All of Government Innovation Showcase, December 2019

The purpose of the All-of-Government
Showcase is to allow public sector agencies and then the public to see all
of the wide range of things that are going on, and the different initiatives
the different mahi that’s going on in the many different spaces, which government works. People are really interested in it. We’re getting a really good reception. We’ve had suppliers and agencies here today. Lots of our work today has been around the Integrated Services and how we help agencies to make integration work. It’s so great to see
government collaborating together to unlock the power of impact. We’re really, really excited to see what that can mean for social enterprise and impact-focused enterprises in New Zealand. We’ve got the VR Digital Social Norms experiment running on a laptop here. So we have a video that people can get
into and have a look at what the experience is about and then they can
actually get in and play through the VR and learn about what the disruption of
digital social norms is all about. So the merits of today are really clear to me: it’s a great display of innovation already happening in the public sector, but it
gives people an opportunity to really connect with that. People can walk around at their own pace, talk to who they want about the issues they can see there. It’s also enabling the stalls to connect to each other, so
connecting people with the innovation that’s already happening in the public
sector — that’s great stuff.

Maurice Vega

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