Animojis Takeover TV

Can I try something? Yeah.. Whoo! Okay… Haha. I don’t know. [Collective whoo’ing] [Extreme whoo’ing] [More extreme whoo’ing] Sorry..
– That’s okay. Why does everybody think that I’m scared of girls? Because you’re a chicken! Cuckoo ka-chaa! Cuckoo ka-chaa! Cha! What are you doing? Michael and women? [Collective chicken noises] That’s what I was just telling them! Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken? W-w wait! I got the perfect thing! Hold on please! Oh! Hi! Hi! I, uh.. I didn’t realize Nancy had a sister. What’s so funny? I’m Nancy’s mother. No! Yes! Mrs. Wheeler! I’m sorry, and you are? Billy. Billy Hargrove I’ll wipe… and I’ll wipe.. and I’ll wipe and I’ll wipe a hundred times Still poop, still poop. Let me check that It’s like I’m wiping a marker or something. No! God please, no. NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Many thanks! Don’t! Don’t kill him! You’re so dangerous, aren’t you. Saying scary things to little girls. More than any one you know. I know a killer! A real killer. That so? You’d be like a kitten to him. That him? No? Good! Oh my god, this is awful. I’m not even joking. Who made that? Us! It’s beautiful! You made it? Give me my money back! No! Get out of here! Fine I’ll get out. I’m gonna report you guys for that! Do it! Do it! Asshole! Alright who’s your dog… dog? What’s this, some psychology? Huh? Come on, cheese! Who’s your dog? Oh hell no! Sir? You got a warface? [War scream] That’s a warface! Now let me see your warface! [Another war scream] Bullshit! You didn’t convince me. Let me see your real war face. [Real war scream] You don’t scare me, work on it! Sir, yes, sir! [Chicken noises] Oh come on! I like to think I’m fairly expressive so this makes me really happy. I’m very excited to share with you, that over the last year, I’ve recorded my first original album It’s an eight foot board! We approach it with the mentality that we were just gonna strap multiple different… longboards to a single piece of plywood and it turned into this! English Subtitles by: Faabmaster

Maurice Vega

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  1. How do you do this because I can only use Animoji with a camera and not on existing videos and I have to use the back camera for it

  2. anybody know the best way to get rid of the white background on Animoji's like this? super fun idea wanted to apply it to a school project.

  3. There's one video in the description but was there also another video where they explained the technique used here?

  4. Chicken. Sir?
    Panda. You gotta a war face? Aaaaaaaa!! That’s a war face now let me see your war face
    Chicken. Aaaaaa
    Panda. Bullshit you didn’t convince me let me see your real war face
    Chicken. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
    Panda. You don’t scare me work on it
    Chicken. Sir yes sir

  5. Umm… I like the idea but pretty please, do it when the backs of the head are seen too. That really bugged me

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