Analyst: Most Filipinos want govt to enforce arbitral ruling | ANC

I think you know our government exists for the Filipino people and I've seen data that since July 2016 numbers like 73 to 84 percent of Filipinos would like our government or certain rights over this EECS that were given to us after the permanent Court of Arbitration decision was so we're hoping that our government builds on this arbitration ruling and sees it as an opportunity not to protect our rights to protect our integrity and use it to to deal with some of these challenges like the fishing grid back now how would that affect the Philippine the Philippines is victory because on paper it's part of international not already the Philippines enjoys exclusive rights to the resources with annex within its exclusive economic zone that includes read BAM but despite that tooling the president's position is this we're friends with China so they can be there that's the beauty of that ruling it is part of international jurisprudence and being part of it I think it goes beyond the term for ten-year of any government and it's a ruling for the Filipino people in the Filipino nation we might have lost opportunity some would say that it might be too late but I've always believed that we could as a nation if our government will allow it build the coalition of nations who would like a rule-based order in South China Sea or in the West Philippine Sea and part of this coalition of nations is to really respect the permanent Court of Arbitration we have not used that opportunity to build that support group for the Filipino Republic and some scholars even have argue that we have had since July 2016 three years of a peace meant to China to gain Chinese goodwill maybe we're looking into economic opportunities that might be lost but still what is more important really is that this is our territory these are rights given to us by international law we fought for it and I think we deserve to to listen to the clamor of the Filipino people that I remember reading December 2018 89% of Filipinos would like us to regain control of these territories 94% of Filipinos would like us to to to bring this out into our international organizations and create diplomatic negotiations to protect our rights as a nation

Maurice Vega

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