An Introduction to Corporate Governance

welcome to this webinar which will tell you absolutely everything that you could ever possibly need to know about corporate governance so let's begin with the definition corporate governance is the system by which a company is directed and controlled it contains three critical words system directed and controlled as with all systems it is essential to keep focused on the objective of corporate governance and the objective is actually quite simple it is to make better decisions corporate governance is not simply a regulatory compliance issue but in effect corporate governance actually enables the business to be more successful through better decision making the key to the effectiveness of corporate governance in an organization is the flow of information for example it's critical that the right information gets to the right people at the right time there are also of course dangers associated with information not enough or any inaccurate information leads to ill inform decisions whilst too much information means you can lose focus on what is actually supposed to be important so apply the less-is-more principle but do so with care the most common serious failure is ineffective follow-up of decisions made therefore agenda item number one in any committee must have two clear elements have we done what we have said we would do and did it work only when you can answer yes to both of these questions can the item be considered that dealt with effectively other critical areas relating to the success of corporate governance include challenging the decisions and recording of the challenges made simplicity so that system is both accessible and easily understood and finally honesty making sure that people feel confident enough to actually state their mind so sorry about my comment at the beginning of this session when I said you'd learn everything you needed to know but at least you've made a start right now

Maurice Vega

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  1. Thanks a lot, this cleared a lot of my doubts. best video, please make another one getting in deep with the concepts.

  2. This came up doing a search.. on government bullying….Corporations that have invade the US government… are nothing but mass murderers and bullies….   too stupid and greedy to know  they eventually will end up with nothing…    Something's rotten with corporate governance..

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