Amartya Sen Discusses Governance and Civil Society

I was great privilege for me to be here having a admirer of others for a very long time and indeed them cause often we recognize when we think about it how much the thinking about the nature of development has been changed by the work of people like of it Eunice and others in a sense the departures came from a kind of freshness of efforts that they brought to dedicated listen Airy movements in South Asia that is there was a kind of a sense of and and not as real but act but an imagined tension between the different institutions that one has to mobilize to get things work so there was always this debate about the market versus government and one of the big contributions I think that away the newness and others did was in fact to cut through that debate and recognize that you need government action but you also need public operation but you also need the market that is not the case that you know just the method of going ahead kicking the market but just pursuing others is as doomed as the other namely relying on the market and not doing the other things now that insight came I think very much from the from the idea but ultimately the work that evade and others did and I think along with that along with that catholicity there is also this important issue that I think in answer to one of the question I'm sorry I was delayed because I was seeing students and one of the last thing and you must those who teach you would know that the most difficult thing to do is to get shot of your students there to go away this it will not happen if they've decided it will not happen so my apologies for coming late but as I miss a seat but I was hearing his survey fifteen answers and I think one of the point II was emphasizing that there are many different things that need to be done microcredit of course fault babe good reasons have become very prominent in the world and if as avid said the unions have done it was also excel friend of mine had done such a lot to make that perspective popular and that's extremely important to do along with of course the other things that you have to do have to run schools you have to expand the educational base you have to look at the health care we're talking about oral rehydration there there is a need for employment opportunities and the that the Industrial Development the involvement of women in various activities which is very crucial it's really that integrated approach that I think our vet has presented to us with a kind of definitive reasoning backed by actual action which actually makes us very proud of what of it has taught and done and what the way he inspires everybody and I also was privileged them in my various trips to Bangladesh to go with black staff members to various parts of their activities bearing from schools to do health care but there was one occasion I think of it was with me and I remember visiting a school of eight she enough to see all these children they're looking um extremely absorbed and I would take the liberty of recounting my experience there because there there were about there I think primary school there would have been and they're all around milling around and there was a young girl of I think five or six who's very neatly dressed sitting in the window sill and I went and joined her and since he was so neatly dressed I asked her whether I are saying Bengali of course that whether she was always as neatly as he is then and then she looked at me and she said considered the question and he said you know I'm always very neatly dressed but today a little bit more because we've been told that some visitor from somewhere will come soon yeah but later on then when we were being introduced I was particularly impressed she refused to be introduced she said oh yes I know him okay Tanya I know him very well he's an old friend so I said there's one of the great compliment is the it's not just the schooling and the education that come but the kind of couragous attitude to life that back has been so important in cultivating development developing and and really making a part of Bangladesh's reality one of the great things about bangladesh's achievement in recent years is the progress and not often recognized in many in many of the crucial respect Bangladesh's from being well behind India is now called well ahead of it and I think in this the both the work of the non-government organizations like back as well as Grameen and others played a huge part but more than that there was also this just general sense of confidence particularly confidence of women and after all this was a young girl of five I was talking to I think the confidence and the sense that you can change I think Obama has made it quite popular to say yes we can but I think the main thing that back we did present to us from the 17 onwards is a message an early message that indeed Bangladesh can and following Bangladesh is experience others can too so we have every reason to be externally grateful to of a that she very privileged to be here and thank you very much for for all of you for coming thank you you

Maurice Vega

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