An Animated Introduction to Social Science

All right. If we’re all settled? Yes? Good. Welcome. We are the Social Science department. Now, I’ll get right to it. The question on everyone’s mind: “Just what the heck is social science?” Well, let me try to explain. Social, as in society, as in human beings. Science, as in the facts, the systematic study
of a thing, the pursuit of its true nature. We seek to understand the nature of people
and society. What does it mean to be human? What defines a person? Is it history? Is it ancestry? How has he
worked, struggled, thrived? In his environment! Sorry? In his environment. Did he live on a mountain? Or in the desert? Near the sea? In the arctic? Ancestry is important, but location is paramount. That’s all very fascinating, but I have a
question. What is this person like? Is it a man or a woman? What’s her race? What
does he or she do? Well, profession relies greatly on geography. The natural resources that exist here. Proximity to natural resources is fine, but what about proximity to other people? The sociological element is undeniable. What happens when he feels the influence of
other human beings? Then how will he behave? What will be expected of him? Will he fulfill these expectations? Now it’s a collection of people. It’s a town. Or a city. It’s a community. Hmm… community. But who’s in charge? [People talking, yelling, commotion] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We need structure. Leaders. Several leaders, if we can. Oh, that’s better. See, when we organize, we give our man a voice, an identity within his society. This is where his ancestry and his geography and his social interaction come together:
the political realm. Ah, but is the true nature of man witnessed
only in his interaction with the world around him? I ask you: where do his actions begin? With a thought. And where do his thoughts
originate? The brain, madam, the brain. Guten doktoren, is it only his experience
in society that informs him and shapes him? Or, or, is he born this way, every cell and
synapse forming just so, making him the man he is? He is interacting, sure, buzzing around, a
busy bee in the hive of society, sure, sure. But his inner being! His motivations, his thoughts, his feelings,
his hurt, his joy. This will be largely unknown. Unless, mein
doktoren, we study his psychology. Well, very intriguing, Dr. Psych! Thank you. So, as you can see, we social scientists cover
a wide range of topics. But we all agree on one thing: people, and the societies in which they live,
are a fascinating study.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Our conception of race is socially constructed, which means it has bearing on sociology. The fact that our actual genetics don't have much to do with what we imagine race to be still doesn't invalidate the fact that a sociologist could rightly ask what someone's race was.

  2. Because the stereotypical Humanities major is frightened of math, so it is instead put into Accounting or Business, despite the fact that Economics relies almost exclusively on the Social Sciences, and only a tiny bit of basic algebra.

  3. Down with capitalism!

    A real social scientist doesn't say stuff like "communism doesn't work", only propaganda-influenced people say that.

  4. A real social scientist would say that communism is an idea, and will stay as such. People need a state, at least one level of sovereignty above them in order to function. true communism is anarchy, and real life doesn't, and will never work that way. The closest you will get to communism is a bunch of schmuchs on an uncharted island in which none are in charge.

  5. Where did you get that idea about Communism?

    EVERYONE is in charge in communism, and none are allowed to use or abuse the others.

  6. Because add the numbers together and have charts so most people in the social sciences see numbers and assume it must be empirical.

  7. Because economics is a sub-set of political science: this goes back to the days when they were both the same study known as Political Economy. The need to better understand movements of money during the massive war mobilization of WWI started the division of the studies, the Great Depression & WWII codified the split.

    Just remember, the original split was between the study of medicine & the study of philosophy some 2,000+ years ago. That's why doctors come in two types: Ph.D.'s and M.D.'s.

  8. Economics isn't a part of your Real Science™? It fools people? You mean like every other social science? Or do you suspect that political science and psychology are observable sciences that teach absolute truths now? The principles of economics are as noteworthy as those of any other social science, and like them, humans are still just scratching the surface of what there is to learn. I personally like them all.

  9. Fooled, you say! Can you demonstrate how the division of labour is not paramount to creating wealth? How an increase in the supply of normal goods (which you find in a grocery or supermarket) will not lead to a diminution of their prices? How investors are not guided by the prices of the market and how these investments aren't coordinated over time and space? Or how trade usually makes us worse off?

  10. I would argue that sociology IS social sciences, and everything follows us a specialty, like biology IS life sciences, and all others (genetics, ecology) are a specification.

  11. i'm very confused about social sciences , i'm taking an introduction class today , and i'm watching this now to get a head start,get an idea .. but i'm still confused, and i don't know if economic will be involved, I've taken economics before but didn't enjoy it very much …sigh

  12. Its funny how no one questions why we have leaders and false democracy. As if any one idividual has a voice in political affairs and decision making. I don't believe a truly civilised society has laws and rulers. Today we have more laws than ever, hundreds upon thousands, but it doesn't defeat the root causes of crime which by the way are increasing at an exponential rate.

  13. This was a useful video. I need to pick one of these subjects, and this gave me enough understanding to make a choice.

  14. where are economics, linguistics, communications, and information science…..? maybe i guess they are under those (Anthropology, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, and Psychology)..but they also deserve a place on their own…just a suggestion.

  15. I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, big boss. Everything in here had a story and a price. One thing I've learned through 21 years, you don't know WHAT is gonna come through that door!

  16. Wow. I was surprised that "he" and "his" were used instead of non-gendered they or their. To use a male pronoun to describe all humans is outdated, even more so now than just 5 years earlier. I appreciate the work that went into making this, though.

  17. I really appreciate this video. I was somewhat having doubts about the social science degree that I am about to pursue but after watching this I really do feel that I made the right choice and the core questions that social science asks.


  19. I'm starting to regret signing up for a social science research class when I can barely remember anything in history, and only chose the course for psychology.

  20. For anyone who is interested, we upload weekly-ish videos looking at social science:

  21. ill tell you how to define a human.. you got a penis your a boy you got a hooha your a girl.. period no other answer

  22. Videos like these help me. I was talking to my professors on whether or not I should become a teacher. It's a tough route, debating on whether or not I should change.

  23. So if Anita Sarekeesian can write a shit paper with no credible sources and still pass does that mean that I can also do same thing and pass?

  24. I know it was kind of covered on Political Science part, but International Relations play an important role as a field in social sciences.

  25. social science or otherwise known as marxist brain washing
    or otherwise known as a complete waste of money, lol

    where exactly are the sjw etc going to get jobs if they have to have safe spaces and trigger warnings, lol.
    and cant handle any free speech.

  26. Rank the seven social sciences (anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology) according to what you believe is their importance and influence on the people in modern society.

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