Agenda 21: UN Sustainable Development For Global Governance

well how are they gonna do this how are they going to implement these mixture of worldviews and bring about this worldview revolution all across the globe not just in America but all over the globe how are they gonna do it I believe one way they've set out to do it was through the United Nations and is through the United Nations and in 1992 the United Nations sponsored the Earth Summit in Rio one of the people that headed that up was a gentleman I use that word loosely Maurice strong who said quote isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse isn't it our responsibility to bring that about getting an idea of where Maurice strong comes from well Bill Clinton went on in 93 to establish the Presidential Commission on sustainable development here in America what is sustainable development what really is sustainable development before I break it down for you look at this quote that comes from the UN aligned this is a commission on global governance they're very closely connected to UN here's what they said about global governance the concept of sustainable development which is another word for global governance is now widely used and accepted as a framework within which all countries rich and poor should operate the aspect that particularly concerns us is the global governance implications so sustainable development is a way to promote global governance overall the globe bringing all these ideas together the world's religions together capitalism socialism mixing them together and bringing in global governance through what they call sustainable development you better get used to this term sustainable development how many for you tonight this is the first time you've ever heard the word sustainable development can I see your hands we'll get used to it yet very familiar with it call into talk shows tell them about sustainable development what's it based on what's it built upon I would say it's built upon these ideas or these worldviews cosmic humanism pagan spirituality New Age cosmic humanism secular humanism what's the difference wean the to a cosmic humanist believes that there is a spiritual world you die and you continue through the process of your soul repeatedly passing from one body to another at the point of death into your good karma your good deeds outweigh your bad karma now you can go up you can go down but they believe this natural world is really an illusion they believe in the spiritual world secre you – doesn't believe in the spiritual world they believe you die that's it life is over but they're both humanists just a little varying difference there the other worldview would be radical environmentalism then communitarianism which we've defined as the third way cultural Marxism which you now know as political correctness coming from the Frankfurt School and those four foundational thinkers and then post-modernism the constant the truth in reality or creed by man not by God this is what it's built on but what does it include what what is the the package because sustainable development leads what what are they wanting to do well when you hear sustainable development I want you to know that tonight you're learning for the first time sustainable development everything that you and I disagree with it is the antithesis of the Christian worldview vs. humanism sustainable development means abortion on the man it means population control gun control social justice global governance new ward order socialized medicine social welfare programs the elimination of private property the relation of national sovereignty the elimination of parental authority the elimination of a free market capitalism this is all a part of sustainable development it's education to serve the masses public housing redistribution of wealth legal positivism which is moral relativism applied to the law it's hate crime laws that criminalize Christianity now you think wait a minute hate crime Wozzeck criminalize Christianity is that going to happen yeah we've already got the hit cram laws don't we but other really people in high places today other than just the president that have such animosity toward Christians well yes there are sadly one of them is a guy by the name of John Holdren John Holdren is Obama's science czar he wrote a book with the Ehrlich's a few years ago called eco science and in that book on page 807 this is what John Holdren Obama's science czar and the Ehrlich's wrote quote the Christian concept of life in this world is voiced by st. Paul that quote here we have no abiding city in quote for example conceivably could help explain why some people show rather little concern for what the long-term future of the global environment or for the well-being of future generations so in other words Christians are responsible for the ecological crisis were facing worldwide Christians because of our view that our heaven our home is not this world heaven is our home but doesn't mean we don't believe in stewardship that was it Genesis God gives a stewardship over the earth but they believe because we believe our citizenship is ultimately in heaven we really do have dual citizenship for this time being but our ultimate citizenship is in heaven therefore you and I don't really care about this world and therefore we're to blame for the ecological crisis this has also been picked up by Lyn white jr. writing quote what we do about ecology depends on our ideas of the man nature relationship more science and more technology are not going to get us out of the present ecological crisis until we find a what new religion what do you think that's going to be or rethink our old ones as we now recognize somewhat over a century ago science and technology joined to give mankind powers which are out of control if so Christianity bears a huge burden of guilt our science and our technology have grown out of a Christian out of Christian attitudes toward man's relationship to nature no set of note no new set of basic values has been accepted in our society to displace those of Christianity hence we shall continue to have a worsening ecological crisis until we reject the Christian axiom that Nature has no reason for existence saved to serve man and how is it that you and I are responsible for the ecologic Oh crisis as Christians he says by destroying pagan annemun ISM what is that the belief of spirit beings in nature have you seen Avatar don't waste your money if you haven't seen avatar I'll tell you what it is spirit beings in nature it's it's new a just pagan spirituality it's Jennison it's a Romans 1:25 they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served creation rather than the Creator whose blessed for evermore it's reincarnation it's spirit beings within nature we as Christians says this author are responsible for the destruction of pagan animism spirit beings within nature thus he goes on to say quote Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects the spirits in natural object which formerly protected nature from man evaporated and the ecological crisis is your fault it's my fault it's those Christians with their worldview what is this whole sustainable developments philosophy it's cultural Marxism what against cultural Marxism you know it as political correctness what they say their goal was when they came to America with cultural Marxism number one the stretch of Christianity to chaos three take the chaos and roll from cultural Marxism to straight Marxism which is socialism so the philosophy is cultural Marxism the process is sustainable development and the goal the religion of globalism now what are the titles of those that are promoting this worldview revolution the people that promote this think where they would they would be wearing titles like a Fabian socialist which we've already defined a neo-marxist Y Neil why do I use the word neo neo means new why are they a new Marxist because they're not going about revolution the old way remember Herbert Marcuse I said it say the old way of revolutions failed now it is a defuse and disintegrate the system so it's a new way of bringing about a revolution so they're neo-marxist there are new kind of Marxist they're new agers they're communist they're internationalists they're indicate they're communitarians you could call them a collectivist or a statist or a progressive or a globalist these are all titles that people that Primeau sustainable development all these things we talked about abortion of man gun control the elimination private property the elimination of parental authority hate crime legislation these are what all these folks promote this is the titles they wear now what is what is sustainable development gonna lead to it's gonna lead to a world government it's gonna lead to a world socialist economy it's gonna lead to a one-world religion does the Bible say that's happening going to happen we have a one world religion a one world economy a one world leader one world government absolutely and what else would it lead to it will lead to financially milking the middle class it'll lead to financially milking the middle class you see the cultural elite up here really disdain you and I and they also disdain something out it is called hard work they don't want to work hard they want to live on your hard work is really pretty much what Marx said Karl Marx said we get up in the morning we go out we do fishing and after we fish a little bit we come home we have some lunch then the afternoon we go out hunting then we come home we have some dinner we have some sex we go to bed and the next day it starts all over that's life and we how do we do it on the back of the middle-class we're the ones really working we're just really into hedonism and pleasure and what did Mark say my goal is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism we're gonna do it on the back of the middle class so we'll let them work and we'll milk them and we'll take the cream the elite will take the cream and live off that cream and then we'll give the rest of it to the lower class and by giving the rest of it to the lower class that will keep them voting for the elite and keep the elite in power is that exactly what's happening in America folks yes thank you you're awake Whitaker chambers Whitaker chambers wrote a book the witness on page 616 he was a communist and he flipped over and started rioting against communism and on page 616 of his book the witness Whittaker Chambers said this United States the working class or Democrats the middle class Republicans in the upper class are communists sure absolutely have you ever heard of George Soros all right socialist communist have you ever heard of Bill Gates what's he funding you in global stuff right sustainable development radical environmentalism and I could keep named you heard of Ted Turner and his support of the UN is he not saying what is what are you saying not true the working class sure Democrats the middle class are the independents are your Republicans and the upper class are your communists your neo-marxist your Fabian socialist your globalist your status your progressive whatever title you want to give them that's really what he's saying a gentleman writes for our website at worldview weekend calm has been fighting sustainable development for years his name is Henry lamb and he gives us examples of what sustainable development will really mean for you and I this is what he wrote in an article our website at world be weakened calm he said the King County Washington plan in Washington state where they implemented sustainable development for example limits the freedom of property owners to use only 35% of their land while imposing the requirements that 65% of land be left to its natural condition folks me ask you something is it really your land if you can only use 35% of it and 65% of it you've got to pay the taxes for but you can't touch it no what is that is that straight socialism no cuz you get to use 35% of it is it straight capitalism no because you can't use 65% of it what is it communitarianism Third Way a little bit of both a little bit of both we're not going to go full socialist we're gonna go a little mixture why are we gonna go a little mixture of socialism with capitalism the Third Way communitarianism which we saw that Bill Clinton in twenty Blair promoting why are we going that way because they need to keep milking the middle class they need you to keep working and producing so they can live off the cream disperse the rest of the lower income and then that keeps them bribed to keep putting the upper class into power he goes on to say in Houston County Wisconsin where I just was two weeks ago and when I was mentioning this people are sitting there and La Crosse Wisconsin shaking their head yes they know this is true where they've done sustainable development Houston County Wisconsin the plan limits individual freedom to build no more than one home on a 40-acre parcel so if you've got a forty acres and you want to have your house and you decide you want to build a house for your maybe your daughter and her husband and children live in to take care of your old in your old age sorry you can't do that is it really a 100 percent free market if you can only build one house for every 40 acres No and this is what sustainable development does and how does it carried out well what happens is your elected officials and this is going all over the country your elected officials give authority to these councils these so called vision councils and these vision councils are empowered by the elected officials to start setting up these ideas these plans these sustainable development plans and therefore your freedom is being taken from you by a group of unelected bureaucrats your beer elected bureaucrats are giving their authority to another group of unelected bureaucrats who then set up this plan sustainable development with vision councils all across the country and their goal is to balance to balance the rights of individuals against the needs of the community kind of like Karl Marx each according to his need each according to his ability cording to his need will balance your individual liberty against that of the whole collectivism and what did he say how did he close that by the way as determined by a non elected group of what communitarians what does he mean by that that's those group the third way the editors of empower for this for sustainable development toward operational strategies wrote this they explained how they're going to do this would you be shocked it's one of the four institutions I mentioned earlier education they're going to use education as the mechanism to indoctrinate a whole generation and then some into acceptance as that this is the way it needs to be they said education has been advanced and significant and bringing about changes in attitudes behavior beliefs and values folks those are all effective objectives where's the cognitive they're gonna change people's attitudes behavior beliefs and values in order to redirect redirect behavior and values towards institutional change for what sustainable development there is a need to investigate strategic options and relations to educational philosophies so education is gonna be a main goal a main concentration of those in sustainable development to get a whole generation and then the next generation willing to accept this new form of government this revolution

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