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the day was bright and sunny and very promising I just couldn't shake away the feeling of what I've just read the words of that article kept coming back to me it says only one out of ten growth strategies is really successful and the main reason leadership a gap between the leaders developing the plans and strategies and the ones who actually have to do it okay it's like most of these research articles it basically confirms what we already know that leadership is key but it gives me no clue whatsoever what to do with this information still we do have a very ambitious growth strategy in our folliver and I know we're great leaders and managers in our company there's absolutely no doubt about this but how can we make sure that you have what it takes to take us to the next level since so many other companies seem to fail so maybe I should just ask people that I can see are really growing fast and listen to what they have to say about this so my journey into the minds of the growth specialists began it's important to change this if you don't change you don't get better to be imaginative strict if it needs to knock you straight if you're a good person then your cannot sort of like influence everyone else speak good people and it's better to have a world full of good people than bad people a leader is like the one who's leading and say some which things you should do know which things you should not do I have to have a good job where you can get a normal amount of money or much it was amazing the energy I was getting talking to these kids was a great idea wow did I get some great input from the growth specialists no what can we make after this I think it's important that our leaders and managers are able to integrate our vision in their own strategy so we're all working towards the same long-term goals you come up with things that you could do it better you have to find different ways to achieve your goal that's what creativity is sometimes it's hard sometimes it's easy our leaders need to think somewhat out of the box we won't make it if you only do the same things as we have always done our ability to understand and improve our value to our customers is the key to profitability why else should they pay a premium for our products services and applications we are a multi-dimensional company where every part of the organization is dependent on many other parts so it's critical for us to inspire and engage other internal and external stakeholders communicate yeah and he should be trustworthy our leaders must ensure their team's follow him or her by acting as a role model after all people don't follow the lips they follow the hips as somebody said leadership is the art of getting it done for this we will all have to put a lot of focus on building and leading the right teams our strategy implies that we changed many things this can create uncertainty and sometimes even resistance our ability to motivate and guide our people through this so they understand the benefit for them is absolutely critical sometimes I hear how slow we are in taking and implementing decisions if you want to change this we will have to empower people to take actions and to be accountable for them to talk to the people that are actually growing was a great learning experience now I understand which leadership competencies are critical to our success the importance of engaging the individual or need for planning and the importance of securing quality these competences really make sense business acumen means that we have to keep a very deep insight in our business and its broad environment I think one step at a time it should be the plan I would take start slowly and then progress your way up until you get to the field of success leadership is all about demonstrating the right competences to manage yourself your individual team members your entire team and your whole business environment in the heart of everything we have our four core values action courage teamwork and profit we have great leaders of course we will make it

Maurice Vega

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