Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.

this might be the most important chart for understanding American politics it shows the ideology of both parties in Congress over the past few decades researchers looked at every politicians voting record and then gave them a score based on how extreme or moderate they were and if you look at the past 40 years something dramatic has happened both parties have moved away from the center but Republicans in Congress have moved much further than Democrats have that difference is even more jarring if you look at the past few presidents Republican presidents have become more and more conservative over the past few decades while Democrats have stayed fairly consistent political scientists have a name for this they call it asymmetrical polarization it's one of the most important trends in recent American politics but it's also one of the hardest to talk about and that's posing a big challenge for journalists who want to stay neutral while covering a party that's increasingly going off the rails this is not the Republican Party that any of us recognized this is not a Republican Party I joined forty years ago what happened to the Republican Party I've been asking myself that question it's soul-crushing for me let's just address the soy boy in the room I am NOT a great person to be making this argument I'm a queer tree-hugging atheist with immigrant parents me criticizing Republicans is about as shocking as box having marimbas in the background of a video so I brought some backup I'm Norm Ornstein I'm a political scientist I've been think tanking it most of the people watching this have been alive norm Orson is kind of a legend he spent the past four decades writing about Congress and American politics he's been named one of the top 100 global thinkers I used to win debate competitions in high school using articles that ornstein wrote a fun fact that he did not find to be that fun most of Oren Steve's work has focused on how to make sure that Congress stays functional I worked very closely with a lot of Democrats and with a lot of Republicans and all the years that I wrote about Congress I was very very careful to be not apart but if you look at the titles of orrin Singh's books you can see a quiet transformation happening it starts off normal enough Congress and change evolution and reform campaign finance an illustrated guide then it gets a little darker the permanent campaign and its future the broken branch how Congress is failing America then in 2012 or teen and his writing partner Thomas Mann write this book it's even worse than it looks how the American constitutional system collided with the new politics of extremism in it they write the Republican Party is an insurgent outlier it has become ideologically extreme scornful of compromise and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition the Democratic Party while no Paragon of civic virtue is more open to incremental changes fashion through bargaining with the Republicans this asymmetry constitutes a huge obstacle to effective governance holy Shawn the an and I aim to the conclusion that we couldn't sugarcoat this anymore cos Congress change our CEA's critique of the modern GOP falls into two major categories their goals and their methods there's no question that the Republican Party's goals have become more extreme over the past few years in 2006 George Bush was talking about immigration like this there is a rational middle ground between granting and automatic path to citizenship and a program of mass deportation compare that to Donald Trump you're going to have a deportation force in 1970 a Republican President created the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate pollution these problems will not stand still or politics or for partisanship now Republicans campaign on abolishing that same agency we are going to end the EPA intrusion into your lives even the Republican obsession with tax cuts is a relatively new phenomenon Reagan is worshipped as a tax hawk now but he actually raised taxes 11 times during his presidency using the millionaire ought to pay more in taxes than the bus driver or less Ronald Reagan welcome to the resistance on its own that ideological shift isn't a huge problem as long as the two parties still work together our political parties are supposed to view the other side as adversaries who may view the world differently we can work with them and that's where Oren scenes second critique comes in about Republicans methods the way they pursue their policy goals over the past few decades Republicans have gotten less and less willing to work with Democrats on anything this chart shows how often the filibuster was used to block a vote in the Senate when Republicans aren't in power they're more willing to stop democrats from getting anything done and you can really see it escalate after obama wins the presidency Inouye that Democrats won both houses of Congress and in a normal world Republicans would have taken the Elle reworked their campaign strategy and focused on the next election instead Mitch McConnell came out and said this our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term cool beans and it wasn't just McConnell in a private meeting before Obama's inauguration leading Republicans reportedly agreed if you act like you're the minority you're gonna stay in the minority we've got to challenge them on every single bill and challenge them on every single campaign and they did in 2011 Republicans held the debt ceiling hostage threatening to let the country default if the Democratic majority didn't agree to major cuts in Medicare and Social Security as long as this president is in the Oval Office a real solution is probably unattainable in 2013 they actually shut the government down trying to force Obama to defund Obama care that was a remarkable victory to see the house engage in a Profile in Courage a lot of this obstruction wasn't even ideological some of it was know for the sake of know in 2016 Republicans rejected Obama's budget before they even saw what was in it and then of course there's Merrick garland Republicans flat-out refused to meet with Obama's Supreme Court nominee for months not because he was too liberal garland was objectively a centrist but because they wanted a Republican to fill the seat we don't intend to take up a nominee you ever watch someone's soul wither away mid-sentence the thing is if Hillary had won the election many Republicans said they would have kept the seat open permanently preferring to have an incomplete Supreme Court and let a Democrat appoint a justice that is not normal behavior by party leaders and it is a reflection of a strategy designed to divide Americans and use your leverage the hold power even if you are not a majority in the country regardless of how you feel about tax cuts or Obamacare this my way or the highway approach is bad for democracy and Orson's book was his attempt to get neutral observers including journalists to admit that and it really is a party that I would say has gone rogue and I don't say that as a partisan it is a fact of life an unfortunate one for the country the problem is admitting that fact makes you sound like a liberal hack and if you look at the comments on this video you know exactly what I mean talking about asymmetric polarization by definition you treat the two parties differently and that means being accused of liberal bias this is tougher media to do talk because you get caught in the crosshairs it's tough because you can lose viewers or listeners so instead many networks have framed political fights as just bitter disputes between two parties that can't get along a stalemate now exists as both sides dig in their heels both sides blaming one another for this impasse both sides playing politics you thought during the 2013 government shutdown Republicans literally held the government hostage to undermine Obamacare but instead of pointing that out a lot of coverage blamed both sides for not compromising with both sides digging in we are now in uncharted territory both sides refused to budge Washington is a dysfunctional town and there's plenty of blame to go around on both sides Obama went out of his way to avoid that framing I want every American to understand why it did happen they demanded ransom just for doing their job but the media's affinity for that both sides frame meant that even those comments got criticized President Obama playing the blame game ain't a blame game a blame game continues this kind of knee-jerk neutrality makes it really hard to understand who's responsible for breaking our politics if you are on both sides you ignore a reality where there may be one side and the scary thing about asymmetrical polarization is that it forces the other party to play hardball too when Republicans refuse to vote on a huge number of Obama's judicial appointees Democrats changed the rules dama Kratz voted to lower the threshold to break a filibuster from 60 votes to 51 votes it's time to change the Senate before this institution becomes obsolete it was a bad but necessary response to an unusual situation one created by Republicans with that decision to change the rules has hunted Democrats for years as tensions flared over Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court MSNBC is Casey hunt blamed Democrats for starting the problem you know there's a lot of people you can blame for that started with the Democrats and Harry Reid when he took away the filibuster for those circuit court judges and it got lower when Mitch McConnell did it for the Supreme Court court scene actually got into a Twitter fight with hunt over that comment writing I know the desire to show your balance but the truth is not always balanced and equating Reid who was no angel with McConnell who pull up more norms and practices in the Senate than all other leaders before him combined it's just wrong Norm's this problem is likely to get worse as time goes on the more Republicans move to the extreme the more Democrats are gonna seem obstructionists in response look at this filibuster graph again every time Republicans raise the stakes Democrats react by matching them that's gonna make it really tempting to say both sides are equally bad guess what the Democrats are doing punching back tit for tat neither side here has clean hands there seemed to be no grown-ups in charge what that does is it means that people who behave badly get off the hook nobody blames them for it and it's easy for them to say hey the other side is worse the only way to discourage this kind of norm breaking behavior is to be really clear about who's causing it and that's going to require journalists to be brutally honest about what's happening to the Republican Party it doesn't mean that you all become tribal advocates it means that you call out people who are violating norms or who are behaving in a corrupt bash but if you don't do that then you're not doing what you're supposed to do as a vital part of a free society some of the worst things have been said about me over the years have instead of a normal stance one thing we agree on some of the worst things that have been said about me have been said by you so

Maurice Vega

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  1. The most successful one party system is disguised as a two party system that gives the people an illusion that they decide.

  2. Have you ever thought that the reason the Republican party is moving farther away from the median is because, while Democrats have remained Democrats their policy on a more centralized government have only grown stronger witch would explain why Republican have grown more conservative to fight back the on growing command for a more centralized government

  3. I see no bias or ignoring the left becoming closer to socialism every election… I haven’t noticed much difference from the gop. If anything I think they want less to change than anything. That said they never actually make the government smaller which I hate

  4. What this chart shows me is my fellow Dixiecrats from the south are still voting Republican while the Republicans are moving toward fascism. Liberals and Progressives are going the other way because we only have a two party system. We need a Labor party. Stand together and don't vote for a party vote on your beliefs. United we stand divided we fall.

  5. Why start after fdr? Include him and the democrats become the extremists. He threatened to increase the supreme court size because they wouldn’t allow him to pass the new deal. He banned the private ownership of gold. Held on to office for 4 terms and got the country into the war he said he would keep it out by oil sanctioning japan.

  6. Vids like this makes me hate modern politics there is no way to polarize something assimetrically if you polarize one side you polarize the other this is just trying to relive the guilt of one sides

  7. hell clear Vox IS leftist , Republican have broken politics , so Democrat created it . didn't they ! . the left have just already ruined everything . open the boders and congratulation to all Democrats with communism and terrorism flow into the mainland

  8. You know, accepted slavery used to be something in the center of those two lines on your chart. What exactly makes drifting away from that a bad thing?

  9. While I've seen this as a GOP-fueled issue since Bush 1 was in office when I was a kid, it really hit full steam when the Bush 2 administration repealed the rules against fair political reporting, allowing lying, corrupt propaganda machines like Fox News to legally masquerade as actual news organizations. Hyper-conservative media is how the GOP has been able to drag a startling percentage of the American public down with them into their extremist hole.

  10. Neither part is perfect but progressive thought and philosophies ARE. Republicanism, Capitalism, Conservatism, Ultra Conservativism, Neo Liberalism, Les Se Faire Capitalism, Libertarianism, and Theocratism, Fascism are all fundamentally bad thinking. All of it. If you connect your own ideology to the lives of others, you are becoming an OPPRESSOR, a PREDATOR, and all the other bad 'ors' that apply. Progressive thought simply means "To evolve toward a better aspect of Humanity." While the Democratic Party does not necessarily hold to those principals, there are NO Progressives in the Republican Party. And if there are, they are there because of circumstance. In other words, their parents were, they are in a heavily Republican area, or they drank the Cool Aid but still -in their hearts, have progressive thought.

    Regardless of the label you place on the early Americans, the ones who came here were brutal, vicious, slaving killers. they built this country by stealing it from people already here. They enslaved the people already here from Chile to Alaska, they imported Slaves from other countries, and they have a particular mindset of sociopathy, psychopathy, and tribal violence toward people foreign to their way of thinking. I am proud to say that my own family has never done any of the above. Not in many generations of recorded behavior. Even if they did, I would never. And I do not associate with anyone who has tenancies toward those behaviors. Whether it is nationalism, religion, or conservative thought, I steer clear for good reason. That chart is about social norms but it is also about gene pools as much as anything else. And there is a preponderance of that kind of thought from 'those' kinds of people in the south east and south west of this country.

  11. Admit it both major parties have ruined politics. The media is not nonpartisan. They all have a motive. The best way to get news is from taking multiple foreign reporters and analyzing it. Trump isn’t a real politician either, he’s flip flopped multiple times between Republican and Democrat. This video is misleading. Bottom line, both parties are f***ed.

  12. Republicans held the government hostage in protest of Obamacare, which was basically an expanded version of what the Republicans tried to pass in the 90’s.

  13. You can’t get rid of parties cause if you vote on parties to be removed there gonna form a party not to remove them and no one wants to find middle ground cause of how liberals don’t like debating with conservatives

  14. we need to completely Re-organize the political system in america, the two party system is one of the biggest problems we have. That and, Capitalism and Democracy ARE INCOMPATIBLE!!!!!

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