Ancient Aliens: The US Government’s Evidence of UFOs (Season 12, Episode 1) | History

– On July 7, 1947, at Edwards
Airforce Space then called Muroc Air Base– Major JC Wise was sitting
his XP-84 fighter jet experimental aircraft
when he noticed that people on the
ground were watching an object off in the distance. He looked and saw a bright,
spinning, yellow object about 10,000 feet in
the air that was a ball of about 5 to 10 feet diameter. [music playing] After the sighting,
it was actually required that all officers
fill out a form if they saw anything that
might be regarded as a UFO or a flying saucer. And in addition
to that, they were told not to discuss their
sighting or what was on their report with anyone. In the wake of the incredible
number of UFO reports that reached the military
in the summer of 1947, Lieutenant General Nathan
Twining at Wright Field created a new order
to ensure that all UFO reports reach the military. This led to the creation
of the first official UFO research program on the
part of the military, known as Project “Sign.” NARRATOR: On January
22, 1948, the US government authorized
its first official study of the UFO phenomenon. The highly classified agenda
was known as Project “Sign.” WILLIAM HENRY: Project
“Sign” officially argued that these UFO
sightings were authentic and hinted that
they were, in fact, extraterrestrial in nature. But the higher-ups
in the military stepped in and redacted those
statements, canceled Project “Sign,” turned it into Project
Grudge, which ultimately became Project Blue Book. MAN: The Air Force closed down
Blue Book because, essentially, they said they didn’t find any
evidence that UFOs were real or represented a threat
to national security. Between 1948 and
1969, the US Air Force collected 12,618 UFO reports. Of that number, 701
remained on explained. [music playing] NARRATOR: While the Air
Force’s official stance was that Project Blue Book
produced no compelling evidence that extraterrestrial craft
occupied Earth’s airspace, one important contributor to
the study strongly disagreed. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a professor
in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ohio
State University, was appointed as scientific
advisor for UFO studies during Projects “Sign,”
Grudge, and Blue Book. MAN: Dr. Hynek
was a pure skeptic at the very beginning
of his career as a consultant to the
United States Air Force. In fact, he considered these
UFOs to be utterly ridiculous. But he’s got more
and more involved, and began talking to more
and more quality witnesses like military fighter pilots,
it became clear to him that there really was something
to this whole UFO question. [jet soaring] When asked in his
later years what turned him around on
the whole UFO question, Dr. Hynek said two things. The first is that the
Air Force was dead set on putting an answer on
every single UFO report, even if they had to
force the answer. The second is that he started
talking to very, very credible witnesses that led him to
believe that these objects were, in fact, real. [sounds of strange aircrafts] NARRATOR: In the
intervening years, UFO investigators and
scholars have attempted to access Project Blue
Book case files utilizing the Freedom of Information Act. But the names, details, and
other personal information of all the witnesses
and sightings have been blacked out
from the documents, preventing any
further examination. WILLIAM HENRY: Considering
the way the US government has labeled UFOs top secret,
we have to at least be open to the possibility
that higher-ups within the US government– or even those
higher than the US government– are absolutely aware of
extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs,
and have sought to cover up this phenomena
for the past six decades. [tense music playing] NARRATOR: Considering
the top secret nature of these projects,
is it possible that the incredible claims of
Dr. J. Allen Hynek are true, and that actual contact
with extraterrestrial craft has been concealed from
the general population?

Maurice Vega

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  1. Like this series? Check out another History Channel classic: Project Blue Book, premiering January 8th at 10/9c.

  2. Sign ,Grudge ,Blue Book … So after finding nothing and insisting ET crafts don't exist in Sign ,they go ahead and start Grudge,why? And if there's nothing to this why Blue Book? With clearances for this phenomena extremely high (Top Secret-Need To Know-Cosmic) allowing for ET knowledge ,only one president is ever known to have it . Top secret levels are merely compartmentalization of projects.

  3. it is just plane insulting  to not speak the truth to the public. As if we can't handle the truth . INSULTING IN A SINCE THAT SOCIETY CAN'T EXCEPT THE TRUTH.  so you threaten Pilots and other witness's . Silence credible people . tarnish their Rep . use or sig (M.I.B).Russia CHINA,USA,Mexico Brazil .Lliars


  5. Isaiah 45:7(AKJV) 7 I (God) form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Most High do all these things.

  6. Psalm 78:49(AKJV) 49 He (God) cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them.

  7. I am a firm believer in UFO,s and the public seeing them, I just don't buy them being alien in origin. We as a species are very clever and I believe we do have technologies 50- 100 years ahead of what we know off. The Moon and Mars may well be colonised by military authorities and we do see cutting-edge top secret nuts and bolts craft in our sky's and have done for many many years.
    Why does it have to be extra terrestrial to be amazing and secret?

  8. How is it possible to classify UFO'S top secret if authorities don't believe they exist – can someone explain this to me?

  9. Well to be fair to the Governments that deny….
    What would you want them to say,they the UFOs can come and go as they please and they have always been with us!!!

    That would not ,be reassuring!

  10. How much History Channel is pushing Aliens to be the creators of these UFOs, the more it makes me think humans created them. I've seen 5 or so UFOs in my lifetime. Never will i say that I've seen an alien craft.

  11. Aliens if you are listening please take Donald Trump and drop him off a couple of million light years from here.

  12. Jeremiah 10:2
    [2]Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

  13. my question is why wouldn't u want people to know aliens exist i mean if anything aliens could help us to discover new technology and be able to help us with many other things assuming that alien life forms come in peace not all but im assuming most it would benefit us as a species

  14. Voyages of exploration in the past have invariably have been for the benefit of the explorers.  Why, then, should aliens be visiting this planet for other than selfish reasons?

  15. Can you tell me how exploring the possibility the earth could be fkat is dangerous for all of us? The only thing I saw was tbe scientist being worried about losing government funding. I call that a bias and I saw no footage of where I couldnt still see all three stripes on the flag. Knowing how they try to silence anything that has truth against their narrative all this did was make me think the earth might actually be flat or to the least want to know more about it.

  16. Unless God desired for there to be life on other planets, then Earth is all she wrote. ISAIAH 45 verse 18.

  17. I saw one of these alien aircrafts. I tried reporting gold (no joke) and was target by them. They aliens can even prevent you from contacting a lawyer, carear opportunity, or letting police help. We including 6 month month old baby were injected after seeing this craft, possibly an alien implant. I think these phycosis creatures should have targeted someone not for their own financial gain.

  18. Why do they refer to humans as "containers"? I personally believe that we are disposable vehicles which live to enable particles within us to "experience" and as we decay, its basically a fertilizer for the earths "soil" or "matter" which will eventually spawn a race or being of a combined intelligence. We are worm food. I have died and last night I cut a friend down from the rope he was hanging himself with. I managed to do cpr and the ambulance crew said I saved his life. He confirmed what is blatently obviouse, when you die its blackness. There is nothing and its merely lights out. Anyone who says they have had a spititual experience is basecally just experiencing effects from drugs released in the body as one fades out.

  19. Im sure we're not the only idiots living on a tiny spec we call earth, other life is just probably light years away from our so called sophisticated technology to reach them, I'm sure whoever planted the seed of life here came from somewhere else, eventually we will make contact with other life forms, the question is do we really want to, especially if they are way more advanced than us, we'll probably look like cavemen to them, just saying.

  20. still confuse why NASA travels to other planets but they didnt tell us what really they saw lol! NASA is researching learning about stuff in other planets then they come here saying nothing of what they saw! IT'S NONE SENSE

  21. "Have been blacked out preventing any further examination" in this day in age blacked out pages doesn't prevent anyone from accessing what was written there are a number of ways to find out what was written using very simple software. Again they seem to make us out as idiots.

    The belief in God is proof we are not alone but instead we would rather play god and call his angels and his chariots ufo's what ungrateful disrespectful unworthy imbeciles most of us are ?

  23. I've seen a orb like that after a major storm . Looked like the sky was cracking open and the orb traveled left and stopped and eventually disappeared. It was green, blue, yellow,white, red all at the same time.

  24. Just think if life can exist in earth than why there can't be any other somewhere in this whole universe.

  25. Go to & watch "Sirius" & "Unacknowledged" by Dr Steven Greer or watch "Bob Lazar" … Open Disclosure is needed now !

  26. I 100% believe in aliens. I also believe that they are the ones who created our universe and humanity

  27. Look up Project Blue Beam. It's a NASA document that says the government will brainwash people into thinking aliens were visiting Earth and would eventually fake an alien invasion with holograms to trick people into accepting a tyrannical one world order to supposedly fight off the fake alien invasion.

  28. Check Out 🙂 Pres Truman's MJ-12, SOLAR WARDEN, Gary McKinnon, Bob Lazar, Paul Hellyer, Philip Corso, TR-3B, Boyd Bushman, Ben Rich, Clifford Stone. DISCOVER WHERE THE 9 TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX PAYERS MONEY WENT TO THE BLACK OPS…!!!!D

  29. My understanding is that the taking of samples – of rare metals – on the moon is a prelude to mining operations.  Not entirely disinterested, then.

  30. It should be easy to see what words are blacked out on those documents with today's technology with high intensity light etc etc if it s only blacked out on one side of the page not front and back of the page document.

  31. where to send a video about a flying saucer. it will be very interesting for you to see

  32. UFo are real my dads dad used to work there he used to work on engineering the and when the ufo crashed so they cleaned it up and him and a crew of 6 other guy had to look and see how the thing actually had to fly he said this right before he died he said if he said it any time sooner and if they found out they had the right to kill him some may say hes was lying but I dont think he was

  33. Maybe the earth is an intergalactic truck stop, and our women are the lot lizards and here we are. LOL

  34. Perhaps the USG along with other governments will finally allow Disclosure to happen. If not by a rather recalcitrant world government system, but by the ETs themselves who apparently have expressed in allowing themselves to be known other than through a Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton, or Billy Meier. Comments?

  35. The us government and other governments of this world should not think for one moment that they are the only ones that have the right to keep secret the knowledge and proof of life that exists beyond this planet.i can assure you they are not the only ones with 100 precent proof.some have enough evidence to shock the world .but choose not to produce it….not just yet…reason being humans are thought to fear such things….if you came across a very close encounter out if the blue and caught it all on camera you would be shocked at first….then ,when you got over your initial shock you realise this is not as strange as you thought it would be…then you realise this thing is as curious about you as you are about it….and it stays with you for 45 mins and in all that time you realise it didn't cause you any harm what so ever ….and out of curiosity you return to this place where you had this encounter and it returns not on it's own doesn't stay as long as the first encounter….what would you do ….tell the powers that be give them more to control…or keep information and location a secret and hide footage keep it in a safe place …you dont want any harm to come to whatever this is….it didn't harm you in any way……what would you do…..I would hide evidence away giving instructions to one person to take care of it should anything happen…..if you should ever happen to come across any evidence of life from beyond please do not reveal full facts or photographic evidence to the public.. government'sof this world already have to much control……

  36. The fact that the US government is so obsessively bent on covering up and denying every single UFO related case just proves that people have to believe that aliens do exist. It's actually quite hilarious when you hear the stories of what kind of effort the US government has put in to cover up and deny everything. The more they try to deny it, the more obvious it becomes that there is something suspicios going on. In 1947 after Roswell they actually blurted it out that it was indeed an alien spaceship that crashed there but then about an hour later they changed their statement to "weather balloon".

  37. They are here to see if humans are prepared to learn the secrets of the universe but sadly humans are still playing with weapons of destruction. W Percival from New Zealand 🇳🇿 Gardenia Band and Rarotonga Cook Islands 🇨🇰

  38. Aliens are just flesh robots, with no souls , there's no mind or consciousness in them , they just lay there like they are dead ! As soon as a reptilian astrotravelers soul enters the robot it then becomes animated!

  39. Bob Lazar and Col. Phillip Corso have been proven Correct = Astronaut Edgar Mitchell released the Admiral Tom Wilson documents confirming the existence of the USG Unacknowledged Special Access Programs and of MJ-12 group that controls all UFO subject and research.

  40. The worse thing about seeing a physical machine, not just some strange light in the sky, moving through the air near enough to positively identify as an actual object is listening to moronic reasons why you didn't see what you saw by idiots who haven't yet had the pleasure themselves. The worse course I can wish on them is that they too see one up close and personal in front of all their friends and acquaintances.

  41. Just like it's pretty unlikely that we're the only life in the Universe, it's equally unlikely that if we've ever been visited by Extraterrestrial beings, this or any Country would have any success whatsoever at trying to keep it a secret.

    It took two weeks to get water to the Superdome in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

    Anyone claiming that this Government could actually perpetrate a cover-up of that magnitude is giving them FAR too much credit.

    The staggering lack of any actual verifiable physical evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of Aliens visiting Earth, especially in an era in which even the most rare phenomena are recorded on thousands of cell phones, doesn't bode well for the hypothesis.

    Almost every human being nowadays has a high resolution video camera in their hands at any given time.

    But, Photoshop probably has a, "UFO," button lol so any images would have to pass some pretty intense scrutiny before being accepted as evidence.

    And, as far as, "crashed Alien Spacecraft," goes;
    If they travelled ALL THE WAY from their solar system to ours and couldn't land successfully on the surface without crashing, I'm not sure I would want to meet THOSE aliens.

    I'm not saying they don't exist.

    They most likely do.

    All I'm saying is; if I'm to be convinced they've visited the Earth at any time in the past or present, I'm going to need to see some pretty solid, unimpeachable evidence.

    And, that hasn't happened yet.

    Everything that's been offered as evidence so far is circumstantial.

    Not good enough to make an objective scientific fact.

  42. I m from india and my bf saw a small child like body standing behind bushy trees in a park away from him when he was 14 he told me it was alien and next day also news came about spot of ufo in usa.i believe him.

  43. There's a fire fight over the skylines in King of Prussia right now which is September 4th 2019 government trying to hide it lightning doesn't strike in the same spot over and over with red light it's lightning like red fireballs lightning white and blue not Red Lake no one else's seeing if me and a couple other people seeing this right now still going on over top of King of Prussia in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

  44. It’s well known in the Air Force that UFOs are dangerous to national security. They have been repeatedly able to shut down the electronics in our missile launch silos, in fact at multiple silos simultaneously. If the Russians knew our missiles were out of commission they could make a surgical strike just when our defenses are down.

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