Andrew Yang Blasts MSNBC on CNN

>>Andrew Yang is publicly feuding with MSNBC,
and I love it. So part of the problem is MSNBC has been slanted
in their coverage against Yang. I don’t know if it’s been intentional. My read on this is that MSNBC just didn’t
take him seriously, and didn’t include him in some of their graphics with poll results
because they didn’t take him seriously. But they should take him seriously because
he does have some interesting things to say, and he’s been doing pretty well. I mean, he’s not a front runner, but he’s
been rising in the polls a little bit, and a lot of people are fans of his. So let me tell you what happened. So the last democratic debate was hosted by
MSNBC. And like many of the debates actually, they
didn’t really go to Andrew Yang often. And so Andrew Yang decided to throw MSNBC
under the bus while doing an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Take a look.>>Let’s talk about that democratic presidential
debate in Atlanta last night. It went off from more than two hours. You only got to speak for, and we did some
checking, you can see over there, about six and a half minutes or so, that’s probably
half that some of the other candidates got. Do you think that was fair?>>You know, Wolfe, all I can say is I miss
CNN moderating these debates.>>You got some of that the supporters behind
you clearly.>>Because, no, no, I mean, they saw it last
night too. I mean America saw it. I went 32 minutes without a question. And I was raising my hands trying to a get
a word in edgewise during that time. So when you all moderated the debate, it was
straight up the middle, it was professional. We got real substantive topics, like the wealth
tax, like Bernie’s jobs guarantee, what our vision for the country is moving forward? Whereas last night, I felt like I certainly
had a lot more to say and a lot more to offer.>>Is Wolf Blitzer alive?>>Or awake during these segments. I believe, it looks like you have some supporters
behind you like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you not realized that before, when they’re
just holding signs saying you know, that they support him, like what? Anyway, sorry, I know that that’s beside the
point, but.>>No no.>>Look at him, no reaction. He’s like, it’s like he’s asleep, it’s amazing.>>And so with Wolfe, if you noticed when
he said I prefer debates on CNN Wolfe was like,
>>He’s just like a very subtle, yeah, expression.>>And I think that that’s why he gave an
awkward follow up because he didn’t know what to say. Like if it was me, I’d be like yeah, boo-ya,
better on TYT. That’s right. But that’s not who Wolf is.>>Yeah my producers didn’t brief me on this. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now.>>Yeah, so the other day he actually, for
the first time ever gave a tiny little editorial, Wolf Blitzer did, about immigration. But it was actually powerful, he talked about
how his parents, families escaped the holocaust, and that’s why we need to be open to immigrants. And I thought, Wolf, that’s it, why haven’t
you been doing that for 20 years, that’s way, way better right.>>Remember the percentage I told you.>>Yeah, but the reason he’s on air is because
people want emotionless not actual human beings, not the audience. The executives want and the advertisers want
emotionless, bland people on air. If he’d been that Wolf Blitzer giving the
passionate speech about immigration>>Then probably he wouldn’t be on air.>>He wouldn’t have been on air, right he
wouldn’t, that’s right, he wouldn’t be. But back to Yang.>>Yeah.>>So, look guys, we were the first show to
have Andrew Yang on nationally, and we believe in outsiders. It doesn’t mean we agree with everything that
Andrew stands for. And we have slight differences on some of
his policies and then wholeheartedly agree on other policies.>>I do not have slight differences, I’m just
making that clear.>>Okay you have larger differences with,
>>Yes.>>Universal basic income.>>But I love his democracy dollars. I think that it was groundbreaking, it was
out there way before anybody else was. And pushed the entire field to a more progressive
position on money in politics. And I said, look, real people like outsiders,
and the media will not give many attention but he arise anyway. At the time, he might have been polling at
number 20 or something, there was a field of 27 people at one point.>>Mm-hm.>>And I said he would rise to number six. Now, I’m telling you this not just to brag,
but yeah a little bit to brag. He rose to number six, and stay there. He’s been at number six for months now, right?>>Mm-hm.>>So why did I think he was going to that
position? I knew the top five, and I knew that it was
hard to break into the top five, but the others offered nothing interesting, nothing new. Whereas Andrew had a real initiative, and
real plans, and real policies, whether you agree or disagree, right? And so, but the insiders on cable news and
especially at MSNBC, where it’s a democratic party establishment that completely rules
that channel. They hate outsiders. They can’t stand them. So everything about Andrew Yang is a turn
off. They’re like, this is going to hurt the Democratic
Party. Actually, like doing something interesting
and different and thoughtful, no it’s gonna hurt. No, let’s go back to bland and boring.>>I just don’t think they took him seriously,
which I think is always a mistake.>>And that is part of what I mean by they
can’t stand outsiders. They think like outside by definition are
illegitimate. But what they’re missing is, the whole audience
is outsiders, we’re not sitting in the middle of Washington, the halls of power, right? But they think that their audience is and
Bill Crystal, and right? And these beltway people and what will Hillary
Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer say? Who cares what they say?>>Right, and-
>>But they do, they’re obsessed with it. And I got news for you, Schumer and Pelosi
are not big fans of Andrew Yang.>>Of course, of course, that’s unsurprising. But Yang didn’t stop the feud there. In fact, MSNBC tried to get him on to do an
interview and he rejected them very publicly. So, on Twitter he wrote, was just asked to
appear on MSNBC this weekend and told them I’d be happy to after they apologize on-air,
discuss and include our campaign consistent with our polling, and allow surrogates from
our campaign as they do other candidates. They think we need them. We don’t. Look, I’ve got to say that last line is so
good. It’s so good. It’s like what I dreamed about.>>Yeah.>>It’s the stuff I dream about, okay.>>Yeah.>>Those moments were like people in these,
the gatekeepers, right? They come groveling like it turns out that
you do have some support, we need you, come do an interview. And you can just be like, tell me how my ass
tastes.>>Okay, well, that’s one way to go.>>I just love it, I live for it. So good for Andrew Yang with that last line.>>Okay, here, I’ll make another prediction. When a progressive becomes president of the
United States, which will be very soon, MSNBC will go. We met progressives, of course, of course
power, power, precious, we met progressives.>>I love it.>>Okay, but you didn’t have any progressive
on, what happened?>>Mm-hm.>>All of a sudden you mean progressives,
no, you never meant it. You know how many times they left Andrew Yang
out of polling where he was polling higher than the people they showed in their graphics? 12 times. So they just skip right over them.>>Yeah.>>They’d be like okay, here is Biden, and
Sanders, and Buttigieig, and Klobuchar. You’re like wait, I know Yang’s higher than
Klobuchar. And a lot of times he’s higher than Buttigieg. They’re like nope, he doesn’t exist, he doesn’t
exist. Outsider, outsider alert. So I love what Andrew did there, it was a
Yangster move. And, you’re about to see the one final Yangster
move in this whole saga, because he goes after MSNBC on CNN again, take a look.>>What exactly do you want an apology for?>>Well Anna, American’s tuned in to the debate
earlier this week, and they saw that I got called on less than any other candidate, including
candidates that I’m polling higher than. And the questions I did get had virtually
nothing to do with the core ideas of my campaign.>>Yeah, look, it’s indisputable, you saw
the graphic that Wolf Blitzer put up. I mean, he got less air time than almost everyone
that he was polling better than at. And then on Buttigieg, Buttigieg got twice
as much time, 12 minutes and 44 seconds versus 6 minutes and 43 seconds.>>Yeah.>>That’s unreal. And you think that doesn’t, look, a 30-second
ad on these channels cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you got an extra six minutes in a debate,
that’s worth millions of dollars. So it’s not just theoretical or hypothetical
problem, it’s a very real practical and financial advantage that they hand the establishment.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yea this is more along the lines of Hannity/Carlson radical opinion propaganda. The lack of decorum echoes of a lack of maturity and you would expect management to address it so their views are more effective and digestible. Doesn't seem to be a management failure either as one of the heads is the guy cohosting this skit. Disclaimer I only know that because I recently saw one of his interviews b/c hes running for a public office. He said what you expect a rationale person should say denouncing some of his prior backward opinions and I think did well but to see this and the type of personality he's letting loose next to him in public inspires no confidence. If thats the attitude hes employing to run amok in public what kind of attitudes is he employing to work on his behalf in private? Not sticking up for MSNBC here either who can be Foxish at times.

  2. It’s the school system, it doesn’t encourage independent thought. It’s about memorizing what we tell you, and repeat.. It’s an indoctrination process not an education system..

  3. No….You have to understand Wolf. He is ALWAYS even keeled. I've watched him daily for years. And it's one of the reasons I watch him. I don't need all of the emotion. I need the news. The facts. Straight and no chaser.

  4. You say they might not have taken him seriously….. Thats intentional its not an accident. There were clear graphics that had space for him but he was missing. OH BTW JOHN YANG.

  5. I don't like or trust Yang..he's just another demon following that 1%..he could never do anything good for America. Amazing Polly has called him out. He is just another corporate shill.

  6. Why doesn’t Ana agree with the freedom dividend? It would: supercharge the economy, immediately put everyone above the poverty line and help small and poor communities..
    Does anyone have a link to her rebuttal or does she just prefer Bernie?

  7. TYT cut the most important part of his response on CNN… he said this isn't about me, it's about the thousands that have donated their own money to his campaign only to see him deleted from existence or discussion on air.

  8. Come on Anna how tf do you think that is not intentional when Bernie is on 19% strong II and yang is at 7% strong 4th but they intentionally leave them out of the picture but decide to show somebody who has already dropped out like Beto O'Rourke or somebody who's at 1% like Amy Klobuchar then at that point you better f**** believe it's inttentional, b/c at that point you'd have to go out of your way to ignore them.

  9. Talk about the similarities between Andrew Yang and Ron Paul. Both getting stiffed by the Main Stream Media even though they were out polling and out fundraising other candidates that were given attention.

  10. Believe it or not, Most Asians are very smart well educated people. Andrew is not afraid of expressing his thoughts this show he is a strong serious minded candidate. I like Yang. America is made up of many diverse races we cannot afford to become prejudice. Go Yang.2020

  11. Glad to see a news outlet not necessarily for Yang reporting on this. Regardless if you support his ideas, unwarranted influences on our democracy should be called out everytime!

  12. MSNBC is slanted in coverage for most of the candidates running. Yang is just complaining more than the other candidates.

  13. Whether you support Yang or a different candidate – fair is fair. Democracy is not democracy if those currently in power call the tunes.

  14. Your read is as ludicrous as MSNBC's. It is so obvious that MSNBC purposely excluded Andrew Yang. How many times will it take you and MSNBC to admit that Yang is not a cartoon randomly running for President?

  15. 6:48 ANA don't do that "OMG " BERRY GOOD FANDANGO I would love to ride my jeep in the mud with you 🚬 Rico Suave

  16. Even if MSNBC apologized for snubbing Andrew Yang, it doesn't matter one whit as long as the people still support the bland, corporate-backed campaign of Cotton-eyed Joe Biden.

  17. Well it ain't like CNN is any better than MSNBC. I don't know why Yang is acting like they are…the credit he's giving Wolf Blitzer is completely undeserved and it even annoys me.

  18. taking him seriously….???? the logical question therefore is, who are the morons behind the scenes that are ignoring what the voters in the pollings apparently taking him seriously….????? do these few morons behind the scenes think their perception of serious candidates override the preference of voters……how….?????? please try not to portray out to the public the blatant manufacturing of consensus all of these corrupt media establishments are doing……!!!! there are evidence of credible journalists being fired for not towing the narratives of the "few" corporte elites behind the media corporations….and in essence therefore, it was a DELIBERATE move to suppress that which is not compatible with their profit-driven ideology, and lauded those which would mislead the voters into their own demise…..!!!! taking a candidate seriously is not the right phrase, in this instance….!!!!

  19. I'm not even a YANG fan but he's spot on. MSNBC does the exact same thing to Bernie and Tulsi while they pump up 1% pollers like Klobachar(spelled wrong) and Joe Biden. It's pathetic.

  20. MSNBC is going out of their way to minimize Bernie Yang and Tulsi. It’s not a mistake it’s pushing preferences. It’s directly connected to military contracts, oil etc.

  21. Ana looks like she's 55, needs to stop wearing sleeveless shirts that show her arm fat. Also she and her child molester friends Michael Brooks and Sam Seder have a grudge against Yang for destroying Bern the Turd and his FJG 2 debates ago.

  22. That is the point!! If Yang had more times on the debate, his poll will definitely goes much higher, because Americans will know him more!! Isn't that the purpose of these debates??

  23. Ana, the one that mischaracterized Yangs UBI policy proposal implementation, talking about how another channel is also pushing him aside. You're a fraud Ana!

  24. Yang is actually the candidate who should be president. He's very forward-looking and positive and has some decent ideas that could work. He's not my first choice, but I have to be honest that he's a good candidate.

  25. TYT! You guys (Ana) do the same thing in a much smaller way! Ana views him as potentially harmful for Bernie so will only cover him in negative ways or consistently say she dismisses him as a "real progressive." She never takes him seriously, just as she says the exact same thing about MSM. Just cover him, Kyle Kulinski can do it, he does say he disagrees with him time to time, but he covers Yang fairly and praises him for good stuff and calls him out on bad stuff.

  26. You don’t know if it’s been intentional!? They have showed people polling at 1% while leaving out Yang who is at 3% at least, in the graphics 12 times. Almost every time they get called out. They apologize as if it’s a mistake and then do it again.

  27. Well… The CNN debates weren't that good tho. ALSO! The last MSNBC debate actually had some pretty meaty questions. Where they messed up was the answering distribution. Also… Yang isn't super longwinded (good thing)

  28. Anna has to read the Scott Santens article on all of the instances of MSNBC excluding Yang. It is deliberate and hasn’t stopped since he began running.

  29. "They didn't go to Andrew Yang often" The guy got like 8 mins of speech total during both 2 hour debates. It's way more than just that.

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