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we're gonna begin with president Trump officially kicking off his reelection campaign today a campaign which is suffering in recent days from sagging poll numbers losing by double digits to Joe Biden and failing to outpace all other Democrats Trump bashed those results last night in a tweet writing Fox News polls are always bad for me they were against crooked Hillary also something weird going on at Fox our polls show us leading in all 17 swing states we just we have to stop right there very quickly Sam Stein of course he fired his pollster because his internal polls actually were worse than Fox News's polls his own poll showed he was getting absolutely pounded by Biden and right every important swing state but they were supposedly fake polls so there's no need to fire the pollster if they're fake right I'm amazed by this tweet in part because I didn't realize there were 17 swing states and I'm shocked at all of them I guess but it's really irrational to just get bad news and then fired the person who's delivering the news but this is the world we live in right I guess so I mean getting pounded by double-digits in Wisconsin in Michigan Pennsylvania Florida losing badly in Florida losing in North Carolina losing by 17 points in Virginia yeah I mean you go to all this weak states down in Georgia by six points only ahead by two in ten some would argue that that was why he was selling out America to try and get some foreign country to help cheap because his polls look so bad there's no other way to win well I just think the big story here is just how tough a political position really isn't I mean forget the pollster drama to be in that position at this point in his presidency when the economy is doing fairly well is not a great or enviable electoral position and I think he knows it Trump also commits because of his campaign manager he is his own campaign manager we discussed this gesture but he can't fire from the state of the economy right what else would you be talking about as a candidate economy economy that's all I'd be doing Bob Costas though he's never been able to shift I mean Donald Trump we it's hard to remember a time when he wasn't in politics but you know what worked for Donald Trump so well from August waxing from June of 2015 through the primary and then even into the general election he snuck in doing the same thing narrowcasting playing to the base saying basically the hell with college-educated people hell with people in the suburbs to hell with younger white people I mean and that has brought us to where we are I'm wondering Bob and I'm asking this question for people like you who really have a great read on what's going on in say the White House is there an you know Trump as well as anybody and that reports on him when Trump says he's ahead into 17 states does Donald think he's ahead in 17 states or does he understand that actually he's really facing an uphill battle right now to answer that question you have to think back to that period you just described 2015 2016 when reporters would go up to the 26th floor of Trump Tower including a reporter from the Washington Post president Trump would have all these ratings from The Apprentice and framed picture frames on his wall and he would you he would use the phrase ratings and he would interchange it with his discussion of polling so he would say my ratings are doing really well this is back in 2015 and we said what did you mean by your radiance he meant his polling and so polling to him is connected in a almost personal way to his own popularity his own status and so he's sensitive to polling because he sees it really it's political ratings and that's why people in his inner circle are often reluctant to give him bad polling information because he takes it in that way he doesn't just take it as data he takes it as a reflection of his own popularity but he does want to see the data and he does see there's some weak spots across the country in some of these swing states and when you talk about who is playing to Joe he really believes he has to stoke his base to have any chance in 2020 that's why they keep coming back to immigration and back to trade yeah I'm so glad that Bob brought up the apprentice because of course the apprentice had an extraordinary run right I mean you gotta give me used to send us ratings so they write little notes to us so it had an incredible run right everybody at his agency was telling not to do it he did it anyway and he was right and what an incredible run but on the backside of the apprentices success he would still fax us ratings and had put in big letters number one again Donald and you'd look at the ratings I swear and it'd be like seventeen and I'd handle a week here do you you get this yeah what I don't understand this and he he it's so funny that I don't know what year it was maybe it was in 2011-2012 but it was the end of a remarkable run yeah but we could not figure out how he was saying that he was number one and there are a lot of people that will tell you this story had fax it around saying still number one I guess thinking people would you see that headline and throw it away yeah during the height of his birther movement stuff I think was 2011 he went on the view or something and I put out some random tweet being like this he is this all like theater or is he actually believed this stuff and then about a week later I got a piece of mail from him yes printed hug tweet scribbled over he's like we'll never know but it sure is great ratings and Donald Trump I couldn't believe it at the time and I foolishly did not hold on to that we'll never know well he also complained about his interview with ABC and his mind was once again on crowd size at the rally site in Orlando Florida the first person in line says she got there forty two hours before the event is even scheduled to start the South Florida Sun Sentinel knows the line was about fifty people long as a 3 p.m. yesterday and had grown to 250 people by 9:30 last night The Sentinel goes on to note that at the same time the president was tweeting that thousands of people are already lined up in Orlando some two days before the rally this as Sunday night's ABC News special that the president personally promoted on social media turned out to be a ratings bust the show was third in its sunday night timeslot with three point three point nine 1 million viewers a sharp drop from the week before when celebrity Family Feud pulled in 6.1 million viewers so he didn't get the ratings it's a feud man but but that said I think the question gene going into 2020 is going to be whether the excitement's still there for Trump how much can you gen it up at some point even shows that have great runs like The Apprentice at some point they just grow old and people turn away and go to another story and I wonder if you look at everything we've been talking about this more hired weather that's starting to happen here because I will say this Trump people who still when I asked what are you still supporting I think almost to a person go loving I may be voted for him I'm gonna vote for him again but then they go oh god wish you inside his tweets make me so tired it's almost to a person that I talked to he has exhausted them yeah he really has and I think that you know I think we if anything underestimate how desperate he's getting already at these signs that that there's just Trump exhaustion out there that that that the base is gonna take a whole lot more stoking even more stoking than he did last time a lot more stoking to get them out within and in comparable numbers if you look at the some figures a few weeks ago on responses to his tweets and that's way down it's there's a there's you know people become desensitized over time and I think some people have become desensitized just wandered away others have been appalled by various things he's he's done and so I think if you know he looks really frantic right now but I think we haven't seen anything yet I think it's gonna get much much much worse there are different there are different arguments for wide the frantic behavior and such bold flick Phil's face lying to George Stephanopoulos I mean just completely refuting the reality of the polls and I guess some could argue that there's there's some serious ramifications waiting for him from the Southern District of New York and from the law if if then when he leaves office after his first term so that could lead to phrenic behavior well here's the thing a lot I mean a lot of his base supporters still believing and so it is the reality is that but let so it doesn't matter what the reality is to a lot of his base supporters let's correct admit let's just admit his lying and his tweets is creating an alternative reality is Kellyanne Conway called it at the very beginning that creation of the alternative reality has at least worked for 3035 percent of Americans and the other five to ten percent of supporting don't care that he's lying they like the economy as it is yeah the question is you know what's the magic number in his approval ratings mixed with the electoral college system that means he can win or he can't and some people have put it about forty four percent you know he cannot win below forty four forty five percent even when you put in the the strangeness and the oddity of trying to do the kind of jigsaw maths of the electoral college system there does seem to be a level of desperation and here you know that that ratings figure from the George Stephanopoulos interview from Sunday night has got to kill him that he hates the idea that he's not rating well and you wonder whether all the announcements that he's just made about ice and the deportations that are coming up of families are not a reaction to the fact that these poll numbers internally the poll numbers at Fox the ratings are looking bad on Sunday night and that seems to be when he goes back to the issue that he knows gets to those 35 percent of the people who still support him and support his policies and that's immigration because the ice agents are telling us they're not ready they're tied up at the border they don't want this leaked anyway because that's the worst way to carry out this kind of operation and it takes a lot more planning than just we're about to start this next week so you wonder whether whenever you see a tweet like that you have to think at this particular moment is it because the president is reacting to some bad news internally on those polls and he doesn't like it well go ahead Mike real quick you know what might be his biggest asset Joe Trump's biggest asset exam is his dominance in the media I mean there are some very very good Democratic candidates out there running for president when credible we never really get to them because everything is Trump centric when I performed yes the all the day every day his dominance well and that's one of the things that I noticed in the book is when you know writing this book this ends badly yeah this ends badly thank you so much no available now the order the thing I noticed Mike was how many times we all knowingly and willingly felt right right who the trap right Marco Rubio endorses Nicky or nikki Haley the governor of South Carolina endorses Marco Rubio we start to move towards that story Donald Trump attacks the Pope right do we spend the next five days going he'll never survive attacking the Pope yeah what's he gonna do like from this talked about nikki Haley endorsing Marco Rubio after that and again going through the book going through the campaign going through the timeline this happened literally every day yeah but do you think that just because it worked for him in the past means will work again in the town nobody know what the 35% though the joke just right I prefer though yeah but I think they're gonna be there no matter right so you know he may he operates on the idea that any media attention is good for him right so he'll say outlandish things he'll make tweets like he did last night which could have really bad real world you know implications but it doesn't really matter because all have the objective is to get the attention back on him but I'm not sure that's necessarily a winning formula I don't think it is this year I mean some as so many of us were wrong about Donald Trump in 2016 and and bad but he did what he had to do as a challenger to beat 16 people and then with help from Jim Comey beat Hillary Clinton but Bob Kosta you know it's so interesting that Donald Trump made the shocking thing about Trump's campaign as you know very well is in those early states Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina oh my gosh into Super Tuesday he had Donald Trump Corey Lewandowski and hope Hicks that's it I've never see I mean I've never seen a campaign like a couple nobody's ever seen a presidential campaign like it nobody ever will again ever and now I wonder he's got all the infrastructure he wants he's got all the infrastructure he needs I wonder how he performs as a front-runner and I'm Melissa I just even I'm surprised he just can't adjust to the fact that he needs to get the undecideds he needs to get 5 6 7 % to win this year but any sense that there's that understanding inside the White House there is an understanding at least with the president we're gonna hear a lot and we already have about Brad part scale on the Trump campaign in this new infrastructure and how different it is than it was in 2016 with no picks and and Corey Lewandowski on the president's planes private plane but what really matters is not the infrastructure but the message and when you talk to people who are in conversation with President Trump every day they are bracing and what they reveal they say this campaign in 2020 it's going to be so relentless and so focused on painting the Democrats with the broad brush of socialism fear and immigration coming back again to attacking and attacking the Democratic candidates it's people who change the country and fundamental and destructive ways and as you say Trump is your president Trump is ubiquitous and all these Democratic candidates who expect to run a semi traditional general election campaign against President Trump have to know that behind the scenes he cannot wait to go after all of them all day and to go to the extreme and how he frames the Democratic Party and as you say this could end badly politically this will be 2016 torqued up even more that's how the president's talking about it if he wants to distract he has the platform to do things to distract in a very big way still I had on Morning Joe we go live to the Middle East for new reaction this morning to president Trump's troop buildup in the region also ahead twenty20 presidential contender senator Amy Klobuchar is here on set thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more four Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching

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  2. "Do you think because this worked for him in the past (being a grotesque train wreck that the media can't stop talking about) it will work for him again in the future?"
    "No!" (as they continue talking about him)

  3. Here's the thing I don't hear enough people say and that should really make his voters stop supporting him: this is all a ratings game to him…he is just reacting in a way that he thinks will get his popularity numbers to grow. From this, you can see that Mr. "Ratings Genius" seems to think that majority of the country is racist and will like him more if he bullies minorities a bit among everyone else he's trying to bully. That or he doesn't understand that the best way to raise your popularity is to go with the lowest common denominator and he thinks just appealing to the 30% of the country who apparently are bigots is enough.

    But here's the thing: you can only con your way through things for so long before people catch on. At some point, people hear you talk and it's immediately assumed you're bullshitting them even if you're telling the truth. The sky is falling, there's a wolf in the pasture, etc. The power of his lies are fading, like a curse that slowly breaks over time, and one day even a chunk of the 30% who live in the conservative bubble will wake up to see they were on the wrong side of a history they cannot rewrite.

  4. Every move this fraud makes is to promote his own interests, being him & his reelection; NOT the good of this country! When will enough be enough?

  5. Trump's distractions do work.. You are talking about his denial of the poll numbers over and over…This is only worth about 5 minutes of coverage. Follow up with his other delusional ideas. What about his promise to fix the loop holes in the tax system? Did he do it? Connect his delusion of the day with a consequential state policy.

  6. The problem for Trump is that he shown the undecided voter who voted for him in 2016 who he really is and it's a big turn off. Just like 2016 undecided voters rather vote for Trump than Hilary. In 2020 the undecided voters rather vote for the other guy than Trump again. The poll show that.

  7. Being cast in a reality TV show, no matter how popular it is, is NOT something to be proud of! This means that the peers of the president are Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Phil Robertson, Anna Nicole Smith, Gary Busey, and Honey Boo Boo!!

  8. This feels like Deja Vu. Wasn't Hill leading him in the polls and she lost. Y'all gone make the same mistake again

  9. the economy is good for the rich not for the middle america everything is going up and people with fixed income are suffering

  10. You Americans are the biggest joke on the planet. A 2 year campaign for a new king? Dumb fake democracy.

  11. What kind of sicko psycho arrives TWO entire days early for a hate rally? That's how de-based his cuckolds are, they're mentally unstable, and obviously unemployed.

  12. Donald J Trump is a flash in a pan, he is nothing but a Spector, shadow, a has been – who will spend his final days playing his lips in a prison cell!

  13. Low poll numbers will activate Trump's base… Let Trump think that saying his numbers are great is good for him… His arrogance will activate the opposition to show up and vote him out.

  14. Fake news again, 2020 Trump is winning again, if u believe what this Bias dude are saying, then prepare for another upset in 2020.

  15. Trump would panic so hard if all the media would ever have the balls to not provide Trump with free advertisement.

  16. They are fully aware of how they are being manipulated, yet continue centering their complete coverage around Trump.

  17. For the love of god, Joe, you prattle on about "what worked for trump in the last election, bla bla yada yada…" RUSSIA helped him. Maybe if you'd shut up for one minute and listen instead of jumping in with every simple thought that enters your head, you'd have remembered that.

  18. What is the Lesson of Rasmussen? A cautionary note: Rasmussen has its own little world, but it's consistent, and consistency has to have a meaning.
    I think it may be this: there are about 3% of the electorate out there who support Trump but are ashamed to say so — and who are identified by some c comfort that the Rasmussen way of doing things makes comfortable.

  19. We have heard many people say that tWump has achieved zero knife murders and even less gun crime/murders
    He has achieved a totally crime/murder free USA and as the most inteligent,slimmer of the century with the best words,Pu$$* grabbing hands,the best coward in history WOW

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