Amy Klobuchar shuts down Pete Buttigieg over political experience

Maurice Vega

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  1. I know a person who’s not only a small time politician jump into presidential race and won. Pres. Duterte of the Philippines and he’s doing a hell of a good job. My point now is don’t underestimate someone’s potential base on his political experience mayor Pete maybe a small time politician but I bet he got plenty of good ideas to benefit the American people.

  2. Pathetic Pete lectures on First Amendment. Duh! As for the candidates and the panel, Misery loves company! President Trump eats each one for breakfast. Just go home. Losers.

  3. Trump never held a political office – not even dog catcher and look at what a great job he's doing! Don't believe me? Just ask him! 17,000 tweets since taking office and has never mentioned the homeless once!

  4. A gender Issue? there is no gender Issue. We have a open gay man and a women debating it's about who could take trump down. My vote most likely will go for Warren, Sanders, Yang. Running as mates how ever you want to mix them. I want change not the same bullshit we get from every other democratic president. $1000 dollars a month on top of your pay sounds good to me, so does free college and medicare for all. "That's Change"

  5. The look on Pickle Pete's face when Tulsi went after him in debate 4 was PRICELESS… The expression of surprise and disbelief was as if someone pulled their dick out of his mouth b4 Cummings was PRICELESS, nobody has ever done that b4

    News girls… You can't get inside pickle Pete's head without a dick

    Pickle Pete judge my booty…
    Always bringing his husband on stage to show how cool he is…  Supriseing, he hasn't engaged in some homosexuaaal activity with him…  Them kissing 💋 on stage to be like al gore and tipper is just gross…
    This fool can't run his little hometown but thinks he can run the world…. Pete booty e gig will give his booty to anyone.  This disgusting perverted liddle buggger should be in a mental institution.  Trump nickname for him "Pete booty (insert dramatic pause) bootyigig"

    AMY…. WHO?

  6. It's crazy how obvious cnn is with pushing their corporate candidates and shitting on the progressives. I'm not a fan of progressives either but its fascinating to watch the machine in motion.

  7. Pete just should have said "uh what? stuttering what?" she doesn't have a clear point when she speaks she's just trying to act dominant because she's a bully who screams at her staff.

  8. I think people need to start to realize that politics has nothing to do with experience or intelligence. It’s a sales job. Career politicians are simply sleazy sales people!

  9. "experience" shut the hell up did u forget what the fuck happened in 2016? We don't want experience we want integrity and change

  10. Klobuchar and Buttegieg sounds like a terrible accounting firm. They’re also why Iowa shouldn’t have the first primary.

  11. As much as I ridicule Trump, part of me wants to see the Democratic party fail yet again, partly for taking 2020 for granted.

    Klobuchar is jockeying for airtime to air incessant gender equality grievances & a position in Warren cabinet, get your horse teeth outta here lady! Ney!

  12. Klobuchar is one of the 2 current running dems that I would personally NOT vote for. But that doesn't matter in some states soooo…. just vote and hope that we get a smart president that sounds like an adult in 2020

  13. Pete managed all the attacks against him beautifully. He would make a great President. Actually, those attempting to take him down came across as really desperate and foolish.

  14. First of all, Pete Buttigieg ain’t gonna win nothing because Buttigieg can’t even get the black African american vote last i’ve heard. He can’t bring people together period so good luck defeating Trump. What he needs to do is drop out to give other moderates a shot(Joe Biden) and likewise either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren need to drop out because they’re literally splitting the liberal vote which effectively means that they are not going to win anything. Having 3 moderates 2 liberals 1 sole issue( impeachment) 1 “different” aka Yang makes it very confusing for the voters and splits the vote in weird ways. I do think though that Amy Klobucher would make a great vp candidate to Joe Biden because she debates really well and is really well spoken but she doesn’t have the support number wise to ever become candidate but if america maybe got to know her a little bit better as vp, then she would definitely be a better candidate that I might even support. I’ve noticed also that she takes it easy on Biden in debates which is honestly a gift because when she goes off, she goes off hard.

  15. This is the best you got dems?? 😂😂😂😂
    Thanks for another 4yrs. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Good to see some of these “candidates” are using Trump tactics.

  16. This is hard to even listen to. They're just sniping back and forth. I mean, they discussed literally nothing of substance. The entire discussion was does experience matter. Just not really relevant to any of the average voters. And just a snipe-back-and-forth fest.

  17. Pete started his campaign as a nice and humble guy next door. He’s now grown into this guy who seems to just want power, be corrupt, be egotistical and self-righteous. Disappointing

  18. It's nothing short of asinine the way that Democrats will eat their own. In 2000, it was Howard Dean who was one of the front-runners, but CNN trashed his chances because he let out a whoop at the end of a speech, that they ridiculed. Whether Buttigieg had dinner in a wine cave, or in a hot air balloon, or in a bank vault, shouldn't make one damned bit of difference. The only things that Democrats should be focused upon is who can beat Trump next November and then credibly lead the nation. Get rid of the snide comments, the memes, the sound bites, and all of the rest of that crap and get to work on building up a candidate who can beat Trump and get the US back together again.

  19. Put that bitch in his place! I like Amy now!! Pete shush here were are speaking about military again…wonk wonk. He won Indiana when he was in the closet.

  20. The current most powerful man in the world had 0.0 days of political experience before he became POTUS.

    Democrats being democrats going to get this president re-elected.

  21. Likability is a tough thing to win in the popularity aspect of politics. Pete could show you a few things about that, too, Amy. Find a way to shine without dismissing Mayor Pete and his fans.

  22. Does Buttiegig really think that he can defeat Trump? Trump would chew him in the elections. Democrats do not want a modern day Walter Mondale in this election.

  23. Pete;s polling 24% in Iowa. Klobuchar 4%.
    Pete's polling 18% in New Hampshire. Klobuchar 3%.
    Go back to abusing your staff Amy.

  24. CNN sucks. This debate ratings sucked. Klobawhatever sucks. How did she make the debate and Tulsi didn’t? Wall Street Pete Sucks…

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