All you need to know about the new movie “Black Widow”

Peace, mercy and blessings of God Dear viewers Hello and welcome to my humble channel on YouTube Before I start the topic I hope you press the subscribe button and activate the bell button to receive all that is new Today’s theme is a brilliant and feature-packed synopsis of the newly-released “Black Widow” The film is filled with superheroes including the Green Giant and Spider-Man Everything you want to know about Black Widow Marvel’s world is full of superheroes, including the Green Giant and Spiderman But superhero heroes are rarer, perhaps that’s why the public likes Black Widow. Played by American actress Scarlett Johansson. Political messages behind the films of superheroes .. September 11 Watergate most prominent As Marvel Cinematic Production began a new phase in its history, it announced the launch of a new set of films in its fourth phase of its works, including Black Widow, or Black Widow. In which she reviews the history of the superhero before joining the team “Avengers” We see a brief history of its secrets. General information about the film Marvel announced the release of Black Widow, Marvel’s first solo female film, in May 2020 at the last Comic Con conference. Johansson will be co-starring: Rachel Waze, Florence Puff and David Harper. Heroes of the film Heroes of the film Scarlett Johansson plays the role of Russian spy Natasha Romanov, while her colleague Florence Pf is the role of “Jelena”, which is the closest sister to a colleague in the spy training for “Natasha”, and Marvel contracted with the British veteran actor Ray Winston without disclosing the role to play . Rachel Ways plays the role of black widow as well. The spy training program that Natasha has joined gives her trainees the nickname “Black Widow.”
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David Harper, who we know from Netflix’s “Strange Things,” plays superhero Red Guardian, the Soviet equivalent of superhero Captain America. As for the super villain in Tusk Master, the filmmakers have not yet chosen a specific person, but Natasha is sure to face the super villain who has appeared more than once in the video game “Spiderman PS4.” the story of the movie There are no precise details available yet, but director Kate Shortland said that Natasha is discovering in the film itself. Director Kate Shortland Director Kurt Shortland has a heavy task in directing Marvel’s first solo female starring film, but the director has experience in making huge films, such as the historical drama Lor. Marvel has not yet made an official announcement for Black Widow, but some of those lucky enough to attend the recent Comic Con conference have been able to watch clips and pictures of the film, but there is no confirmation whether the official Trailor will come from these pictures. Thank you for watching the video and I hope you press the subscribe button and activate the bell button to receive all that is new and peace and God’s mercy and blessings

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