Alex Acosta resigns from U.S. government after furor over Jeffrey Epstein plea deal

two days after facing the press to defend himself Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta was in front of the cameras again this time to resign Acosta has been under intense scrutiny over the non-prosecution deal his office negotiated with Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 critics say 13 months jail time was not enough for the sex offender Acosta defended that deal Wednesday but tried to deflect today even as a cost to resign the president continued to offer support reports though suggest Trump may be happy to see a cost to go hoping to avoid further questions about his own connection to Epstein I haven't spoken to him in probably 15 years or more I wasn't a big fan of Jeffrey Epstein that I can tell you good news but it's too little too late lawyer Lisa bloom represents some of Epstein's accusers it does give some accountability and my clients are both very triggered and very upset every day as they see Epstein in the news Acosta didn't mention Epstein's victims today and again offered no apologies how he could have let mr. Epstein get such a sweetheart deal how Acosta could have failed to notify the victims of what he was doing I think are still questions that need to be answered Acosta is out of cabinet but not out of the woods his actions 11 years ago are still under investigation by the Justice Department Stephen D'Souza CBC News Washington Alexander Acosta's now the ninth Trump official to leave a cabinet-level position that's the highest number of presidential cabinet departures in a single term since Ronald Reagan took office in 1981 and Trump still has a year and a half left to go Acosta's replacement joy the growing list of acting officials and Trump's government who are fulfilling their roles without the constitutionally required Senate confirmation Trump says this is a good thing acting defense secretary and acting chief of staff and acting interior secretary it's easier to make moves when they were acting I like acting because I can move so quickly gives me more flexibility to name a few Trump has an acting budget chief and acting UN ambassador and a host of acting immigration and border officials he's had an acting Department of Homeland Security secretary since April and two acting defense secretaries over the past seven months the longest stretch in the history of the Pentagon

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