Amazon accuses Trump of political bias over $10B contract

Maurice Vega

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  1. Everyone knows Amazon is a Democrat Controlled Company… Just like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft etc etc… The President cannot afford to Trust these Partisan Hacks…


  3. Gold am.​ Under.​ Oath.​ Speaking.​ About.​Biden.​ Said.​ Bogus.​ Accusation.​ Bogus.​ Is.​S.​Lie.​ Berke.should.check.​ Blood.​ Pressure.the.​Hate​was.​ On.​Plain.​ Sight.​ Non.​ Professional​

  4. Amazon has become a monopoly and needs to be dismantled. Destroying American jobs. They claim they created tons of jobs, what at 15.00 $ an hour. Give me a break chump change. The politicians have been destroying our economy since the 70s starting with removing our trade schools and selling our jobs overseas. Trump is bringing it back and the Democratic’s can’t win the 2020 elections because he’s putting Americans and America first! The Democratic’s have nothing, never did never will.

  5. Jeff Bezos wants to control America and all media, technology. Talk about wanting to be king? Jeff Bezos wants to be king od the universe. Well no we the people don't want to be controlled by Jeff Bezos and Amazon. I try not to buy anything from Amazon whenever I can.

  6. Amazon You will No longer Get My Buisness If your Against Our President .We as True Americans Will Boycott Your Buisness..I'm Starting Now on Amazon No More Buying From you ..for Going against President Trump ….I hope All TRue Americans Go Else Where ..Boycott Amazon ..Just like Obama Netflix Too ..I Close off Netflix When I heard Obama & His Mikee Running Netflix ..

  7. Hmm lets see . . . Amazon having access the to Military information? I think not! Just like AT&T giving the phone numbers to sleazy Schiff (AT&T also owns CNN no bias there!)

  8. Dems will now file for impeachment over this.
    I believe he rejected a ham sandwich he bought the other day, there's another impeachment opportunity.

  9. who is sthe bigger crook, microsoft or amazon or google? they all are bad, microsoft is proably the least anti american

  10. Huh? I really wonder how come Bezos did not accuse AOC of some kind of bias (bias to stupidity clearly) when she run him out of NYC, funny that- out of a disctrict she has nothing to with.

  11. If BS leftist communist propaganda outlet Wapo owned by Amazon, it is clearly President's duty to make sure comrades communist associated company will not get the contract.

  12. Why should it matter? This is his job! Since when do we question every single decision that our President makes. It's his choice!! Amazon should not have just assumed!

  13. One thing is for sure, it is giving "someone else" the opportunity to advance instead of the regular biased high tech companies that drag america through the mud. I read down below, "what comes around goes around" is a perfect summarization of this. I say "welcome aboard and good luck to microsoft" to the opportunity they are being given.

  14. As if Bill Gates is a real big fan of President Trump … it's not as if the contract is being awarded to a friend of the President.

  15. Amazon is dominated by its business ties with China. For all those talking to Alexa, you’re actually talking to China and letting that government know what you do, buy, like, dislike, etc., etc. Microsoft isn’t much better BUT it is American in majority. All those Home Security devices and other electronics with Amazon owned brand names ALL are made in China and have Chinese tracking protocols embedded in those operating systems. Don’t believe me? Check out where and who is making all those devices Amazon has their brand names on.

  16. Why would anyone who wants to do business with the government make an enemy of the President..?? Dumb and Dumber…ha ha ha.

  17. Free Delivery FREE FREE FREE Until , Break the Post Office THEN??? WE Are Not That Stupid , Seen how you treat you'r employee's Rich People don't get Rich By Being NICE !!!

  18. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 too bad Amazon !! You can’t be trusted. Why would ANYONE trust Amazon over Microsoft !! Amazon is a reseller of products whereas Microsoft is a computer software company.

  19. Amazon forgot their place in the pecking order, you chose to bed with China over US security so deal with the bedbugs… Trump should have Amazon broken down into 100 smaller companies…

  20. Trump is a prick what is wrong with you morons that voted for him. He gives reason why trump is not fit to be president. He is a dictator mobster in chief. He a great example of white privilege. Rich kid on steroids.

  21. I see that nobody is talking about the impeachment hearings. You have been told not to watch it. You brainwashed fools.

  22. Bezos comment "this country is important" was VERY TELLING. You have another GLOBALIST there, who unfortunately doesn't realize what he just said.

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  24. How come Amazon did not get mad when liberal Democrat socialist prevented them from starting their business in New York. how come they did not get mad at AOC

  25. Jeffie has enough money and influence over America — I think Obama once said there comes a point when one has enough money and this certainly should apply here. Problem is, these people are insane with the thirst for power.

  26. Microsoft kindle in on/with Amazon? Lot of books are sold on kindle and put in variety of categories. Some books are free and can be read for a lifetime or for few readings.
    But it's a electronic book reading and eye straining kindles. They brought night mode for reading but still it's a kindle in a tab and now kindle in smartphone as well.

    Google also transacts kindle with Amazon because it's a sales portal and buying market.

  27. Did the Democrats have proof of Russian collusion did the Democrats currently have proof for Trump's impeachment Democrats don't need proof to throw accusations around bizos doesn't either

  28. Amazon is a great company, but its owner publishes an extreme anti-Trump rag called "Washington Post" and that's why Trump keeps going after them. An intelligent business leader should avoid signs of extreme bias. Just stay neutral in public and don't pick fights with the President.

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