Anthony Scaramucci discusses the Trump economy and the 2020 election

like you go back to the white house sir I would go back to the white house sure I'm an American I was served my country there's no chance of me going back to the White House the president never offered that to me but of course I would I I don't like people saying oh I would never go back when they would really go back the same way politicians say I would never run for office when they're really running for office you know just be a straight-shooter better you're so close to it is he gonna get real wife he's gonna why I am very closer I think is gonna get resounding legally re-elected I'll probably have a 40 state landslide because what are you gonna do you're gonna you're gonna put a socialist in place and wreck the entire economy and and and what we left out of today's conversation is there's real wage growth for the bottom 10% of earners last point the illegal immigration he's reduced it by 85% it took the slack out of the labor market for the bottom 10% of the people in our society so it's settled there he'll be the first president modern time with three terms in a row that's what's gonna happen three you three go oh you think you didn't know that's not gonna happen although I love when he trolls people he says he's gonna be President forever I mean it's trolling that's what he does he's a great troller but and you don't think that it that Biden's gonna be the nominee on the Democratic side I think he has a hard time with contact with the enemy okay he almost lost a debate to Sarah Palin a few years ago when he's in a debate situation and there's some controversy he locks up remember what Rick Perry did on our air CNBC in 2012 Vice President Biden has that tendency to choose and and Donald J Trump is the Ronnie lot of verbal contact he'll knock the person into the next you think it'll be Biden I don't think it will be by what do you think would be it's very hard to tell right now I don't think it'll be Carol Harris either I think it'll be one of the younger people on that stage right now who do you think the president really wants I think he wants by he wants by I think he wants Biden because I think he can compare and contrast himself to the 50-year establishment failure in Washington and to the new disruptive things that he's doing right now what do you think if his latest picks the Fed well I love the picks and you know and I you know obvious having close to Steve Moore I know Herman Cain but I think these are more consistent with what should be on the Fed board and you know the president is yielding to the consensus there and I think they'll be don't be put through right away Kevin doesn't think Judy will get through exact she sounds like a gold bug and that's gonna hurt her you know I think she will get through the reason why is that there's so many big things going on in Washington right now and they've got to litigate the u.s. MCA and all that other stuff I think they're gonna let this one slide okay just wiping you

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  1. Yang2020. The one thing you hear from Trump supporters on why they voted for him was "He tells it like it is." And everyone has that term wrong. Liberals think it means he says racist things. Trump thinks it means he's being insulting to the establishment. What it really means is Trump says the things they long suspected. There is literally a dopamine shot that hits the brain when someone hits that mark you've been feeling, but couldn't articulate.

    For instance Trump saids, "Unemployment is not really 4%. It could be 25% even 50%." And the media called him a liar. Yang says "Unemployment is 3.5%, but labor participation is only at 63%". They are saying the same thing. In Trump country, you look around and it doesn't look or feel like 97% of people have jobs. One just articulates it better. Right now Yang is only other candidate hitting that dopamine bullseye in regular people and he does it over and over topic after topic.

  2. Now that DJT is president he sees how hard a job it is. Things don't happen easily. He was a Monday morn quarterback when Obama was in office….now he sees it's hard.

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