Amazon Claims President/Bezos Grudge Caused Denial Of Government Contract

Amazon’s trying to claim that they were denied
a multibillion dollar Pentagon contract because president Trump has a grudge against the company. Okay. This story is this, this is out in the, this
is out in loonysphere. Let’s start from the beginning, all right. We know that the first contract that the Amazon
got, tha Bezos got that it was a scam, right? We know, it was $600 million contract, we
know that some of the players in that, in securing that government contract, they did
the same thing with this government contract where they were looking for $10 billion. Right? They had an inside person, Amazon had an inside
person working to try to, to try to shove this contract down the president’s throat,
down Washington’s throat, and we find out you have a bunch of people that are on the
inside operating directly for Bezos and Bezos says, oh, I’m really disappointed I didn’t
get the contract. Really? Well, and he’s suing now because he didn’t
get the contract. Yeah. But, but that information you’re talking about
that chain of people from Amazon into the Pentagon, that’s all from Mother Jones. You know, this is not, crazy. No, this is not. But they pointed out that there were two people
working in the Pentagon who used to be connected with Amazon, and what they were doing was
they consistently and repeatedly changed the criteria for what you needed to meet in order
to qualify to be considered for the contract. And then they were accused of actually sending
information to Amazon about competitor’s bids and offers so that Amazon could counter the,
the whole thing reeks. Doesn’t it, isn’t this the crazy part? The white house can decide whatever they want. Right. That, there’s, the white house doesn’t have
to give any reason for saying, you know what little Bezos, you’re not getting this contract
because we found out that you were involved in all kinds of scams and skullduggery trying
to get the contract. And yes, Trump does hate Bezos and yes, Bezos
does hate Trump. That doesn’t change the, that doesn’t change
the atmosphere at all. The president has an absolute right to do
that. And for Bezos to bring this lawsuit, let me
tell you what I love about it. Well, here’s what I love about it, the lawyers
representing the white house in this case have like a free, they have a free road. They can dig into as much Bezos stuff as they
want. That’s where we’re going to find the rubber
meets the road in this case. If you think that Bezos is some kind of national
hero, and my God, he ought to get the $10 billion contract because he’s Jeff Bezos,
you don’t know the history of Bezos. Do you? No, and to be honest, like I don’t know that
I’ve ever agreed with Donald Trump on anything, but, but even if he had said, listen, I’m
not giving you this contract because I don’t like the color shirt you’re wearing, I still
would have said, you know what, I like that decision because Bezos cannot be trusted with
these contracts. He’s been horrible with cybersecurity. Horrible with selling our data. Well, how many millions? Look, they were, they were hacked, right? How many millions of pieces of information
did they get that they simply lost? Right. I mean, it was, it was millions. It was in the millions of people involved
with some aspect of Amazon that we’ve, they got their social security number, they got
their date of birth, they got all this inside information, and now Bezos says, oh, well
we got that straightened out. Now we want you to give us the most vast security
contract in the world. Yeah. For, for the US’ secrets. Yeah. Trust us with that, and meanwhile, look, Amazon
should be broken up because they are too many things. They’re online retailer, they’re whole foods,
they’re government contractor, and so for the government that then say, you know what,
instead we’re going to give it to Microsoft. The people who just do computing. That actually does make more sense in that
case. Makes perfect, make perfect sense. Instead of the people who sell knickknacks
online. Yeah. The question is, who do you dislike most,
Bezos or Trump? It’s almost a, it’s almost a tossup, you know. Right. Thanks for joining me. Okay, Farron. Thank you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Jeff Bezos is probably right but I don't care. He's as big of a douchebag as the Orange Turd. The man has no concept of a level playing field and cheats his way through everything.

  2. Yet another company that needs to be taken down a few pegs, along with Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and a few more.

  3. So someone remind me again how Bazos works 1, million times harder than everyone and so deserves 1 million times more wealth. I mean what kind of a meritocracy is this?!

  4. I mean I thought it had to do with trump all along. I hate trump but also hate besos even more. That's what that clown gets!!

  5. Bezos is evil. He needs some reality checks! No one likes to wear diapers to work because they’re not allowed bathroom breaks !!! He is in need of some strong fight backs to his idea of profits and how they should be put before anything else!

  6. Yes and the president can grant multi million dollar no bid contracts to people with no experience … like the little electic guy( that gave a bunch of money to chump's campaign) to rebuild the infrastructure of Puerto Rico

  7. Let's look into how Amazon employees are treated. If he isn't about safe working conditions, adequate wages for his workers, then he doesn't deserve any new contracts.

  8. I'd expect Trump to have a grudge against Bezos. After all, unlike Trump, Bezos actually is a billionaire.

    Still, f^^^ Bezos. He doesn't need this contract. If Trump actually does hate Bezos and somehow did prevent this contract, then he completely inadvertently did the right thing.

  9. Russia Today is a trump propaganda mouthpiece much in the way Fox is -Farron your credibility is worth way more than what they paid you.

  10. Amazon, Facebook, Google etc..are just as bigger criminals as your impeached president…😂😂😂👍👍🤔🤔🤔🤙🤙

  11. BEEEEZO’z 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    At least learn how to pronounce a person’s name!
    I have amazon employees living in my Building and I’ve NEVER, NOR WILL I EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM BEZO’s!!
    When you are behaving like an ignorant idiot by your mispronunciations, you should get a grip!
    What should we expect though, this is A RUSSIAN PODCAST 🥴🤢🤮

  12. Amazon also has lucrative deals with local law enforcement for doorbell cameras, with no security enabled. Would not trust amazon with security issues, tech, or.contracts

  13. It probably is true, but that doesn't make it illegal. No need to really pretend like this is the only place where Trump doesn't get petty

  14. Screw Bezos. Don't let the real Dr. Evil take over the world. Where's Teddy Roosevelt when we need him. Too many big monopolies. Capitalism (sort of) works with small businesses if they're honest. After that, the top down hierarchy (screwing the workers) and ability to own the government (screwing everyone and everything) doesn't work.

  15. Fuck Dumpster & Bezo! Dumpster is extremely jealous that Bezo is a true billionaire! But Bezo’s is literally killing his employees!!!

  16. All these correctly negative comments about Bezos and Amazon. I bet at least half of them have Amazon Prime or order from them regularly. I DON"T. I put my money where my mouth is. If we all did that, THEY would quickly pay attention.
    It's getting harder to do because Amazon is cornering the market/internet. WE let it happen.

  17. Of all the billions he made from the tax rebate the elite received… he can't gripe too much. Although, if those military contracts through a bidding process went to any whom the President and others have stock in… or are buddies giving them kickbacks in any form, then he has grounds.

  18. Omg!!!! You guys are phenomenally ignorant about this. You guys need to speak only about topics you actually know. Please perform a bit more due diligence if you are going to spout off on a topic neither of you are qualified to discuss.

    Yes, Amazon lost the contract because Trump hates Bezos. That is fact. Accept it. Trump hates Bezos for two reasons: Bezos actually earned his money and Bezos has more money than Trump. Facts.

    Microsoft’s software is garbage. Don’t take my word for it, look at the history of their monthly Patch Tuesday’s. NASA… have you heard of them? NASA replaced their Microsoft Windows servers with Linux servers because NASA determined that Microsoft Windows servers COULD NOT HANDLE MISSION CRITICAL APPLICATIONS Do you understand that fact?

    When a customer buys a virtual server (EC2) in Amazon’s AWS, IT IS THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE SECURITY FOR THAT SERVER Do you guys understand that simple fact???

    Another fact: when an AWS EC2 server is initialized, it is ISOLATED FROM THE INTERNET That EC2 server needs to be configured to allow access to/from the Internet. That configuring is performed by a human or an automated script. In the case of a script, a human initiated that script. Now… pay attention here guys… the problem is that when lazy humans start creating things in AWS, it is usually easier to open up everything to the Internet so developers have complete access. That is not a good practice, but it is reality. Keep paying attentions… when those systems transition into full blown production systems used 24/7/365, they are not always “locked down” or “hardened” from a security standpoint. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AMAZON That is the fault of the customer. Do you understand that FACT?

    Come on guys…. please…. return to quality journalism.

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