Analyst on Ukraine email: This is better than Schiff imagined

Maurice Vega

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  1. As a dedicated Trump supporter I watch CNN every day because it’s like virtual reality. You can be in a make believe world and there are other people in there with you, it’s very cool. Like a computer game with awesome graphics. I call it the Comedy News Network now because it’s absolutely hilarious. And yet this would all be horrifyingly real if it wasn’t for President Trump.

  2. You know what I think about people like him and the rest of the high eschlan in the democrats who have that kind of power and once the Durham report comes out and shows all those who had committed and colluded corruption what will it be like for them because people like them with power won't go out that easy will it be suicide will it be on the run but people like that will not go out that easy it's going to be interesting in the time to come


  4. The best news chanel with news on russian (subtitle)! Original content and don't have lie about russian (all from the source) @UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew

  5. Sorry. Totally has nothing to do with the topic, but that chic in the red dress is captivating!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁

  6. I'm not a Trump supporter but this is not really enough to be impeaching the guy with the orange hair. He was trying to get dirt on his possible opponent. I thought that there would be a real smoking gun, such as provable Russian collusion. But this crap don't excite me it actually makes me support him remaining in office due to the lack of a BOMBSHELL event or incident. I'm just saying.

  7. The Trolls and bots are running a muck. Relax #3 hasn't had the impeachment handed over to the Senate yet. He has nothing to hide. He is the chosen one. The perfect. POTUS and he is brilliant.

  8. CNN look at yourselves !!! You already know what the future will bring . Your ratings are falling day by day . Fox News will be the only network in the country . Trump 2020 Bitches !!!

  9. I never claimed to be superior but my opinions are based on years of experience and investigations so I ask you again what is your opinion based on?

  10. I'm not sure why everyone refers to 'the transcript', the call was 30 minutes, reading slowly, it takes 10 minutes to read, where are the other 20 minutes of the call?

  11. These people just stop huh? Sounds like a broken record playing over an over again. Move on cnn. Beg your boss to let you all be journalists again

  12. CNN and all those other liberals don't have a clue why Trump got elected. Surprise the mother fucker will be elected again. Democrats continue to miss the boat. Lol

  13. ex-democrat voter here. trump (supposedly) did something that almost every politician ever, has done. the obumma administration literally did the exact same thing, and biden went on camera and bragged about it. and no body cared. the left is just looking for excuses, and have been doing so for 2-3 years. they are wasting Americans' time with this impeachment bullshit, instead of actually improving the country. TRUMP 2020

  14. In this Fake news reality, Spock has a beard and the United Federation of Planets is now an evil Empire. But back in the actual reality, it seems that the CIA, FBI and Operation Mockingbird media were all complicit in an attempted Coup to remove the President of the United States. Stay tuned in this Reality for the release of the John Durham report.

  15. Less views. Thousands of thumbs down. Cnn is hopefully seeing that telling lies doesn’t help anyone. Fox is getting millions of views on videos and you can’t even break half. One more note, stop reporting on this, it has been 6 months. You are not going to change people’s minds and giggling about it doesn’t change anything. Not even good actors

  16. FAKE NEWS.
    All i want for Christmas is Mueller! Oh wait. That was last years TDS Hoax.
    Hahahahhh. Enjoy the Crap CNN BS Leftards! Hahahahh

  17. PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE COMMENTING:  You liberals miss the point.  Quid pro quo is irrelevant.  It is Latin, a dead language, and nobody speaks Latin anymore anywhere in the world outside the Catholic Church.  So therefore, unless it can be proven beyond doubt that Mulvaney, Trump, and Zelensky are all Catholic, this obviously does not apply.  And "Quid" is slang for an English pound.  Try spending that at your local liquor store and see how far you get.  A "Quid" may be good in Great Britain, but don't forget that we separated from them a long time ago.  Stop picking on our Great Leader.  He knows what is best for us.  He is building the wall in Colorado to protect us, one and all.  

    Remember where your irresponsible wild allegations come from.  Wild allegations come from wild alligators, everybody knows that.  What do reptiles know, anyway?  Trump had to drain the swamp to catch all those 'gators and snakes for the moat, so of course the 'gators are unhappy and hate our beloved president.  Walt Kelly taught us they were happy in their infested swamp, where Hillary and Obama left them to run amok like animals.  It takes a long moat along the wall to protect us from those bad hombres, and that takes a lot of 'gators and snakes. Thankfully, dem dare ’gators be hungry, and dey love dem some Mexican cuisine.  (Es muy caliente en la boca.)

    Stop the witch hunt.  Witches are girls, and if you demon rats and mice would come out of your secret basement cave headquarters, you'd see our Commander in Cheese is no girl.  Anyone can see that.  He doesn't even like girls (except Stormy and his daughter).  He grabs them by the hoo-hah to protect us and keep them away.  You will understand when the alien saucer people come and you do not have your tinfoil lined MAGA hat.  Then you will understand what MAGA really means, "Make Aliens Go Away".

    Like I said in the beginning, Quid pro quo is irrelevant, and that is the symbol of our party, and you aren't invited.  Elevants belong in the circus, and with all the clowns, ear elevants and lemmings in D.C., we are doing our unlevel best to create a complete circus all true Americans can enjoy.  However, due to circus-dances beyond our control, some heffalumps is invisible, and that is why we cannot see the elevant in the room.

    For further study:

  18. that's because in a moral world regardless of sides the Russians informed the trump administration how fucken sick the democrats truly are especially the Clinton's , human trafficking drug trafficking , money laundering , and endless war's for profit, I say fuck you educate your self and stop being a lying idiot ,he is a thorn in the side of there worped NWO.

  19. the most transparent, uncorrupted administration in history

    If you believe that, I have a nice bridge for sale, cheap …

  20. Why did Drumpf choose CNN to book the Ukrainian President to appear that network rather then Drumpfs favorite channel?😏

  21. I read some of these comments from trump videos and realize there are alot of supporters on these forums…I then realize some are not…then I heard the name Russian bots….it makes sense now

  22. Dems would be convincing on this impeachment farce if they were looking into the Bidens extorting money from Ukraine lol

  23. A week after impeachment and you guys are still releasing news on how “guilty” trump is. What a bunch of weenies, if youre so confident and all your followers are so confident in trump being guilty why dont you cover somthing else on your channel, acting like a bunch of 5 year olds trying to persuade their mom to go to mcdonalds.

  24. People stop watching the news ..Let it go …It is Christmas sit back and enjoy watching Christmas movies listening to White Christmas enjoying your family .And all the things you hold dear .This is a time for family and reflection of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

  25. Does CNN think were stupid????This is a brand new President on the phone , in the 3rd most corrupt country in the world. President Trump was right to withhold aid until they could vet Zelensky. Trump has held up aid to 7 countries btw…………

  26. We evangelicals support Trump 100% You leftist libtards will never understand, that is why we laugh when you are surprised and moan about it! You are fools. Jesus used Trump to empower us Christians, we got more Conservatives Christian judges in the courts, we are out of the demonic Paris Climate accord, ISIS defeated, economy is up, unemployment is down, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the embassy is there. Don't you get it he is doing Gods will which is why he will be re-elected on a landslide. #WalkAway #Blexit #Trump2020

  27. I wish reporters would stop referring to Trumps Ukraine call as a transcript, it wasn't a transcript , it was a summary which wasn't verbatim. The full transcript was hidden away in a classified file & a chosen few paragraphs were released after the whistle was blown. Given that they chose to include the I want you to do us a favour though part shows just how Trumps mind works, he thinks he can haggle something for himself in every thing he does. Like expecting D.Dingle to vote against the impeachment bc HE gave her husband the congressional honours when he died that any sitting president would have..

  28. There was no intent, our president should be allowed to have private calls with other leader, other wise there will be non. Just because he asked a new president of Ukraine to look into what Joe Biden said on tape and the billions we gave to Ukraine and the money went in to a bank owned by the same person they own the company Hunter was put on the board? Come on people if it wasn’t our president ask who would? And if someone elsmdid im sure you would find a way to blame it on Trump. Look at the facts stop making stuff up.

  29. trump is corrupt it is all so out there…and all these people in this administration participating in being corrupt?

  30. I will never ever waste my time arguing with dump supporters. They’re too stupid to ever understand the simple concept of being duped. In fact I’m happy to watch them crash and burn with the lunatic in chief. It cracks me up reading how worked up they get over facts, pretty good entertainment 😂🤣😂

  31. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank cnn in their support in getting the great president re-elected, only a small audience but every vote counts 🤗👍🏼

  32. i would say your just grasping at straws but the democrats banned them ! well have your fun while you can because in November 2020 you will all be crying again. Better stock up now on tissues !

  33. BREAKING 12/23:
    90 minutes after the "perfect call"
    A White House Email orders Pentagon to freeze $250 million in Ukraine aid.

  34. Here's the basics….

    After the breakup of the Soviet Union Ukraine (ex-soviet territory) became an independent country but still relied on Russia for energy etc. Dmitry Firtash managed to become a broker or middleman in Russia's sales of natural gas to Ukraine skimming off billions. (This is how all the oligarchs, Putin included, made their fortunes – essentially looting the ex-soviet public purse). Biden in his role in the Obama administration was a participant in an international push to help Ukraine eliminate these wasteful and expensive middlemen. Burisma, the company Hunter Biden worked for was a part of that push to eliminate this corruption.

    Now….. back to the present… Rudi Guiliani is running around Ukraine trying to discredit the Bidens (to help Trump) – but Trump ain't paying him – so who is? Who else hates the Bidens and wants to ensure Joe Biden doesn't get elected?

    SO we found out that Guiliani has been paid $500,000 by Lev Parnas – a man of zero family or career wealth – and now we know that Parnas has been paid $1 million by Dmitry Firtash.

    The story is actually simple to follow but here's the thing, Trump has been skimming this Russian money since the mid 1980s by money laundering for the oligarchs via ridiculous off market property trades.

    I'm a Brit, why do I know all this and Americans don't?

  35. I know people do not see the greed that rules the news they watch and the behavior of almost every politician on earth. But let me just point out 1 tiny fact and you tell me what you did while it happened?
    ………in 2016….TV news gave D. Trump more free airtime than every other human that has ever run for president COMBINED!!!
    Because he was great for ratings and so they covered Trump 24/7 and never stopped in order to sell more Viagra and beer and pick up trucks.
    This is a violation of news ethics and when MSNBC told Melissa Tyler Perry that she had to make her entire show about Trump, when she was the only news host in all of America to not breach her ethics, MSNBC fired her 2 hours later.

    Now instead of banning Trump for calling Mexicans rapist, like would have happened before news was ruled by greed, they gave him over a BILLION dollars in free unfettered airtime.

    What did you do? Did you notice? Did you care how greed got Trump elected?
    You see, the point is, humans cannot self govern.
    Yes most people attracted to power are drawn to power by corrupt hearts….but the populace is not actually any better.

    You just all tell yourselves you are better.
    Being good is not, not doing a bad thing, it is always doing the right thing to your utmost.

    Democracy is guilty of way more murders and crimes than WW2 Germany.
    Democracy has been totally corrupt every second it has existed and is responsible for multiple genocides.

    Democracy is exactly as evil as all other styles of government in human hands.

    Soon the nations and the people of earth will have to face the end of human rule of earth.
    You will almost assuredly be alive that day.

    Whether you live past that day and enjoy a new earth with no suffering or pain or disease, and human rule being a forgotten memory, or not, depends on how honest and humble your heart is.

    If you decide tonight or tomorrow that you want to learn the provable truth about what has happened and will soon happen, you just have to decide you really and truly want such a truth if such a truth exists.
    I understand that it is a extraordinary claim.
    But I have no fear that if you decide with a sincere heart that you want to be on the side of truth and love and want to learn the real truth about why you are alive….then this truth will swiftly come to you wherever you are.
    It is okay to be skeptical. In fact it is wise, but the simple truth is, if you decide honestly you want the real truth, it will come or not.

    So deciding you want the real truth with an honest heart will not harm you. It will bring to you the most amazing truth about life and offer you a future on earth beyond your wildest dreams.
    Sadly few will side with truth over their desires.
    We all will make a choice. May you be one of the few, though millions,they are few in comparison….may you join the few that knows what is about to unfold on earth, and will survive it.

    None of the worlds governments or flags, will survive, and they will not be able to save anyone or themselves.

  36. …one has to wonder just how long it will be before McConnell and his lickspittle minions get sick of waking up every morning and saying, ‘What will this moron do today, and how are we going to cover for him?’ They have to be growing as weary of this shitshow as the rest of us.

  37. You people are way too easily fooled…… unless this is to specifically get Biden, this is nothing…….. again……

    No crime in the articles of IMPEACHMENT….. she holds it up and we’re all of a sudden supposed to believe trump is fucked? Takes insane mental gymnastics to believe trump did anything wrong at this point. Absolutely embarrassing…. this is your evidence?…..

  38. More and more dirt will drop between now and the Senate trial. Much more… Republiklans can't keep lying forever without the truth coming out eventually. Then all their careers will be over.

  39. Leave it up to CNN to leave out everything except what they want you to hear!! Guarantee there will be more in those e-mails when this goes to Senate!!


  41. Schiff and Nancy pelosi are the most nasty creatures and are lower than pond scum!!!! Every 4 letter word comes to mind when describing these bastards….

  42. Absolutely none of this is criminal or impeachable.

    For the 1billionth time, Unless this is to get Biden and not because of 2016, this once again means nothing. Democrats claim that there is evidence of a crime, yet there is no crime in the impeachment articles… And on top of all of that, Pelosi is holding the articles. If you seriously think that this is enough to get Trump then you are a complete idiot. You had a better chance of impeaching him when it came to the stripper…….

  43. I don't get why they're laughing. They actually think he's going to be impeached and removed from office based on a phony trial? Madame Schitt and Plastic face Pelosi are schitting themselves, that's why they're trying to drag this out as long as possible. They have no evidence.

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