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Alex Jones tells what Government Hides from us | Joe Rogan Experience yes you got to make you part cow so the
cow keeps you doesn’t reject it or part Pig okay okay but let me expand and you
know about pigs and rats were most closely related to chimpanzees that’s
why a lot of the organs don’t get rejected okay you know about that yes
okay pigs are very close to humans even use Pig organs and people usually know
everything show no it’s true you know a general knowledge you know everything I
know and no no I don’t listen the money tell you this is literally we know what
they’re doing so just like they say just like they say oh yeah we had
human-animal hybrids this is like freaking 39 years ago now 23 years ago
I’m reading in the BBC about it and go confirm a test okay and they’re just
floating there was an article in 1999 in the Baltimore Sun and I never read Nick
Begich you ready Nick Begich in time to think beggars should know I got he blow
you away who is it his dad was a US congressman got killed his brother US
senator he like he said have him on the show there are the guys that got all the
money given the Native American can you spell his last name baggage it’s it’s
it’s it’s he’s good friend of mine can get him on abyssal frickin will fly
right now anyways the point is so what does he do he was telling me all these
years ago he goes Alex it isn’t chemical to the food water that’s child less
baggage checked it’s a gym its electrochemical okay its electrochemical
but I’m reading in the Baltimore Sun after I just had any monitor thought it
was crazy he’s giving all these patents for mind control using wavelengths and
microwaves and I’m sitting there looking at it and I’m reading it and I’m and I’m
seeing it and the Baltimore Sun says the CIA is testing on cell towers
wavelengths to calm the public during crises I just had Begich on with patents
talking about that what Beckett’s explains is it’s not that
the microwaves have somehow interface with the brain we already interface with
the space winds and all these other magnetic fields everything else so
they’re all just testing this stuff and so everything they deploy they’ve got
all these other technologies my dad was at UT and 65 but he was in high school
they already had cd-roms computers everything but they had a nuclear
reactor underneath the building was supposed to tell them
oh absolutely that’s what I’m telling you it’s a breakaway civilization dude
we don’t know what they got we don’t know we don’t know who they are we don’t
know the whole thing that’s what I’m telling you is this is hiding in plain
view and that’s why it’s so crazy imagine if you knew all this you’re
trying to tell people and they go oh god he’s doing that find one thing he did
that sounds mean and make that his whole world so that’s
what I’m telling you is it’s been in the newspaper that the cell towers are being
used for mind control that sounds like a schizophrenic
so she here’s here’s what I want to see that how do they use this time slot
probably look here’s the thing skips listen here’s Neil right here you’ve got
a total schizophrenic that thinks the Sun is following him around town and
thinks their dog is watching them and works for the aliens you’ve got someone
over here someone over here that believes everything they see on Fox News
yes okay yes now questioning is good science is good trying to figure out
what’s real yes and all of us get freaked out the nature of the world no
one knows what the universe is we don’t have all the answers so it kind of
people can’t handle that bigness they can’t handle that question especially
low IQ so they have to differentiate and create a model that allows them to put
it in boxes so they can make it that makes sense because they can’t handle it
it’s like they say even top astronauts spacewalk for the first time and they’re
out in the universe and the whole planets under them and what are they
gonna do they it’s mind-blowing well imagine once you realize we don’t
know everything we don’t understand and it’s endless and there’s all this crazy
crap people go nuts and as humans learn more and more as we become more advanced
no this metamorphosis it’s going to create a giant societal crisis where
most of the people are already gonna get killed
the globalists understand that in the birth of this planet this new species
and so they decided to take control make it scientific stunning one and down them
down so they can scientifically try to orderly carry this operation out but
then I go wait a minute you’re detonating over 100 hydrogen bombs the
upper atmosphere to see if you could ignite the atmosphere to destroy the
earth yeah but that was in the 60s I know but what I’m telling you is the
same professors train people but those people are dead the people that
detonated those hydrogen bombs in the 60s they’re dead now there’s not we’re
not dealing with the same human beings I’m with you on those people in a lot of
ways are more immoral now I think I agree with you in some
ways that everything evolves and things get better this is one of my arguments
about Operation Northwoods that if they were able to push operation Northwoods
and get it signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 was it 60 – yes if they
were able to do that and no one went to jail and no one got arrested for
proposing that they were gonna arm Cuban friendlies and have them bomb Guantanamo
Bay and blow up a Cuban jetliner and shoot people in movie theaters yes and
schools yes that things evolve things evolve and if unchecked and obviously
that was unchecked no one went to jail for that no one got you know you know
even PBS covered it like I never even knew this here let’s read this one here
the significance of the research he explained is that although the cellphone
power is low electromagnetic radiation can nevertheless have an effect on
mental behavior when transmitting at the proper frequency what is this article
Jaime side of it America and Scientific American entitled mind control by
cellphone so it really does have an effect I did a whole study let’s go
further so there is so what do you think that they’re making this no Daisy
classified last year a 37 page CIA manual from the 1970s where they were
putting up shale towers that look like trees already testing at neighborhoods
okay the cellphone tracks you and watch as you and controls you
yeah and surveil you yeah you think yeah that it’s one way but beyond that it’s a
microwave relay system they can manipulate and then the towers are even
more powerful so this is a device given to us by the gods okay given to us by
the technology that that the breakaway government nASA has developed that you
don’t just think they made up themselves right

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  1. This guy seems crazy but honestly I think he’s really intelligent
    Btw do you have a link for the full podcast

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