment. She was talking about illegal immigration and the people that support it, and the damage it is doing to the country.

  15. Funny good ole joe didn't compare the last 3 presidents view on immigration, you know where they said that we needed borders and that you couldn't come here ILLEGALLY and expect to stay. There is a demographic shift in OUR country, there are way too many anti-AMERICANS living here. You know the ones that are offended by the flag,the anthem, the pledge of allegiance. The ones that suppress free speech unless it's their views. Many in congress also ran on borders and stopping ILLEGAL immigration but they just lied to get elected. Morning joe is about as FAKE NEWS as they come, they are even worse than cnn

  16. Elections are a 1 man 1 vote system. Let in too many refugees/illegals and you risk being outvoted. (legally or illegally.) Remember… they will reproduce too. Also… if terrorists and criminals are hidden among refugees, they could gradually increase in numbers and vote their agents into your government. This causes social problems which in turn ruins your economy too. Every country's government must be responsible for their own people, not let foreign nations care for them. Accepting refugees/illegals encourages their corrupt governments to continue ill treating its citizens. There are other ways to help.

  17. The Jewish ultra racists who've dominated this country have promoted the immigration policies meant to destroy European American people.

  18. Drumpf has a lot of nerve considering his own in-laws just became citizens through the same system he's trying to outlaw…hmm, that's unbelievable! Not to mention he wouldn't be here either! #DontheCon #Fakepresident #Crooks

  19. Criminal Conspiracy to Defraud the United States
    Criminal Conspiracy to Violate The Election Laws
    Thank you supreme leader chairman trump!!

    Avenatti/Holder 2020

  20. Yes, Morning Joe.
    I remember Reps were on a mission to reach out to more people of color, after Obama's win.
    Then, Trump comes out the wood works and so did his 'kind.' Slightly racist, bigoted, misogynistic type-folks?
    And the Reps/GOP'ers thought, never mind. These are our 'kind' of people…

  21. "Migration" is a reference to animals, but with is limited vocabulary I don't know it he come up with that or he got it from someone else because he is not any more intelligent than my dog.

  22. So tired of people puffing up Reagan. He crippled our schools, our aviation industry, enabled drug trafficking in a massive scale, and directly caused havoc throughout Central America. He died a karma death. Let him be forgotten

  23. Reagan really thought nobody could become a German? That'll be news to Germany then. And Ingraham is right, disgusting, pandering racist that she is, those carrots have been foisted on us, the Vegetable People have taken over! And Carrot in Chief rules a Kingdom of Idiots.

  24. Reagan's America – A shining city atop a hill welcoming to all with freedom in their hearts. Trump's America – A black castle atop a dark mountain surrounded by walls closed to all non-white/non-christians.

  25. No words of Reagan will ever resonate with me. He screwed Carter and made a deal with Iraq so he'd look like the hero Zero. Reagan is the reason we have neo-classical economics destroying The People. Nothing ''trickled down'' … it defied gravity and created FIAT and the 1%. Thank Friedman and the Chicago Boys for their influence. Now the FED's quantum easing is about to tank the economy… get your life jackets and please stop painting another lying criminal in colors he doesn't own.

  26. The woman didn't say "he's a Muslim", she said "he's an Arab". And McCain's response wasn't courageous, it implied agreement with her distrust of Arab Americans: "no, he's not, he's a good man, he's not". Imagine the different public response if she had said "he's a Jew", and McCain answered only "no, he's not, he's a good man, he's not", instead of distancing himself from the notion that Jewish Americans can't be trusted.

  27. Trump Republicans have moved so far to the Right of Ronald Reagan, he wouldn't even recognize them. They certainly have no right anymore to call themselves the Party of Lincoln, since if the Civil War were fought today, the Trump Republicans would be all for State Rights (secession), and all for Property Rights (slavery). The goal of Trump Republicans is to form a one-man, one party government of a few billionaire criminals running everything under the President-for-Life. Just like Putin's Russia, which Trump and the NRA leadership love so much. We know Putin does not, and never will, allow individual gun rights in Russia, so we have to ask ourselves WHAT IS IT that the NRA loves so much about Putin's Russia.

  28. I am not and never was a Republican….but there is a gulf between Reagan and Trump, same as there is a Gulf between 1980 Republicans and 2016 Republicans….and do you know what the difference is??…….in 1980 they were American Republicans……now they are Russian Republicans……..not exactly a subtle difference, love him or loath him Reagan was a Proud American……Trump is a Russian, he works for Russia, not America…..but it is worse, it is not just that he doesn't work in the best interests on America……..he works against the best interests of America………they have a word for that…….TREASON!

  29. Regan was letting the CIA sell tons of Cocaine in the US to kids to fund the Contra Rebels while Nancy Regan was against drugs

  30. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, because it's not, but ingraham adopted a girl from guatemala. How do she explain to her the things she say on tv?

  31. I know many people including Americans who have come to France and Germany and are now proud citizens of those countries. It is real sad that Americans think that the USA is the only country that has greatness.

  32. we build it up as we tear it down it was a forest now it's another town…., in the past 50 years the human population has doubled in the past 50 years all wildlife has dropped on average by over 50% with a lot going extinct, human life isn't the only life that matters, as we destroy the web of life we destroy ourselves.

  33. As a foreigner, I recall how whenever Reagan would give a speech, that it would make me envious of the fact that I'm not American. He made me wish that one day I too would become a citizen of The Land of the Free. Oh I was so jealous. And I even prayed about it.

    As a foreigner, Donald Trump's position as the 45th PotUS makes me awfully glad and relieved that I'm not an American. This is not meant to insult anyone in particular, but rather, it's meant to convey my sincere regret and condolences over what it means to have to put up with that orange man-child as a leader.

    That being said, if any nation can recover from his natural stupidity, it's definitely the U.S. of A. Never give up.

  34. Ronald Reagon passed the last major illegal immigration law to END all illegal immigration, amnesty for all illegals already here at the time, and major fines for employers that hired new illegals, the amnesty happened but the fines against billionaire employers that use them as slave labor in violation on all our labor laws didn't, so illegals are still stealling jobs, 51% in construction, employers like TRUMP paying them less than it costs for a legal citizen to buy required insurance, so we can't compete.

  35. Thank God for football. Nice watching the "German" team…..each one calling themselves German. Well done France for winning 2018 World Cup. Yeah, I agree with the female new reader! Something has gone wrong! Hey what's happened to the Native "Americans"! lol

  36. There is no Republican party like the one Reagan led. The Republiclan party is now the party of white supremacy, conspiracy theories created by the alt right, and Nazi sympathizers. Yes they are the party of the wealthy as well, but they've always been the panderers of wealthy people for their influence and money.

  37. 50% of Republiclans still believe Hillary Clinton was the head of a pedophile ring run out of the basement of a pizza shop in Washington. They still think Pizzagate" is real, despite one of their own going to the pizza shop with a gun and shooting up the place, only to discover there's no kids in a basement that never existed. That fool is now in jail. That tells you two things. Thank god these idiots are less than 13% of America's total population, and these idiots will believe any con job like "Q" or Trumplethinskin.

  38. Fear (and the empathy it kills) is what separates the left from the right. Fear-mongers like Fox News, the GOP, Drumpf, etc are largely responsible.

  39. MSNBC is now praising Reagan. Either they are ignorant, or deceptive, or they are pushing a narrative. Reagan was also racist, and MSNBC are not condemning that. They are just using Reagan as a tool to criticize Trump.

  40. Soon that half breed mutt Ingram will be laid out on the ground leaking from many bullet holes to her full body

  41. You never voted for a change in the composition of the population? WRONG. You voted with your wallet. You have exploited cheap Mexican labor for decades. And now you are surprised?

  42. You never voted for a change in the composition of the population? WRONG. You voted with your wallet. You have exploited cheap Mexican labor for decades. And now you are surprised?

  43. Did the natives vote for the whites come in? Mexicans were in the Southern States long before the whites. Africans were brought by those whites to America.

  44. You can become German and French btw, these countries just do not have immigration policies, but they sure take in plenty of refugees!

  45. As an unbiased Australian MSNBC are not telling you Americans the truth or CNN all main stream media is run by the elite criminals. watch independent news Trump is taking back you're bank the fed from the criminal elite liars on this their tool MSNBC.

  46. What, after all, has OLD BONESPURS, PRESIDUNCE DONALD TRUMP, done?
    Stolen Obama’s economic rebound.
    Stolen children from asylum seekers.
    Made enemies of our friends.
    Conspired with our enemies.
    Praised dictators.

  47. OMG…I'm so sick of hearing about ms13. MS13 is American made; it's not imported, but exported. And can we talk about other American made violent gangs like the kkk, rise up, & every other white nationalist group? Let's focus on calling out and crushing those gangs just as much as we focus on ms13.

  48. yeah that what trump like general hayden "simple….said suppose to do but i dont understand why he just comes with ideas that is destroy only

  49. White people like that not all white people but those white people will ever accept anyone that doesn't look like them. Even if or when they accept others there will be major stipulations in involved.

  50. Some facts for americans: You can move to germany and become a german citizen. If you live in Germany for 8 consecutive years, making your living there, then you are entitled to become a naturalized german citizen. I dont know about France and Japan, but i know this for certain about germany.

  51. In 1986, immigrant groups and many Democrats opposed the amnesty, fearing that restraints on employers would lead companies to avoid hiring legal immigrants or citizens with unusual names. Today, Democrats, immigrant groups and business leaders are among the strongest backers of the bill.

  52. Reagans works bring you to tears? How about the words finally released on audiotape yesterday where he was calling blacks “monkeys who aren’t used to wearing shoes yet.”e was a monster who knew how to Act it out in policy and keep some degree of deniability about the atrocities put upon America:

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