Amy Klobuchar aims to boost her momentum in Iowa

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hello, Humans. When it rains, it pours, when it pours, the rain burns like acid, connected to the pit of pain. ?


  2. Klobuchar is so similar to Hillary that CNN can't help but push her like they did with Hillary. Too bad people are not falling for their special interests this time. When your only hope is Biden you'll soon have to push Warren to avoid a "worst case scenario" for your elitist corporate interests.

  3. If Amy Klobuchar is as good at being president as she was a senator for Minnesota then you definitely don’t want her to be president. -Minnesota residents

  4. No matter how hard you try to push Amy Klobuchar, she isn't going to win the nomination. No matter how you try to disguise it, she has basically no support and that isn't going to change.

  5. Corporate hacks can't even mention Bernie. Pathetic. This will just hurt CNN in the end, but they would rather have TRump than Bernie.


  7. Its pathetic how much the media is trying to make Klobuchar happen. And how they ignore Bernie and Yang. So glad to see lots of others here see past this deception.

  8. CNN, read your comments and learn from them. Your little puppet, overpaid employees should not have jobs with the abysmal work they do. We’re rejecting you, you no longer control the narrative.

  9. What momentum she fucking sucks? The worst candidate not named Mayor Pete. Just another boring centrist like Obama and Clinton

  10. Iowa Needs to vote republican the democrats undermining the rule of law breaking it every chance they get and have for a decade

  11. Man it gives me so much hope seeing all these CNN videos shilling crappy candidates getting disliked into Oblivion. Love you guys! #Bernie2020

  12. You tried with Kamala. You tried with Beto. You tried with Mayor Pete. Guess what? Ya blew it! There's this thing called the internet now and people (both young and old) see right through your corporate nonsense.

  13. It's pretty obvious that they hunted high and low for these lukewarm idiots who think that Amy should be president.

  14. Wow… Pushing Cloud-boot-jar down our throats again… She will never beat Trump. Bernie is the only candidate that beats Trump in national head to head state polls… She didn't even make the list.

  15. CNN so pathetic, now you're trying to throw a hail Mary with this unlikeable, unelectable candidate. How does it feel to have no power over the people like you use to have?

  16. Cloud Boot Jar is a hack. So is booty-judge. Just stop CNN, you're a corrupt oligarchic media dinosaur that is about to expel its last breath, oh ya, and you're drunk!

  17. First it's Harris… not working, then mayor Pete…. not working… let's try Klobuchar… not going to work.

    You are going to have to settle for Biden… lol… what a shitshow!

  18. Who cares about HER!!!!

    Why are they ignoring the rise of BERNIE SANDERS!!!!!

    Stop your stupid pro propaganda programming for corporate Democrats!!!!

    Can you guys be truthful for once!

  19. Hey, CNN, you suck. People see through your bullshit propaganda. You get ratio'ed every single time you push your nonsense. When will you stop lying about candidates polling at 1% being relevant and start covering the guy who's actually surging? What a joke you've become. This is money in politics does, you corrupt hacks.

  20. Bernie is in the last season of his life. Why doesn't he give the DNC a big middle finger and run 3rd party. He should have done that in the first place.

  21. Haha   They see that Pete isn't going to fly.  And they are desperately hoping they don't have to fall back on Uncle Joe.  Too bad the DNC doesn't have a solid candidate that could actually draw crossover support.  Or a combat veteran.  Or someone else interesting like a Woman of color.  Or maybe someone that actually wants to end the endless stream of stupid wars and spend those billions here at home.  If they just had someone like that they would kick the crap out of Orange Man.  DNC is so corrupt that if that person actually existed they'd probably decide not support them and might even actively work against them since they would be bad for business.  I would call CNN fake news but then I would be accused of being a Trump supporter.  CNN=Corporate Neolib Network.  And MSDNC is just as bad.

  22. At a news conference in South Carolina,The Donald said "I am Presbyterian Protestant. I go to Marble Collegiate Church … as often as I can, a lot."

    That shows the pathological lying and bottomless ignorance of Donald Trump about Christianity.

    Two problems with that. First, Marble Collegiate, on New York's 5th Avenue, is a Reformed, not Presbyterian, church. And second, though the Trump family does have a history of attending Marble, officials there quickly sent out a statement saying Trump "is not an active member."

  23. Folks at CNN, for God's sake lets get real, the real frontrunners are Bernie Sanders and Creepy Joe, so please STOP PUSHING THAT LADY!!!!!! #FeelTheBern ??

  24. It's kind of a wonder that CNN doesn't stop allowing likes, dislikes and comments.  It is nice however that anytime I start losing faith in humanity I know I can come to YouTube and look at the overwhelmingly negative comments on almost everything they post.

  25. There have been SO MANY Klobuchar videos on CNN and very few of Sanders. Yet, Sanders is 2nd in the polls and Klobuchar is SEVENTH.
    If Sanders had half the exposure Klobuchar gets, he would be in the lead right now.

  26. We need voting reform at the caucus level to remove the "wasted vote" issue. Move to the "instant runoff voting" system so that the peoples choice is truly represented.

  27. I never noticed If you don’t have music playing in the background of these walking pharmacy ads, they really lose the feel of their authenticity

  28. CNN, you need to be shut down. Your lies are criminal. You're not journalists. Each and everyone of you working for CNN needs to be banned from broadcast. The lies need to stop.

  29. CNN did a bit on Klobuchar and it's UNREAL! They basically say "well she's going to have to balance being in the Senate and dealing with impeachment and her campaign". This is where it gets INSANE, they go on to say "that's not something Biden or Pete is going to have to deal with". Wait, what?!? There are two other senators both polling way higher than Amy and you don't even mention them in this context. That's intentional. CNN is so transparently fake!

  30. I'm sick of CNN and the DNC. I'm sick of having these corporate Democrats pushed on us all the time. It's obvious Bernie and Warren have the grassroots support that Klobuchar doesn't have. I'm not trying to say she can't win but I'm saying idk anyone that supports her and i live in Minnesota

  31. These people have nothing to say about Bernie or Warren at all. They only want the corporate paid for wall street cronies. CNN shame on you.

  32. It's funny how every person they support no one else in America actually likes. The neo liberals love these candidates but no real American does and you can't win without the people supporting you. We need the swing voters and these corporate candidates can't get them to turn out on election day

  33. CNN is owned by the Turner Broadcasting system which is a division of Time Warner/AT&T.. Time Warner ENDED their retiree health-plans FOR THEIR OWN WORKERS! So you can probably guess how much this evil corporation gives a shit about YOU. The Viewer of this propaganda network. A network trying to shove KlobuCUNT down our throats so they can trample us some more.


    Bernie or BUST

  34. PROOF Biden has Dementia 2019

    Why is this NOT on corporate news? CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.

  35. I continue to want to like Klobuchar, but her zingers always come across as mean-spirited even beyond their expected competitiveness.

  36. Lol momentum.

    Klobutchar is the human embodiment of a moldy sock. Corporate media trying like hell to elevate her while ignoring progressives whom are polling miles ahead of her.-

  37. CNN STOP with the false narrative that Amy Klobuchar is worth shit because she isn't! She's can't get past 6% BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS HER! Stick up your ass CNN!

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