Aristotle – अरस्तु कौन था ?- Western Thinkers – Philosophy & Political Science optional

Maurice Vega

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  1. 8:15 sir ji tab wo 10 saal k tge na ki 14 k… 384 bc to 374 bc… 10 saal hue toh unki age 14 kaise hui ?

  2. Thanks a lot sir..I really like the way you explain in this video.Can you please create similar video to explain "Kant".

  3. Sir You had made biography of near about every famous person but till now you didn't made it on OSHO ….plz it's my request to you sir…plz make it for us

  4. Ty so much for the video sir very nicely explain…
    I have a question is it suitable for ur state PSC…????

  5. Apple bane hai khane Kae liye sir pedh lagake kya karoge if khane wala hi Nahi rahege? Beej sae faal banta hai faal sae beej Nahi.

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