Alan Dershowitz Whines That Politicians Are Being Investigated For Their Crimes

Alan Dershowitz, the a famed attorney of Jeffrey
Epstein during his first trial, uh, isn’t happy about the fact that politicians and
government officials in this country are being criminally prosecuted for potential law breaking
done by those politicians. Dershowitz’s sick of it. He’s tired of investigations. He’s tired of people being prosecuted. He just wants it all to end. He told a New York City radio station last
week, the following, he said, uh, I don’t like the criminalization of political differences. What McCabe did is very questionable, but
did he cross the line into criminality? I just haven’t seen the case made for that. I would like to see us pull back on using
the criminal law against political figures. Who One disagrees with, I didn’t like it when
they went after Hillary Clinton. I didn’t like it when they went after president
Trump. I didn’t like it when they went after the
people in the FBI. I think we overuse the criminal law. Now. Here’s what I think Mr Dershowitz, I think
we have too many people, high profile people in positions of power breaking the law. Now, look, I’m going to agree with you. I don’t think what Andrew McCabe did was technically
illegal. He had contacts in the media or you can make
the case easily for that being unethical, you know, too. Yeah. Stretch it out in a criminal prosecution is
absolutely ridiculous, but they’re not already prosecuting him. They’re basically launching a massive investigation. They do want to prosecute him and they will
take that step probably within a couple of weeks. But that’s how the system plays out. And Yeah, nobody likes this, you know, political,
uh, targeting of other folks. But let’s be honest, not all of it is political
targeting. What happened with Hillary Clinton that did
need to be investigated? Did it warrant several years of investigations
and congressional hearings and all that? Absolutely not. But things did emerge that the public needed
to know about facts were revealed and that’s a good thing. You know, a little bit of transparency. Same thing with the Mueller investigation
did Trump get indicted for any of it. Nope. And the talk about it has died down significantly
since then because now we know, I mean, we know most of it, let’s be perfectly honest. Mueller himself admitted in the report that,
yeah, you know, there was enough obstruction coming from this administration. They lied so much that I couldn’t reach the
conclusion, but nonetheless, here it is and we learned all about the election interference
and things like that and a lot of people went to jail and they confiscated more money than
they ended up spending. So hell, the US made money on that investigation. That’s a good investment if you ask me. Right. As for McCabe, yeah, sure. We need to look into, we need to find out
what’s going on with these intelligence communities. What kind of information they’re feeding the
press and is it accurate or not? Or are they trying to manipulate the US media
to give them more positive or favorable coverage? Those are things we need to know, but Dershowitz’s
out here acting like every single prosecution and investigation is purely political motivated. It’s not folks. There is a lot of really horrible people in
the United States government, the house, the Senate, the White House, the FBI, the CIA,
the DOJ, the EPA, the FDA, OSHA, the department of Education, HUD. All of it. Real bad people in every possible nook and
cranny of this administration and of the government itself left and right. And they do need to be investigated. We need to root them out. We need to weed them out. We need to get rid of them so that the government
can function properly. And just because it happens to be somebody
you agree with doesn’t always mean that that person is completely innocent. If they broke the law, they’re no friend of
yours, they’re no ally of yours. So let the system play itself out. And if they didn’t do anything wrong, eventually
it’s going to exonerate them. Whether it exonerates them in the eyes of
the public is a completely different thing. But in the eyes of the law, let the process
play itself out so that we can put some of these issues
to rest.

Maurice Vega

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  1. boo hoo hoo he doesn't like it that the people who should be in jail are maybe going to jail. if you don't want to see any of this, than fucking retire you look like you've been around since Jesus walked the earth anyways.

  2. Dershowitz should be in prison himself but he expresses the feelings of the rich and powerful, the same belief of The Fellowship cult, the belief that "we are above the law as the elect of God."

  3. When Incumbent Democrats refuse to punish these fascist that appear before their committee’s, for violation’s of subpoena’s with jail, fines, and impeachment!
    These criminals just make a joke of the legal proceedings when they know that they will not face justice!?
    Nancy, and Nadler are at the front of our Kleptocracy for stonewalling justice!
    The Incumbent Democrats will not protect whistleblowers! The Incumbent Democrats will not impeach justice kavanaugh! The Incumbent Democrats will not impeach Barr for lying to Congress, and abstracting justice! The Incumbent Democrats will not hold Trump’s new attorney’s responsible for abstracting justice! The Incumbent Democrats will not impeach the heads of the IRS, for refusing to produce Trump’s taxes! The Incumbent Democrats will not impeach Trump! ?
    The two corporate party’s support the intrenched fascist corporate coup of our country! ?
    The Incumbent Democrats will only give us a lesser of two evils candidate to chose from, and they will be a Republican in a Democratic cloak! Kamala is one, and Biden is another!?
    Just like Clinton, last time! We the people will refuse to vote for a lesser of two evils candidate, and this will give fascist comrade Trump a second term! ?
    Our planet is in a ecological free fall! This Kleptocracy most come to a end to save our planet. We have run out of time ⌛️ to play games with the intrenched Fascist Corporate Coup! ?
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be!” ❤️??

  4. He should be in jail long time ago evil pedo corrupt coward psycho the people are rising up against the evilest ever elites destroying our world and everything on it

  5. Maybe Mr.D. is feeling some heat because of being so personally close to some who are going down in flames, and he is afraid of being collateral damage?

    Bible says bad company corrupts " good" character. ?

  6. Your fucking right they are it's about time.. we the people didn't like a whole party committing crimes and thinking it's ours to eat it

  7. Wasn't it Trump who led the political cry, "Lock her UP"???? And trump trying to get Obama investigated after he writes a book and appears in a Netflix special?? He's not a current president.. So, what's good for the goose.. good for the gander..

  8. There was no Russian Interference.
    There was only Crowdstrike.
    Hillary Clinton should be in prison for her deliberate use of a private EMAIL SERVER that shared the same hard drive space as the CLINTON FOUNDATION.
    Trump and associates were the victims.
    The american people who voted for him are the victims.

  9. According to him Crime should be fine for politicians. They are allowed to commit crime . There should not be any punishment for then. Only poor should be investigated .

  10. Dirty Dersh said he kept his underpants on while at Pedo Island. That's a lawyer's exculpation since you can do a lot of nasty things with your underpants on, like let a nine year old sit on your face.

  11. If there’s compelling evidence they should be prosecuted but it seem more like a myriad of unsupported accusations for political purposes more than justice. It makes the whole process lose credibility. There’s a lot wrong with our system of government.

  12. WTF, Dersh-douche bag? Criminals getting away with crimes! It does not matter if person is a President, Simpson, Epstein etc. etc. All criminals should be convicted, not only poor, black, brown, white people. The more money these top criminals have then they can afford obtain your services. You did make most if your money representing wealthy criminals after all!

  13. Heaven forbid a politician pay for their crime! Dershowitz lucked out epstien died! I would have liked to seen all the rich get jailed for having sex with little girls! Now it seems nothing will come of it!

  14. Does Alan Derp-shit seriously think that politicians shouldn't be investigated or charged for (possible) criminal conduct?
    Is he part of Trump's legal team?

  15. Why won't Harvard fire Dershowitz the way MIT fired that scientist for just accepting money from Epstein? I guess Harvard is run by a gang of sociopaths that are ok with being associated with child molesters

  16. No thanks to Trump, the swamp is a hundred times bigger and deeper than before.
    Dershowitz didn’t include non-government people like himself. So, how’s the Epstein investigation on Dershowitz going? Did Alan keep his underwear on during the police interview?

  17. Just look at trump’s obstruction of justice! Zero cooperation with Congress over their subpoenas. Trump is completely disregarding USA laws. He really is above USA laws. It’s incredible that your laws can’t reach him!!

  18. Of course the old Pedo wants the investigations to stop! I guarantee he knows who murdered Epstein! He knows how sorry the Clintons are, yet he voted for both of them! Then he defended the pedofile scum Epstein and many others so as far as I'm concerned he has no morals or decency! Money is what is important to him, more important than reporting a child trafficking ring of pedophiles or maybe being one of them. Burn in hell, Mr Morals!


  20. Wow this failed coat hanger abortion piece of shit got lucky with the death of Jeffrey!!!!

    The only ones that cry the loudest have something to hide like a thieving dirty rat!!!!

    This pedophile needs to get caught up with charges from Jeff's shenanigans.

  21. Alan should be in PRISON for molesting little girls.  He's been ostracized from the affluent in his neighborhood because they want nothing to do with a child molester – PERVERT!

  22. You need to have Anti-Corruption Sweeps yearly to get the dirt out. Then every two years after that. I'd advise using investigative services of a nation with nothing to gain or loose other than an agreed to payment for services though because even the prosecutors are dirty in U.S.

  23. White Collar Rich Crime is not real crime, that belongs to the disadvantaged who should be put behind bars. Well guess what you maggot, times are changing, scum like you are being caught in the headlights, and you and others like you have a nice warm bed behind bars if found guilty. Then you can tell those prisoners you'll be sharing a cell with, why people like you shouldn't be there……love to hear their replies.

  24. Mr. Dershowitz, of the underwear defense, has nothing to offer again. If politicians don't want to be investigated then don't break f'n laws

  25. Big nose Dirt bag have Some nerves. I guess he feels empowered since Epstein died and he might not have to face up to his rape crimes

  26. Why is this a surprise? Der Showitz was a guest on Epstein's island. When that was revealed, he was forced to quit doing his Legal Zoom commercials and to start defending Trump vigorously. I wonder if he had any part in Epstein's "suicide" when all security cameras failed at the same moment when all guards took a coffee break.

  27. I've become stuck somehow in a parallel universe. In my universe we don't have all of these criminal monsters running our countries. This Alan Dershowirz is an alleged pedophile. Is he a lawer? He wanted the age of consent lowered & now he doesn't want the law to apply to rich, white, men in power? I don't understand the way things work here. I so want to go back to my universe where I know basically what will happen from day to day & not be scared all of the time!

  28. McCabe had the authority to speak to the press in his position. Douchewitz is whining because he doesn't want to be investigated bc of his epstein relationship.

  29. Dershowitz only concerns himself with the law when he's paid to. He's whining now because he was implicated in the Epstein case.

  30. Another harvard graduate.
    In 2007, 80% of the harvard MBAs didnt have a clue as to what was coming.
    Anyone can plainly see with each recession the intensity doubles in financial pains to the economy.
    If the wealthy had any brains financially they would have already quietly got together send a check to yhe treasury to pay the debt. For the good of the nation, national aecurity, and. Servie the nation as are military would. Gotvthe good of fellow americans
    Plus their remaing monies would be worth the full value of the united states.
    At that point, since the public debt is paid, if they convince regular americans to save greater that 15% annum income. In 5 years 1 dollar would dollar worth be 2. And the their remaining monies would worth twice as much.

  31. Oy vey Doucheowitz why keep mudding yourself BUBBIE be a good GOYUM and try to keep your bagel hole SHUT , YOU truly are a disgusting example of a human being , morally, physically, inside and out (piece of shit)

  32. That a lawyer should be horrified that crimes committed by politicians are being investigated says more about him than anyone doing their jobs by conducting investigations.

    But then the vast majority of politicians are rich, white guys who, evidently, Dershowitz believes should be able to do as they please. Let’s ignore the corruption and malfeasance which resulted in some of them being rich in the first place.

    But then maybe Dershowitz is projecting. If crimes committed by rich white guys should never be investigated then he has a chance of getting away with anything he did courtesy of Epstein’s paedo ring – with or without his underwear.

  33. "The criminalisation of political differences.."? "Over using the criminal law.." First time I hear of political differences being "criminalized", also if anything, I think the criminal law is being under used ( Trump, emoluments clause, etc.) right..?

  34. To the millions of people who were and still are being kicked off the voting rolls in republican states I urge you to go back and get your voter registration STRAIGHT NOW so that you will be eligible in the upcoming 2020 November election. More importantly, go back and check it closer to the election as they are going to continue to try to kick us off.

  35. Alan DOUCHEWITZ HAS to go to jail for raping kids!! .
    This dumbwitz just needs to shutup and people need to shun him . Pervo, peado, and rapists!!

  36. Dershowitz is a criminal himself.
    He's tired of it And he's A Lawyer?
    He Wasn't Tired As Long As Conservatives Was Getting Away With Their Crimes!
    He's not tired of going on FOX showing the world he's a traitor to this country! Lost His Pull In Israel!?

  37. Lol im guessing a good old thrashing im mean fashion summary executions wouldn't not exactly be his cup of tea now would it
    U kind of get the initial impression of Americas version ofa Beria or Himmler type character

  38. Poor politicians, all they want to do is get bribed, ruin the environment and steal taxpayer money. Why don't we just mind our own business and leave them alone?

  39. I think everything Dershowitz says from here on out is angling to curry favor with the orange menace, with hopes of getting a presidential pardon somewhere down the road

  40. Dirtbagowitz should be more worried about his own inevitable jailing than his back door defences of Donald Trump (that's what this actually is).

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