Amy Klobuchar on impeachment trial: I have a constitutional duty

Maurice Vega

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  1. Klobachar- you're nothing but a GD Bully. You make HRC look nice, something I thought was an impossibility. FAKE NEWS with FAKE AMERICANS. The immigrants at the border have more integrity than the lying Mutts on CNN. Trump is going to stick that Impeachment Rod right where the sun doesn't shine, and when he gets reelected next year; the Left is going to show the World just how sick & unstable they are.

  2. People need realize that the impeachment inquiry is the impeachment. I know the Senate makes the final decision but that's after a trial. There is NO WAY Donald Trump is participating in a trial. He doesn't even do debates so why would he sit down for a cross examination? Once the Dems send this to the Senate, expect Trump to resign like Nixon.

  3. Hey CNN where is her bump on the polls after that transcendent performance last debate ?

    You guys said she and Pete won right ?

    She looks like a pissed off watermelon with a wig.

  4. corporate money prostitute !!! …. as always late for the revolution…. late for the progress …. now when there is political currency to cash out of "impeachment" …. now you care fucking coward corporate money prostitute !

  5. we all know how we will pay for medicare for all. the billions that go into the pockets of the few, "insurance Industry" insiders. will go to a tax that will pay for the masses to have healthcare, and it will cost much less, saving the people a ton of cash and finally give them the chance to be healthy and to finally see doctors when we get sick instead of waiting till we are near death before an emergency room visit that may be to late.. the "insurance industry" is a fraud and should be held accountable for all the death and suffering it has created and the people that defend it should also be held accountable. their greed has killed millions..

  6. So, Trump is going to be impeached for using his political position to go after a political rival, and in order to facilitate that, Klobuchar is going to use her political position to go after a political rival. The extent of Democrats' double-standard continues to amaze.

  7. For someone who has never polled much above 2% and mostly polls closer to 1%, you're sure pushing hard to give Amy Klobuchar as much free airtime as you can.

  8. I like Amy, but She is like a dog that grovels all the time for a pat on the head every 5 minutes. Ok Amy..You are amazing and clean and righteous and we are all less than You are, now go away so we can get something done instead of stroking your ego. You won, now piss off.

  9. Basically, he can do whatever he wants because "I got the biggest cheers for that". It seems that running a country is easier than running a startup.

  10. She should drop out from running. To me it’s the same shit trump is doing getting policial dirt for her to win. Sounds lame to me

  11. Oh my… Amy Klobuchar looks like the 18-wheeler just drove over her stupid face.
    Is it even fixable!?

    And – btw – CNN is TRASH. Pure GARBAGE. CNN is TRASH.

  12. WOOT! I can't wait to be kicked off my impossibly expensive healthcare insurance and get medicare for all! Go Bernie!!

  13. If she does well in the Mid-West I could see Amy as a Biden running mate pick… IF he wins the nom, otherwise she is going nowhere with this.

  14. She is Betsy DeVos's sister i swear. She talks the same tempo and in the eyes there is a strange similarity. It's spooky!

  15. When I hear candidates talking about campaigning in Iowa, I can see clearly how just useless my vote from California is in the big scheme of things. This is lunacy. The electoral college needs to go!

  16. It's not brain surgery. …there is no way to lower the deficit. … it's unstoppable. …look I'm taking care of every emigrant. ..drugy… you name it I'm paying. …so are you….you think the politicians are……stop ….we're playing into there hand….there hey want to divide us that's how they control. …we the people need to stick together. …. too gather we stand divided we fall…….don't fall for there game's. ….

  17. End the corruption,con.
    Indictments are coming Trump (. Putin's princess) and his appointed cover up stooges.
    Fake president + stooges = Real traitors.
    Hear and fear the footsteps of Truth and Justice.
    Lock them up!

  18. Leaving one person in the U.S. uninsured is one too many. #M4A How can every other developed nation afford universal health care and the U.S. cannot???

  19. Just a gut feeling, but I think Mrs. Klobuchar has a heart for America somehow larger than her body can contain. She speaks so slowly, pensively, so methodically, and with an almost moving sense of remorse as to the present state of America. I think she could well be one of the few who could successfully travel the world as the new, sane, soft spoken representative re-establishing the return of America to be what it was. The Constitution, as it stands now, is apparently worth little more than something to level the short leg on an uneven coffee table. She is a gift to the world. Don't blow it.    Message from Earth.

  20. Sorry, but you just don't have the stamina, kitty cat. Time to pick a side. I wouldn't want to see you get left out in the cold all by your lonesome. Get the picture?

  21. Amy please drop out. We understand you want to be president, but we don't want you to be president. Stay in the Senate please.

  22. I would be happy just to get 'any' healthcare. I have had cancer and several other things (like my body being busted up).
    Under Obama, at least 'Obamacare' made it affordable for me (God Bless Obama for that).
    I just can't afford $500 a month for health insurance, so now I've been over 2 years without it.

  23. The people that watch this channel are are completely duped by this insanity. This woman talking about Trump adding to the debt, are you kidding? Obama increased the debt more than all previous Presidents combined and we got nothing for it .. nothing.. except rich people getting richer.. This women has a coven meeting to get to.

  24. Who is this Klobuchar lady? I'm not from the USA, but I'm seriously confused how there are still so many people running for democratic nomination…. If you aren't Sanders, Warren, or Biden, it's time to drop out.

  25. Even though the internet says Amy Klobuchar’s bra size is 36c, I believe her to be a D cup after giving her body the once over.

  26. Letter to my boss.
    I have enjoyed working here these past several years.  You have paid me very well and given me benefits beyond belief.  Have 3-4 months off per year and a pension plan that will pay my salary till the day I die and then pay my estate one year salary death bonus and then continue to pay my spouse my salary with increases until she or he dies, and a health plan that most people can only dream of having.
    Despite this, I plan to take the next 12-18 months to find a new position.
    During this time, I will show up for work when it is convenient for me.  And

    in addition, I fully expect to draw my full salary and all the other perks
    associated with my current job.

    Oh yes, if my search for this new job proves fruitless, I will be coming
    back with no loss in pay or status.  Before you say anything, remember that
    you have no choice in this matter.  I can, and I will do this.


    Every Senator or Congressman running for President in 2020
    Are we stupid or what ?

  27. So, let me get this straight. The Obama administration helps to overthrow the elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine, installs a puppet regime with close links to neo-Nazi factions, threatens to withhold $1 Billion in US loan guarantees unless their puppet, President Petro Poroshenko, fires the general prosecutor who is leading a corruption probe of the Ukrainian energy company where Vice President Biden's son sits on the board, and in the midst of the 2016 US Presidential election gives the new Ukrainian general prosecutor a list of “untouchables” who should not be prosecuted or investigated. This list includes an organization tied to people who are backing Hillary Clinton, the chosen successor to President Obama, and that organization is also collaborating with FBI agents investigating the commercial activities of the campaign manager of Clinton's main political rival, while the DNC is also pressuring Ukraine for 'dirt' on the same campaign manager. However, we are supposed to ignore the obvious collusion between the DNC and Obama administration with their puppet government in Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election, while the nation was put through 2 years of hell investigating the non-existent collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Yet when President Trump asks the new Ukrainian president (who was elected on the promise to fight corruption) to look into allegations of corruption and Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election we are supposed to accept that this is an impeachable offense by President Trump?

  28. Amy, love Your Pic with Senator's McCain&Farhan in Ukraine with the Failed President!!! Just released for Everyone to see 20/20! Is that not TREASON! It's on Lions Republic!!! See You at the Gallows with Your Fellowship.

  29. So much hate for Klobuchar! Two possible reasons: the haters have no life other than spewing hate on the internet or they are scared to death that a moderate like Klobuchar might gain traction.

  30. Stop covering Klobuchar. You're gaslighting, admit it. She's not interesting, no one likes her, and that debate performance was beyond horrendous. She has DROPPED in the polls as you guys have declared her a frontrunner.
    It's funny. You guys think that anyone who's not a political insider is by definition not a legitimate contender (Bernie and Yang). It's an embarrassing that we can see right through your bias.

  31. Amy speaks to all moderates. When Trump gets impeached the Republican party will attempt to repair their brand with someone moderate which will make Bernie and Warren look like yahoos. The Dems need a moderate with a proven record. Amy is the clear choice.

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