After Trump says U.S. is 'full,' politicians talk border security

-Regarding the threat
of tariffs, the President believes
that the border issue, the border security,
the wall, the breakdown in immigration
are very important issues, including the drug
trafficking. So, he is saying if need be, he may have to take emergency
steps to deal with that. -It's a little jarring to hear
an American president say, "Our country is full." -We're seeing unaccompanied
young people, as well as families with lots
of kids pouring into the border, and they say the magic word. "I'm seeking asylum." We bring them into the country. We don't begin to have
enough space in our facilities to maintain the kind of care
that these people deserve, and so they're being just
turned out into our country. It's overwhelming our system. We have got to be able to deal
with this in a way — it's gonna take some legislation
to get it fixed. -And here we go again
with the President doubling down with threats
to shut down the Mexican border, which would have devastated
the US economy, devastated the US
auto manufacturers, concerns in many other areas, including 27,000 workers
in Mexico as the Mueller Report
was coming out. I think the President continues
to use immigration as a distraction as opposed
to trying to work together in a bipartisan basis. Think about why these moms
are fleeing with their children. They're terrified that
they're gonna be killed, murdered, or raped. What parent would not
do everything they could
to protect their child? We should be talking
about homeland security in a comprehensive way as it pertains to national
security in the United States. -Mexico has done more
in the last week to help our
illegal-immigration crisis than Nancy Pelosi and Democrats
in the House. It is his number-one priority,
and when he sets out and says, "Look, Mexico,
if you don't help us, we will have no choice
but to do these things," I think Mexico pays attention.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I sorted of hoped that when Mitt Romney joined the Senate he would show some sort of spine and call out this POTUS for his deceit and his treason.

    No such luck; he is the wimp has has always been.

  2. Maybe they are shutting down legal points of entry to ENCOURAGE illegal entry ? Maybe the End Game is to erase all geographic borders to help create a One World Government ?

    … And then, in the ever closer dystopian future, only citizens who are wealthy enough to have leisure time – or occupations requiring travel – will be able to travel, abroad, having their own private airports ? Ever read 1984 by George Orwell ? How much control do you wish to see government ( made up of persons, who may not be for all persons – really, who is ? For even Moses had his limits.. in Egypt, and in the Wilderness.. ) have over your life ? Who does not desire running water, garbage collection, police protection, firefighters, hospitals , afffordable or state-provided free healthcare, rescue services, coast guard, lifeguards, schools, public libraries, et cetra… Leisure … how rich was that Native American, pre-Columbus, artist carving wood , in leisure ? Or was he doing it to trade with a visiting tourist from Mexico ?

  3. Well how many CBP and Border Patrol Agents state its a national security issue. Its about time something is getting done. Blame Mexico for driving their own people out of the country instead….

  4. Maybe if America had not spent decades destroying the stability of their countries they would not be looking for an escape.

  5. Stop breeding! If you're dirt poor, you can't afford offspring. Birth control was a great discovery. Use it.
    Not sure why these countries let their local people go completely to waste by not investing in them.
    I mean, if the faucet is leaking, fix the damn thing, rather than continuing to mop up all the mess.
    These people are fleeing places that pretty much have ineffective governments .
    If they were effective, their local economy and life quality would not involve so much vast inequality, and people would want to stay put there, as well, life quality measures would be much better across your entire population.

  6. Suggestion to President Trump. First, have the CIA locate Drug Storage facilities-then use drones to destroy them. Everybody knows the drug cartels are the real rulers of Mexico. The cartel kingpins will very quickly order the Mexican puppets to stop the illegals. Second-move American troops 100 feet into Mexico using whatever number of troops it takes. Third- declare martial law so that will give the military authority to make arrests. Fourth-appoint the border patrol officers as judges giving them the immediate power to deny asylum with deportation orders at the same time. The democrats are going to scream, anyway so let them.

  7. I’m Mexican living in Mexico I had being in USA many times but legally I’m not fan of Donald Trump but he’s absolutely right about our Mexican government not doing enough to stop the invasion of Mexico by criminals who have no respect for anything

  8. Do Nothing Congress. too many Catholics in US Congress support Uncontrolled Invasion of Spanish Catholics.
    Too many Socialists support Uncontrolled Invasion even though Socialism failed in Israel. Protect the USA for Invasion. Congress protect the USA.

  9. Overpopulation is not a solution.
    Making the USA more like Mexico is not a good thing.
    Spanish Catholic countries are BAd, they run away because they are Bad places to live. mcg-truth
    USA is full, World is Full. mcg-truth blogspot

  10. Trump is asking Mexico to detain citizens and travellers. In essence, keep them captive and don't allow them to leave the country. How soon before Americans lose that freedom?

  11. Conspiracies – Lies – More Conspiracies – More Lies. I am tired trusting this liar. That all she does is lie I trusted her for years. What a fool I have been. Now that it is found out to be lies they just won't let it go. I am the only one who got hurt. LIARS!!!

  12. It all boils down to votes. Democrats know illegals are poor, uneducated, dependent and gullible (the perfect Democrat voter).

  13. Why didn't trump take care of this when he had a republican house & senate? Oh yeah, they would NOT have voted for it either!

  14. Sure Mexico pays attention when Donald Trump makes outrageous statements. Everyone would pay attention to a crazy person, that you're not sure what they're going to do.

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