AP IT Minister Mekapati Goutham Reddy Slams TDP Governance on Fiber Grid Project | Pulihora News

addiction symbaloo Ramakrishna gotta work a prosthetic eye at the picture he was asking about the Supreme Court has given a order stating that government should not get into cable new cable network connection by the vast America that the common law bridge a government in cable operations here on could not produce our Supreme Court had objected to this but Japan United action Medora the government of AP then applied for a unified license policy in the unified license policy row you get IP TV Internet Protocol TV and it also is a shell which is admissible by the by the tra norms baccarat sewed on whare we got this license unified license warum Aniki we got this so we could lay this cable for this thing's like a there has been something practical there has been a point where they said that there is certain amount of malla fide intentions in this FiberNet an ad because they are no mono and what is there is a bit congested a sec sure i would just like to briefly tell about what this fiber net on it in the other FiberNet na the accelerate is best for it is a broadband based network limited in JP central government had taken this initiative as a sure that all the Mundell should be connected and JP through internet at high bandwidth reason the government of AP joined this and they said they increase the the number of that message specification from simple internet two to three triple trailers and away they're giving them internet telephone and also TV television internet and also this one is Asia inter so the Anwar I mean it is a project kata escalated Gaetano needed to dada who either way remote on that I have a cotyledon are over Calum our CPE boxes and in this entire technology runs on GPG pawn and a technology made analysis is actually the basically it's called passive optical network methanol simple this network mirror that shows the so-called CPA the set-top box on are all your anima this thing I just want to show the assembly what it is exactly they can understand this actually this is the IP TV box addiction and this is a standard load you are you know Internet and telephone you don't do separate separate in a market Lopes you squint at the chest this costs about 1,800 to 2,000 rupees of they share it with you 1,400 to 1,500 detection so totally to cost about 1450 Plus this will cost about two thousand two two thousand four eighty three thousand four hundred fifty at six – specifications preparing any canopy okay box now is why finest quality the narwhale on the window application Alvin Alvin so against 4400 this is I've just taken this as a standalone case a picture me record on a website Hawaii we began IPTV not kava element it they're putting this as two thousand rupees the same box what you asked for y5 and Internet and other things when you ask it it is 1450 as it so you don't do necklace there it is costing about 3,400 3,500 a person but we have procured this box from the Sun where does combine both these technologies together for 4,400 addiction I did I'm just saying what is to the subrogee so tuppence Auriga Yavin ethel iran to Hoonah inject a mockumentary guru you subcommittee patterns are in the section either subcommittee refused Coveney into Garrigan DD I think without any key you to find them and it went as Asia we are almost saving the other thousand crows addiction thousand savings we are going to make up so in corroborate I have procurement son in karmic Dada humble actuallu CPS procurement say one my own standalone unit supersonic II if you can negotiate simply a picture I did one tonight the mathematics simple mathematics artists could take the inflow we quote America directly convert them and the savings on it so Mookie mantra Guardian are all Duncan in Kakuma kitchen that kind of write down just as it sure so tuppence arrogance of building do you like that one tomorrow will done with this contradiction Thank You attics you

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