AG Barr on the Trump administration’s initiative to combat crime

Maurice Vega

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  1. The whole impeachment is based off crime. The Dems and some Reps crimes Trump promised us he would uncover and clean up. Trump is the only president in my lifetime who actually did everything he said he would without a huge check waiting for him. It’s time we get behind our police officers again. Instead of punishing the ones enforcing the laws, maybe put more attention in teaching laws in schools.

  2. If police arrest mask hidden violent terror creating, conservative brain bashing,
    But one to many times I have seen the police allow the violence against conservatives, even allowing the violators to leave, and arrest the conservatives who legally were protesting with permit, and are inherently non violent. SHAME ON THOSE POLICE OFFICERS!

  3. We need to eradicate, extinguish, completely disinfect and exterminate all vestiges of Liberal Democrat, Progressive Socialist from our state, IN THE POLICE FORCE ESPECIALLY! They allow violence and disdain free speech!

  4. I honestly support the cops but I don't support is bad cops that try to scare you n take advantage of their power that's something that needs to change

  5. Bill
    nobody wants to work for a corrupt department and that line blue line makes them no better than a gang of thugs
    Bad cops get good cops killed if they were taught the constitution maybe that oath would matter the problem is unconstitutional laws county and state that only help governments not the people whom they work for

  6. Unlikely that Barr will be around much longer. Pretty fair chance he'll have fled the country to avoid being indicted the moment Trump leaves office. In fact, if Barr and Trump were smart, they'd both be taking that midnight flight to Moscow now, before ir's too late.

  7. Trump could reduce crime by resigning. Barr is crooked for protecting Trump the way he does. Barr is the country's lawyer not Trump's lawyer. Trump's lawyer is Rudy Giuliani. But that's Trump's problem.

  8. I'm all for GOOD officers that serve their communities honorably, now, they just need to weed out the bad with prison sentences to make an example that keeps any future bad cops from entering the law enforcement community. My hats off to all the good officers that wear the blindfold that justice must wear to make America the place it is meant to be. If you truly support law enforcement, you know there can be nothing worse than having cops that don't respect the very laws they are meant to enforce. An outlaw doesn't even respect one of their own that has become a skunk. America will truly shine the day law enforcement clears its ranks of the skunks that prevent those that serve honorably from receiving the respect that should be synonymous with the badge they wear. To those deserving of such respect, please recognize the stench coming from their own ranks and correct this situation. Those that do will have earned the respect becoming of true heroes, the badge they wear will have earned the respect of the public, outlaws included, to be displayed and worn with honor anyplace they choose to go. It's long overdue to remove the blemish that divides our great republic, there is nothing respectful about this blue code of silence!

  9. I think police should earn the respect and the bad cops should be weeded out. Police are paid well and have good benefits, often without a degree.

  10. BARR they bull dog people when they pull us over. They immediately go on fishing expedition to find s crime. If we try use our constitutional rights they arrest us for obstruction of there ill investigation. They also hold us in county jails with bails we can't afford. They treat us horrible in these jails. It takes months to get s trial often you can get out faster by pleading guilty even if your innocent. So then you end up with a felony on your record and now you can't get a decent job or housing. But I may not re as lize that when you plead. You just want out of jail. If you want people to respect police and the system you need to fix it. Stop blaming the people and put responsibility where it needs to go on the police and the system.

  11. People stopped respecting police when they turned into revenue generating machines. They protect bad cops. That's why nobody likes them.

  12. There have been multiple segments for years about places such as those in areas of Chicago that police, even those “of color” have given up attempting to police.

  13. I guess they really ARE going to have to combat crime more, or more crime – take your pick. I mean, look at all the felons who are or will be getting released because of The First Step Act. One of them already murdered someone since being released!! That was Jared Kushner’s gift to America. Thanks a lot Jared.

  14. I find it interesting that he compared the Veit vets to the nation's police officers, simply because I believe the militarization of the police under Obama is one of the reasons people see the police in a bad light. In some cities they are like an occupying force .

  15. Bill Barr has the perfect temperament for the position he holds. He's able to turn the tables on the corrupt and smile while he's doing it.

  16. Barr has thrown his reputation in the trash, with that, he also threw the entire DOJ  in the trash for Trump! Thanks President Jimmy Carter for saying the Russians put Trump in the Whitehouse! Desperate Bill Barr begs not to be sent to prison as he flip-flops on IG report!

  17. I absolutely love William Barr and I know for a FACT that he is the right man for the job. Seeing passed all of the concern trolls bashing this AG tells me the clowns are out in force trying their best to implant that LIE that Barr is somehow "Deep State". I trust the President 100% and I trust his pick with Barr. I was skeptical at first like many due to Barr serving under George H.W. Bush also known as the former leader of the NWO now known as the Cabal, or Deep State. Those concerns quickly were washed away after I saw him in front of congress. He is a no nonsense kind of guy, who is straight to the point and has a code of honor, he believes in the rule of law, that should be very clear. We need to pray for our President and for Attorney General Barr.

  18. Here is the difference between the military and the police. The military are not ignoring and stepping on the Constitutional rights of Americans every day. The police are given carte blanche to lie and ignore the Constitution just so they can either ticket or arrest We the People to generate revenue for the state and the private prison industry.

  19. Believe that a few people with money are behind the destruction of liberty, protection, to bring America down. It is their goal.

  20. The only crime i wanna see trump fight, is the crime in the federal government.

    Lemme know when that happens. In meantime, this Virginian has much bigger problems closer to home.

  21. Wow, Barr can stomp on peasants. How about the televised crimes of the congress and dirty "law enforcement"? No? Nothing Bill? Got nothing? More hot air? More stalling? Wondrous, simply wondrous. Thanks Bill.

  22. really he thinks it's a mystery? in most big city states like california the police are unaccountable jackboots for some of the most insane laws on the books. stop pretending like every police force is the small town local sheriff. our public servants are not warfighters who deserve respect if our street are a war zone then there are bigger problems for the citizenry that are disarmed and forced to live in it than the guy who carrys a gun but will arrest you for protecting your family

  23. The top tier of government have been getting a free pass! Till justice is served on government traitors no one will trust the government again and always going after the little guy and the 1st and 2nd amendments is just pissing off the American people! utube soy boys have been taking comments down. I will check mine from now on!

  24. 02:52 George Soros BAD MAN! …pouring tons of campaign money into the campaigns of liberal social justice judges to get them elected along with
    Proposition 47 in Ca. will lead to more crime & more victims. Judges who won't allow ICE into court houses to deport illegal criminals. It's a travesty. These judges in their ivory towers don't have to deal with crime. They are immune to it. Very, very bad. Their interest is not with citizens but of an open society with a new world order. WE NEED TRUMP TO SAVE AMERICA'S SOVEREIGNTY.
    Thank God Barr & the President are aware of this!

  25. Does Barr understand that law enforcement blindly follows the orders of the criminal lawmakers? Criminal lawmakers that Barr won't touch. Does Bill Barr grasp from his lofty perch that police stand idle as liberal maniacs attack people? NYPD arrested a man for sitting "wrong" on a train. I support the police with integrity. The police who are walking away from the lawlessness in our courts and government are the heroes. Bill Barr, as far as I can tell, is no better the criminals in government that he won't hold accountable.

  26. Soon the world's population will be shown that the world is ran by reptilian pedophiles. Thanks to the efforts of Donald Trump and our great military

  27. There are many good police officers. Unfortunately, there are many bad ones too. It’s the bad ones that violate the God-given rights of individuals that make people lose respect for these “public servants”. When police officers, as a whole, uphold the rights that are stated in the Constitution of the United States, they will regain the respect of the people. I pray AG Bill Barr is the man of integrity that we see in the news clips. I pray that he will set an example for law enforcement officials to follow. I pray that he will embolden police officers to stand up against corruption- even within their own ranks. Let’s encourage people to take individual responsibility and protect themselves as opposed to relying on the police. I favor fewer, higher paid, good police officers as opposed to a force that is a haven for power-hungry, former high school bullies.

  28. They don't respect our President, They don't respect our Police. They don't respect our Laws. Nothing matters except for what they Want. Welcome to the New World Order..

  29. The lefts agenda is to dehumanize the police and their opponents is a way to demonize them and therefore encourage attacks on both.

  30. Many are good policemen but the problem is that many police officers are corrupt! Especially some of the young ones are bully's and treat citizens like they criminals.

  31. Dems Impeachment of President Trump the Democrats has committed Political Suicide. President Trump Re-Election with a landslide red wave. Vote Trump 2020.

  32. all the hate for our Police officers started with Obama,,,,,,,tell it like it is,,,,he was the worst President ever,,,,

  33. 3:03 I'm glad he mentioned George 'the devil's advocate' Soros. Now, I can be rest assured he will do something about him and expose and burn his tentacles across this country.

  34. It’s no wonder the Democrats and the MSM cannot stand AG Barr. He only speaks of the truth and what he only sees for himself, not narrative spun by either a corrupt government agency, a so-called Constitutional scholar or some talking of the MSM. It’s no wonder he trusted only himself to go with Durham oversees. That had to frustrate a lot criminals in the Democrat party. Barr’s presence is going to continue to frustrate them, particularly Wray’s FBI, going into the 2020 election.

  35. How is Soros & his Minnie Me be allowed to continue to exist? Maybe the DOJ, NYPD, IDF, MOSSAD, or NYC MAFIA can help the world to be rid of this vile evil creature and its offspring.

  36. Everyone in the U.S hates cops because of Black lives Matter and President Obama that's why nobody has respect for them why do police get Military equipment ? Isn't that what's the National Guard are for ?People got mad when the cops abused there power and started using to much force on American citizens! And a lot of those citizens were innocent really same full can't expect people to forgive them over night!

  37. I think the anti cop attitude is because they want to be able to commit crimes without being caught. Think about it. But the flaw is when you raise a ruckus you always call attention to yourself.

  38. Crooked law enforcers who believe they are above the law endanger all law enforcement officers. Respect for the laws of the land starts at the top

  39. People need to understand that the US Constitution was organized naming human rights, rules, and limits, to assure "We The People" can remain in control of our government. "Domestic Enemies" transfer power away from "We The People" and over to the government using taxation, regulation, and socialist policy to create dependents on the government. Through tax cuts, deregulation, fewer people on welfare, border security, and addressing unfair world trade, all while under intense attack, President Trump has demonstrated the most effective defense of the Constitution than any other in our lifetime. The President's enemies, when given the power, do the opposite.

  40. Barr's daddy hired Jeffery Epstein to teach at the Dalton school in New York city Epstein had no training or degrees, only Pedophilia (alternatively spelt paedophilia) , a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.

  41. Excellent interview. Thank you for this help to the greatest nation on earth, prayers for AG Barr, IG Durham, and the Trump administration. Time for Soros to be held for treason to our nation.

  42. Yeah he calls out Soros for creating a lawlessness in these democratic strong holds. But what does she do? Skips to the next question! To deep for you? Off script? He just admitted that George Soros is international funder of law enforcement that wont enforce our laws or protect our rights! Is that not sabotage, sedition, and you add in his son leading Antifa with poppies funding….. I think thats Terrorism …. And who else is in legion with George Soros? Hmmmmmmm. Time too connect the dots no matter where they lead!

  43. Martha, you should have asked what would be Soros’s motive to get a bunch of SJW District Attorneys elected around the country?

    I know the answer, but would’ve been interesting to hear him speculate.

  44. This guy paid lot of money to “instal” president Caputova snd Kiska in Slovakia! This guy is SATAN and needs to be put in jail for the rest of his short life and the gov should take all the blood money he has earned through his devious manipulations. Soros is a threat to human society

  45. No, he is wrong. When the police do the blue shield thing, when they protect the bad apples, when one single bad actor is part of the bunch, THE WHOLE BUNCH IS BAD. Police your own house FIRST.

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