Another by-election chance for The Brexit Party?!

hello there the result is in Tory MP Chris Davis has been unseated by a recall petition so there will be a by-election in the Welsh constituency of Brecon and Radnor sure in the coming weeks not another election I hear you sigh Conservative Party MP for Brecon and Radner Shearer Chris Davies was convicted earlier this year of a false expenses claim this triggered the same recall procedure that cut short the political career of the former Labour MP Fiona on asagna to force a by-election more than 10 percent of the electorate in the constituency have to vote for it and in Brecon and Radner sure it reached 19 percent the new so far is that the Lib Dems will be fielding their Welsh leader Jane Dodds and Labour's candidate will be Tom Davis a spokesman for Welsh Labour said the recall result is another huge blow to Chris Davis credibility to serve as a Member of Parliament this is a mess all of his making it is not yet clear if Chris Davies will be standing again himself which he is at liberty to do or whether the Tories will be changing candidate it is also understood that the brexit party will be putting a candidate forward and David Rowland's a brexit party assembly member said that the recall petition result was a loud and clear message that those electors want trustworthy politicians according to the BBC this came about because mr Davies had tried to split the cost of 700 pounds worth of photographs between two office budgets by creating fake invoices when he could have claimed the amount by other means he was fined 1,500 pounds and told to do 50 hours of community service and now he's been removed from office – now this is the largest constituency by area in the UK with a population of 69 thousand and a widely dispersed electorate of 53,000 so it will very much suit those political parties who have a strong history in the area and will therefore have the ability and knowledge to carry out an effective ground campaign in the past this has been swinging between the Tories and the Lib Dems since about 1987 it may therefore prove to be very challenging turf for the brexit party which is still finding its feet and even though it is a leave voting area the split was fifty one point eight six percent for leave and forty eight point one four percent for remain then there is the matter that due to its own leadership election the Tories might not be in the usual rush to get this by-election process going normally the party holding the seat would want to control the situation and have the by-election held as quickly as possible the by-election process starts by the chief whip of the party whose MP held the now vacant seat doing what is called moving the writ this requests that the Speaker issues a warrant to the clerk of the crown for a new writ for an election this is put to MPs to vote on and if they agree it is so ordered according to the Parliament website and new writ is usually issued within three months of the vacancy with the by-election taking place between 21 and 27 days after the writ is issued but the Tories might be tempted to hold on until their new leader is well established on this the Labour spokesman said that the Tories must not drag their feet and that they should call the by-election immediately with recent national polling putting the brexit party ahead and the Lib Dems in second this could prove to be another interesting by-election anyway what do you think please share and comment and thank you for watching please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching

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  2. Brecon is an agricultural area and farming will be devastated by Brexit. Wales export very large amounts of Lamb and Beef to Europe but under a No Deal scenario there will be a tarrif of £2 per kilo on Wellsh meat entering Europe. Also at present farmers many with in Wales recieve CAP subsidies , no one knows whether the government will continue these after 2022.AS many Welsh farmers are virtually on the breadline subsidies have been a life saver
    Powys is one of the poorest regions of the UK and Europe and recieves aid from Europe will this continue post Brexit with the UK government or WAG recieving funding Wales as a whole recieves large amounts of aid from Europe again will the government match this in future. Without this aid there would be enormous job losses. All these questions will need answering by the prospective candidates in comprehensive detail. It is no good glossing over these problems in some vague manner. We need proper funded evidence!

  3. Guys if there were voter fraud in Peterborough there would be a 2nd election. You can't just make up conspiracy theories just because your party didn't win.

  4. It'll be another stitch up for the BREXIT party with the main party's slaging off the BREXIT party and telling lies about them

  5. 54/46 leave area?….near to England border…good opportunity for Brexit Party…unless Labour FIDDLE the vote again….

  6. So the Brixt party sound bits is try try again and fail as it stands for wto and this area is farmers sheep farmers so all you have to say to the locals is quote the economic forecaster of Brixt side ie farmers will be extinction after Brixt for a no deal Brixt will kill of the local economic as sheep exporters will be 90 % tariffs on whelesh lamps going to the world market under wto
    Me think the sheep ideas of the Brixt party winner are so low I lay back this time on the pressure as we don’t want Nigel to find him self in another loss for the party because that would be no fun ha ha ! So jeff better find a wc 🚽 for the Brixt party leadership Nigel then

  7. Due to the unbelievable and so obviously corrupt result of the Peterborough fiasco the Brexit Party should immediately apply to the Courts for an Injunction to prevent Tariq Mahmood and his associates (who are already convicted for organising Voting Fraud) from travelling to within fifty miles of this constituebcy's boundaries. These Pakistani crooks MUST be kept out of constitiencies where the local people are hoping to take part in a truly Democratic process.

  8. With all the technology we have these days ALL postal votes should request a voters national insurance number. Any disabled or patients classed as 'frail' by a GP should have a coded voting card if they are voting by post. We must stop these fraudsters.

  9. Bahhhh, I thought you were going to tell us the Peterborough by election had been over turned, hay ho wishful thinking and ideological.

  10. ROBIN TILBROOK has a Case to unseat DAN JARVIS, Barnsley Central Labour MP
    for ELECTORAL FRAUD. This case has its first HEARING next month. ROBIN is
    certain to win as there can be no defence for DAN FALSIFYING HIS ADDRESS.

  11. Oh Gawd, if the Liberal Democrats (who are neither Liberal or Demodratic) win this then Jo Swinson's head will be so big she have difficulty going from room to room in her house. Please please please good people of Brecon and Radnorshire so the right thing and give the UK its first Brexit Party MP. Deinitely don't do what just over 10,000 people in Peterborough decided to do… or so the MSM tell us.

  12. Why bother the votes will be rigged, any way we have not got a hope in hell of getting out of the EU ever .

  13. You I think traitor May should face a deselection vote. She spent 3 years lying to the electorate, failing at the job meanwhile raking in our money under false pretences!

  14. Another opportunity for Labour to fiddle the postal votes? Until the Brexit Party has a manifesto, Nigel should leave them to it.

  15. Oh dear, more Brexit Party postal votes falling off the back off the lorry no doubt!! It'll be another Peterborough – 'Rigged'!!

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