Ana Navarro: CNN Contributor, Political Strategist, Keynote Speaker

CNN contributor and Republican
strategist Ana Navarro going now by our roundtable Republican strategist Anna
Navarro Anna Navarro former huntsman 2012 National Hispanic chairwoman and
former McCain 08 advisor this was a game-changing week in
Washington I think we had gun control bipartisan gun control legislation
announced we had an immigration bipartisan immigration deal reached
which is going to be announced shortly it doesn’t matter that there’s 23% the
country is shifting the attitudes are shifting and we’ve got to let that shift
happen naturally some people are going to shift faster than others ronnie
campaign basically saying that fairly or unfairly releasing more returns would be
like handing ammunition to the obama campaign do you buy that oh and i
absolutely buy it because i think it’ll be a you know picked over and big things
will be made I don’t think we’re going to see anything new I don’t think any of
the Republicans calling for this think that there is anything wrong that Mitt
Romney has done I know Mitt Romney hates the minorities because they both we
weren’t gonna mention his name anymore yeah that’s gonna go he we had that
outreach we had bad message we had bad tone we had bad messengers I think you
take the 2012 campaign and make it a manual on what not to do karen is
completely right somewhere in the process we have lost the heart of the
conservatives somewhere in the process conservatives have become and sound to
others as righteous judgmental people we somehow you know made days believe we
wanted to neuter them we made Hispanic we wanted them to deport themselves we
made young girls in college think we were going to make it really hard for
them to have sex well guess what that’s not really a very good way to get
anybody but old white you know we need to walk and chew gum at the same time we
can’t just talk about one issue yes the economy was the biggest issue but you
know I want somebody that talks to my head and my wallet but that also talks
to my heart and my emotions it’s a lot easier to listen to what somebody is
saying out your wallet and about the economy if
you like them if you think they can relate to you if you think they are
speaking to everyday Americans and they feel your pain something that Bill
Clinton was very good at something that George W Bush was good at so yes the
economy was the focus yes the economy was the biggest issue but we weren’t
getting through because we weren’t relating we need to do both we saw three
tough hearings this week we saw Secretary Clinton go through Benghazi we
thought saw John Kerry go through here and we saw Chuck Hagel and you cannot
compare the first two to chuck hagel after i watch the hearing I remembered
you know the lyrics of that country song you mean I shaved my legs for this knew
we were having this huge fight over this guy who cannot even articulate our
policy towards Iran significant moment it church changes is huge David really I
can’t over us you know talk about what it means for Hispanics you know there’s
a lot of rivalries between Latin American countries i can tell you we are
also thrilled at having a latin Pope we don’t even mind he’s Argentinian wonderful to have a folk that’s going to
be able to relate to the Americans that lived in political strife that lived
under the repression that has seen what’s going on in Argentina in
Argentina the poverty the economic crisis that can not only speak our
language but can get our language is one of us I think you’re going to see him
active on issues like immigration you’re going to see that the Catholic
Archbishop’s here will be more active in that even though they’ve been very
active already yeah but he was assuming that he wasn’t raised Mexican it wasn’t
you know we know that it was very particular circumstances of a Mormon
colony that we had moved to Mexico but i think i was born in mexico well and john
john mccain was born in panama but he’s not Panamanian he’s American out of this
and guess what i was born in nicaragua and I want to be a cuban-american
Nicaraguan Mexican from Miami totally depends i had to flee my country in 1980
because of a communist revolution i think having a voice I think really
valuing democracy and being part of that democracy trying to make a difference it
really not taking it for granted is huge it’s something that’s incredibly
significant to me as somebody that comes from a country that seems political
turmoil that seemed revolution that steam dictatorships that lives in Miami
I live in Miami which is full of cuban-americans who’ve had to flee their
country because of oppression and 50-plus year old dictatorship so don’t
take freedom for games and don’t take government for granted don’t take
democracy for granted instead be part of it you

Maurice Vega

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