Amy Klobuchar: Donald Trump will pounce on Bernie Sanders’ health care plan

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yeah, and Bernie will pounce on the fact that he said he would protect everyone's health care and then came within a McCain of kicking everyone off of it with NO ALTERNATIVE. Does she even think about her arguments before she makes them? Or is she just throwing staplers at the wall to see what sticks?

  2. so instead of defending a big idea the establishment says we are scared to say anything of substance. In other words, let's not have a short skirt because Trump might try to rape us.

  3. Commie Bernie never had a steady paycheck untill he joined the swamp creatures in Washington.Now the commie has three houses and is flying first class while he promises his sheeples the moon😂👊💯

  4. Go home and do something that you love Amy. Build a snow woman. Throw staplers at your staff. Go do whatever makes you happy, because you will never be elected president.

  5. The goal of socialism is communism.

    Fascism is capitalism in decay.
    A lie told often enough becomes the truth.  Read more of Bernies quotes or I mean Lenin's. Just google Lenin quotes. Sound like Bernie talk.  This is SCARY that he is in the lead.

  6. Amy, mayo Pete had you flustered at last debate before this one. Trump would tear you a new one. Come back home and fix us a casserole…

  7. – why are her and Elizabeth W. still in the race. They have no chance. It’s between Sanders and Bloomberg and Bloomberg will pay it off. That is why I’m done with this shitehole Party.

  8. People sct like Trump is unbeatable. Trump shouldn't be the central focus….winning votes and trust from the Americsn people is the key.
    Get the people on board that's how to dininish Trump's hold. Summer will be here before we know it so we need to really start to think about unifying the party.
    Trump will run a divisive campaign and lie as he always does. We have to change the narrative. Tip the scales in our favor. Send the Republican party a strong message that we are taking our country back from them!

  9. This is too funny. What alternate reality do these centrists live in?

    A socialist… amy… fire department? Police department? Nationalizing healthcare will help someone defeat trump and give people more freedom.

    Your right amy, people care about health care.

    Stop pumping Republican talking points. Centrists, You are trolling yourselves by supporting these people, and then being forced to defend positions like, people deserve to die and go bankrupt if they are sick. You are forced to defend that taking money from health insurance companies doesnt influence your vote.

    Centrists are disgusting.

  10. Let him pounce, he already has the best health care money can offer, while most have none or thousands of dollars in deductibles.

  11. Did she even listen to voters in the rust belt who voted for trump? Many said they'd have voted for sanders if he'd have gotten the nomination over hillary. It's sanders healthcare plan that has excited the base

  12. Another lawyer who entered politics, treating the electorate like a jury but with no real honest opinions as the option is to win by any route

  13. Let him pouce. Because Trump don't have nothing to offer for health services. Just miserly and division. Bernie Sanders 2020!!!! It's us and we are more than them.

  14. How? What's Trump's plan? Oh right getting rid of pre existing conditions protection and allowing big pharma to kill us. yup totally going to win the argument with that. 🙄

  15. Amy, voters have spoken… We just don't like you. You are another Hilary. There is no way you will ever be president but please stay in and divide up that Moderate vote so a progressive can win!

  16. You get free healthcare and YOU get free healthcare and WE ALL get free healthcare!

    Even though nobody knows who will pay for that but hey! It's free right!
    Free stuff=Good

  17. Yeah but Amy freaking Klobuchar is the one that will beat him. Believe it or not I said that with a straight face right before busting out laughing

  18. Klobuchar is an abysmally ugly cunt. She couldn’t win president of a high school. Idk why anyone gives her any attention.

  19. Klobuchar is making sure they don't look at her facial tic. She would get eaten alive two minutes after getting the nomination. She has no clue.

  20. No Democrats have any good plans that Trump can't pounce on. From immigration to healthcare current Democrats plans are pure garbage. Andrew Yang is a moron but he had the only decent plan and no I'm not referring to his garbage 1k handout plan I'm referring to his support of ranked choice voting.

  21. The only thing trump has done is dismantle Obama care as much as he could so far. What has he offered in place of it? Here’s a hint…not a damn thing

  22. World Healthcare? Damn she has the answers for the world. It's crazy for one person to think that they could run the world and use healthcare to start their pinky and the brain plot to conquer the world

  23. All of these democrats are so concerned about how Bernie or Warren would pay for medicare for all but not a single fucking concern about how we'll fund sending my children over to fight in endless wars started by republicunts! Sit down and have all the seats Klobuchar! #Bernie2020 #Warren2020

  24. Suppose there were 7 Billion people on the planet that all supported Bernie's plan to spend 60 trillion dollars. They would each need to pay $8,571 each one time or $857 a year for 10 years.

    But there are only really about 142 million taxpayers in the US so 60 Trillion divided by 142 Million is really $425,531 each. Divided over 10 years is $42,500 per year per person.

    So far so good. Lets look at a typical american household is 2.6 people under a roof. so the bill is $42,500 * 2.6 = $110,500 per year for healthcare. The average household income in the US is $63,000. Who can afford that?

  25. Amy you did not respect the debate moderator , you talk more then your given time . And now your talking about civility.

  26. Their repeated failed desperate attempts to dismantle President Trump at this point makes the Democrats look really pathetic and sad. I don't even hate them anymore I feel sorry for them it's embarrassing.

  27. Ask her about how in Minnesota our taxes are so high because the Democrats want to keep funding people who come to our state.
    I have watched these Debates the Democrats even fight dirty with their own. Full of lies and broken promises.

  28. All the Bernie supporters/dems who spent years worshiping cnn for their trump hate now understand what it feels like since they’re doing the same thing to Bernie

  29. Every one of you has an Achilles heel, like it or not. Buttigieg is gay.
    Those who are not older are either Jewish , women or "businessmen"
    I personally have no problem with any of these
    categories other than the businessman part, ,but the fact that of the matter is that a significant number of those in this country do. The fact Bernie is more Progressive than the rest of you makes his religion or age secondary. What makes you stand out beyond your gender?

  30. Why is Klobuchar on the air at all? Why is she still running? She's lying constantly about Medicare for all, citing its 10 year cost as if it's the annual amount, and telling us to vote for her because she a liar from the Midwest, as if that's the best kind of lying hack one can find.

  31. Dems trying to stop Bernie is stupid, you need a revolution to stop a revolution, if the dnc thinks that a young, male, gay Hillary Clinton will win they are fooling themselves and helping trump at the expense of a totally making a change for the lower working class that supports this country. Bernie us the answer and trumps reverse psychology of thinking hes beatable is laughable , Bernie has the support bottom line

  32. Who gives a shit what donald trump will use to pounce on anybody. Even if you disagree with Bernie's politics, he's a great speaker who manages to get nuanced points across in emotional amd simplified ways when speaking publicly. When Bernie answers questions and responds to attacks, it usually makes the other side look stupid for even going at him in the first place. No one else is doing that. Also: there is an emotional following the Bernie! You don't beat trump by going "look at this crazy person, i'm the reasonable choice" clinton tried to do that and it didn't work.

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