Absolutely Insane Video from Hong Kong

So I’ve been in touch over the last couple
of weeks with some of our viewers in Hong Kong and one in particular has [inaudible]. You’ve been sending me videos, videos that
have been taken by others, some posted on social media from Hong Kong, some taken by
the viewers, family themselves. And I have a video for you today that that
is utterly insane in a despicable sight to behold. And the video is of what appear to be police
on motorcycles running over protesters at high speed. This is not, you know, someone’s toe caught
under a motorcycle tire in a confusing moment accidentally or something like that. This is police or what appear to be police
revving up and accelerating at high speed and hitting protestors. Of course, viewer discretion is advised, all
of that stuff. I know this is very visual, so if you’re merely
listening to the podcast or on the radio today, you won’t get the full scope. But indulge me for the 28 seconds that we’re
about to watch. And then I encourage you to find the video
on our YouTube channel. [inaudible] absolutely and utterly insane. And things in Hong Kong just don’t appear
to be slowing down at all. In fact, violence may be getting worse. Lawmakers, uh, who are activating for democracy
have been facing arrest. Police have been using more and more a tear
gas protestors are blocking main roads, cars are being lit on fire. A man was actually set on fire a couple of
days ago. We heard from a Hong Kong, uh, police senior
superintendent who said quote, over the past two days, our society has been pushed to the
brink of a total breakdown that can be interpreted in at least two or three different ways depending
on which side of the protests you find yourself on. Here’s video of people being pepper sprayed
or teargassed at close range. This video is reminiscent of that. Remember that CIC police officer, I think
his name was Lieutenant pike, John pike, I believe at UC Berkeley some years ago. Just at point blank range, uh, spraying almost
like you would with, with sunscreen. Spang spraying protesters, uh, with tear gas. This is video from Bloomberg in Hong Kong. [inaudible]. So right now, this is, this is just horrible
stuff. A district council elections are set for November
24 but the longer that this goes, the more people are fearing China could get involved
and pressure Hong Kong to postpone those elections. Even to go around Hong Kong’s legislature
all together to pass national security legislation as they’re calling it police shooting at protestor. That video went viral. The man set on fire. I told you about that video going viral. The man was arguing with protesters. He was some kind of flammable liquid, I don’t
know if it was alcohol or or, or a gasoline thrown on him and then lit on fire. We have those videos. I’m not going to play them right now, but
you can easily find them online if you’re so inclined. I genuinely have no idea how this will settle. It’s getting uglier and uglier. Uh, I would say by the day, certainly by the
week and no sign whatsoever of a deescalation anytime soon. So that’s my question to you. If you think ahead a week, a month, six months,
however long, what do you see as even having the potential to deescalate circumstances? I don’t know the answer. I want to hear from you. Leave a reply if you’re watching on YouTube
or send me a tweet at D Pacman, if you are watching or listening elsewhere.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hey remember when the police at Standing Rock (or maybe it was the private militia firm) blew someone's arm almost to bits with a concussion grenade, and then denied it?

  2. Trumpets getting violent and shit 2 if ur not with em it's not good for u I'm ready that's whats up 2019 we gotta stand up for each other something gotta happen to bring us back from this brainwashing half of us can see it's whats coming like a storm we can feel it in the air God help us

  3. The people of Hong Kong will loose to Mainland China’s demands. Rattle the cage, let the riots gain traction…Now you have the perfect excuse to send in the troops and crush them. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  4. And where have Pussy Liberals been? You fucking sick pieces of shit haven’t even pointed out that Trump cut a deal with Xi.

  5. I actually live here in HK. The violence is 90% coming from the rioters, not the police.
    If this shit were happening in the US, hundreds would already have been shot.

  6. The world is a mess. And the latest atrosities in Gaza now. Just so much pain in this world. So much hate. If each individual could see we all want to be happy. But the world feels so broken. Looking for the light.

  7. Hey David, I have been following Chinese and Asian Geo politics in general very closely since 2012. I frankly saw this coming (both the 2014 Hong Kong protests and the 2019 Hong Kong protests.)There really is no way out at this point. I don’t really see any way that this could possibly Descalate anytime soon. I said this about six months ago at the start 2019 Hong Kong protests and I still stand by which is that the Hong Kong protest could go one of two ways: 1) Hong Kong gets complete independence from China
    or 2) we end up with another Tiananmen Square and China annexes Hong Kong directly. We seem to be going down the road of number 2. I believe that we will see another Tiananmen Square. Itwill likely happen in the next week or so it actually seems to be in the beginning Stages right now.

  8. You failed to mention the person light up on fire was done by the protestors. The same angel western supported democracy terrorists!

  9. Foolish on the cop's part too. That crowd could take him off that bike. Heck, he would probably wipe out if he successfully stuck one full on.

  10. If you are truly unbiased and fair in your views as opposed to major anit-china western medias hiding or not reporting everything, then include videos of rioters setting fire on another unarmed, nonthreatening HK citizen who just happens to be arguing with them. That will be fair.

  11. They are literally fighting against the most powerful authoritarian government in the world and here we are wondering what to do with a senile-brat-drug addict.

  12. Dear people in hong kong, Grab the Right Handle and pull the brake lever as hard as you can if they try this again. It should engage the front brake and if you hold the lever hard enough it will snap turn the wheel and cause the bike to upset.

  13. I hope the protesters kepp their protests up – if they dont do it now they might slowly loose democracy forever! Without violence of course!

  14. Wait David, we shouldn't see this in such black and white terms. This is much more complicated and there's a lot that the "revolutionary left" as I like to call them in a totally non-pejorative way, doesn't get. This is my 15-minute take on why the chinese military is actually on the right because the Hong Kong protesters like Harry Potter or some other superficial bullshit that is in no way relevant when dealing with brutal military repression.

  15. This is not /going/ to de-escalate, David. At the moment of hand-over from British rule, Hong Kong knew well and truly what was in store for them, and the smart money got out right then. This little piece of realestate is more important to China to reclaim than Tibet, and you can tell me how well the "Free Tibet" movement is going.

    The only peace China's rulers are interested in is submission – and it ain't them that'll be bowing.

  16. It's a war going on. People china and UK are fighting each other. Video of police officer fighting 4 protesters, 1 was shot. If your simply viewing this as 'police being authoritarian' then your blind.

    Only person who's going to benefit is China. Its unfortunate things are getting wild.

  17. All the protesters are fighting for in the long run is to remain a billionaire tax haven. This is the UKs fault for not preparing them for this eventuality. HK belongs to china. They're just going to have to die mad about it.

  18. They really should try to humanize themselves and also humanize the police. Shit like this gets worse the more you "other" the perceived opposition. As dumb as it sounds shit like hugging the police, handing them food, talking with them, anything to make them realize these are people and at the end of the day we should all be working towards a common goal. Escalation's very apparent and is NEVER good.

  19. You just ignore that the protesters are attacking police at the first place and you just ignore the video that the protesters set fire on an innocent elder. how crazy you are.

  20. David — my Dad lives in Hong Kong and he has been all his life. He is 77 yrs old and he is retired civil servant. He lives alone and I am always worried about his safety due to the violence the protestors have been perpetrating on civilians. I saw the video of the man doused by gasoline and lit on fire by protestors. I also saw a bunch of other disturbing and violent videos of random acts of violence committed by protestors in complete black mask/gears.

    I think the media coverage has been very one sided and biased towards the so called pro-democracy protestors — this is only because everyone wants to demonize China. Since you are very fair and intelligent— I hope you can provide a fair analysis of the situation in Hong Kong. I have also been watching a lot of youtube videos created by locals of Hong Kong expressing their grief and sadness at the state of the city and the young people who are participating in the violence. here is an essay written by a Hong Kong resident. Hope you do truly see both sides and provide a fair and unbiased analysis.


    When is enough, enough?

    We fear for the safety of ourselves and our family every time we leave home. We fear if we would be randomly targeted, beaten, set on fire, and sent to intensive care units. We fear that our pain and suffering will never be acknowledged, because mainstream media shows almost no attention to the majority of Hong Kong – us, who are living in fear. We are hopeless, because people from around the world sees one side of the story, but most of us live on the other side, we’re just trying to live.

    The past months had seen hundreds assaulted and battered by radical protestors. Dead silence from the West, and dead silence from humanitarian organisations. We wonder, do we not matter simply because we aren’t part of the radical party which you market as ‘democracy fighters’? What democracy fighter commits such magnitude of evil on a daily basis?

    When will we restore humanity? No political differences would justify setting civilians and journalists on fire, nothing would justify the thousands of assaults committed to civilians and lately, tourists. Were you aware that local journalists were brutally beaten for capturing footages of their violence? You mustn’t be, because Western news outlets do not mention it at all. Such lack of professional integrity was once unimaginable.

    Most students from mainland China had terminated their studies and fled the city, after witnessing their peers assaulted at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Hong Kong, simply for voicing his disappointment at the racist elements of the protests. Were you aware?

    This is not the extradition bill, it has been suspended over five months ago, withdrawn over two months ago. This is not about China, if they wanted to interfere, they could and would have, directly and openly. This is definitely not about democracy, it had been taken away from us by these radical terrorists five months ago. The freedom we used to have and the lives we used to live is all gone, completely gone. Stop trying to kill us.

    To many of us, the government had been incompetent. The continuous violence has turned Hong Kong from one of the safest cities into a warzone, and the governing individuals seem to have no solutions. As the radicals raise more impossible demands, and using these demands as excuses to destroy the city, we become nothing. Nothing that we used to be – a prosperous, free city which celebrates multiculturalism – no longer. Please don’t come here, for your own safety.

    This is an appeal to people around the world. We know that you do not see most of this – you’re not being shown half the truth – but please refrain from giving your piece when all you know is one narrative. Our city is up in flames, and it is caused by the radicals you call ‘freedom fighters’. Think again whether you truly want to support them, they’re killing us. Think again whether you should just nonchalantly believe in what your news outlets are bombarding you with, they’re killing us.

  21. Most videos of police abuse are in Chinese. See Black Head Down for videos with english subtitles. It"s worse than mainstream western media portrays.

  22. FYI Lam doesn't need to go around legislature, Lam has unilateral power to use emergency powers and already used them once to institute the anti mask law.

  23. Video of HK protesters beating up a girl and LIVE BURNING a old man who holds different views. https://youtu.be/6ZpjvM61WKI

    Packman, show this, otherwise we know you are a fake media as well!

  24. Deescalation can only happen on the government side once the entire economy collapses. The only way to defeat a state is to bankrupt them. These protesters don’t get enough credit. They are geniuses. Their ways are in essence working. I don’t see the protesters giving up before the state does. When (not if) HK stocks and businesses collapse, so will the police force. Sure, they can call in reinforcements from the mainland (even the PLA), but what will that accomplish? – Tiananmen Square 2.0? – That’s certainly an option, but a sure win for the protesters in retrospect.

  25. These thug protesters not only set an elderly on fire because he was not unhappy with them blocking traffic but also killed an elderly who was just using his cellphone to film them in a clash between locals and these thugs!https://youtu.be/l1b1PyuN02U

  26. I don’t see that police on motorcycle injured or hurt anyone. It appears it was a tactic to disperse protesters instead of trying to run over them.

  27. Should I send you vids where protesters lit ppl on fukin FIRE using kerosene? Throwing petrol bombs on police? Destroying traffic lights "for democracy"? Ganging up on civilians that dare to say smth to them?

    These ppl are too far gone. It looks like this is an orchestrated proxy campaign between US and China.

  28. I don't know what outcome the Hong Kong protesters expect? The only resolution will be occupation by Red China, strict curfew and mass arrests. China is a dictatorship. Ultimately, they will not tolerate this insurrection. I'm surprised it has gone on this long. BTW: Say what you will, but the motorcycle cop is putting himself in considerable peril doing what he's doing. I wouldn't be surprised to learn he was acting on his own, out of frustration.

  29. Nothing will change, the sad part is there's too much money in the hands of the powers that be.

    This takes generations, not only revolutions. The folks that are young now need to watch out for the oppressor types of their same age, and neutralize their chances at political/abstract power when said generation starts to take over. Groundwork can be laid, but the folks in power need to parish before things will change.

    The only
    Hope is that when the current folks do finally leave and or decease, that the correct people take their place.

  30. De-escalation will probably come in the form of the Chinese government executing all the protesters, right after they turn off media/internet/etc… That's how they've done it in the past, and it has worked.

  31. The police in Hong Kong don't seem to realise they are escalating the violence (they're the ones who are starting it in most cases), and that is hardly going to end the protests, in fact it has increased them. May be the Government should listen to them as it was quite a reasonable request to make at the beginning, now they have caused it to get out of hand and they've lost control of the situation

  32. So it seems David will believe Hong Kong being protested but doesn't wanna believe that Bolivians progressive president was forced to resign while his supporters are being killed and locked up? Yeah… I'm definitely not gonna stay subbed to you anymore. I mean what's happening to Hong Kong is bad and I feel for those protestors but denying one event while rightfully believing another makes you look like weird hypocrite. Goodbye David. I really liked your videos and some of your takes but it seems to me that you've become very choosey on what to believe when it comes to two events.

  33. There will only be de-escalation if China backs off. And I seriously doubt they will do that. That will just encourage problems elsewhere. China will eventually do what they did in Tibet and Xinjiang. They will send in the army at some point to pacify the populace. It will become a police state for the next decades, while they make sure to remove any and all who raise their voice.
    We all condemn North Korea for their treatment of their populace, but China can be just as bad.

  34. Yeah that’s communism for you… David condemns this shit from one side of his mouth and encourages increasing the power of the state and taking away guns from the population from the other side of his mouth.

  35. The protest has gone far beyond using peaceful means long time ago. Like you said, they set people on fire just because of a disagreement. What kind of animal does that?
    Before that tragic event the protesters had been beating people who disagree with them and there were cases where police officers were stabbed in the neck by a box cutter.
    I can sympathise with peaceful protests but this has already mutated into an ugly riot of violence. Watch the DW interview by Tim Sebastian and see for yourself.
    I am honestly surprised that Hongkong police hasn't used more force as the police in U.S. definitely would have. I'm also surprised that PRC hasn't stepped in yet and doesn't look like they will. Remember this shitstorm has been going on for 6 months.
    These youngsters are just stupidly breaking laws and don't seem to know the consequences. I feel tremendous sadness that I have to witness a city that I have been to many times fall into chaos and what might be the start of a downfall.

  36. To all the Hong-kong "freedom fighters", I sincerely invite you to come to Europe (I'm French) or go to US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc,…

    Indeed, why don't you play in a bigger playground instead of staying in a cramped piece of land belonging to a country and people you consider sub-human brethren that you abhor so much?

    You will be welcomed with open arms by your previous owners, your passionate defenders! Can you imagine their tears of joy when they saw their old second-class citizens draping themselves in their flags? I would have had the same tears if my old lost dog came back home after many years.
    Finally, you will enjoy all the freedom and democracy you are longing for.

    There, you will be able to burn cars, destroy shops or beat and burn people alive if they disagree with the sacred freedom of YOUR speech. All to your heart's content!

    Allow me to recommend you the USA, the land of true freedom and democracy. There, you'll be able to freely get real guns to play with. The US politicians endlessly and diligently work for not only the good of their population but also for all mankind. Iraqi, Syrians and many other liberated countries will testify on how US brought them freedom and happiness. Moreover, for your own good, the US government is always listening to you, whatever country you are living in; they may even listen to you right now in Hong-kong and try to help you in your fight. For more details, you can always ask Mr Edward Snowden.

    Furthermore, because you provide some US politicians an orgasmic and beautiful sight to behold with your courageous and heroic actions, they might be eager to have a bis repetita at home. I'm sure they will enjoy the show. How lucky you are!

    In these western countries the media are 100% free and always tell the truth, unlike those controlled by the ugly commies. Anyway, thanks to them, everybody knows the holiness of your mission, so anybody disagreeing with it is necessarily brainwashed or a member of the Chinese 50 cents army.

    In these lands of freedom, instead of the criticism of some nasty and ungrateful brainwashed anti-rioters online, your actions will at long last be deemed as good deeds to improve everybody's life with freedom and democracy. The police there will surely bring you medals of honor for your courageous acts and will have you stay in a palace instead of a jail. They are so gentle and civilized compare to the Hongkong police. Of course, you already know that.

    Feel free to share the invitation to your fellow brothers in arms!

  37. Imagine being from Hong Kong and counting down in horror to the year 2047 when the 50 year treaty expires with the UK and they get swallowed up entirely by China.

  38. Horrifying? Not even close. China has a massive network of labour, prison and concentration camps housing a population that it harvests organs from. See Subverse News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD0GxeJTZG8

  39. Hong Kong is doomed: Americans are taking all the wrong lessons from it. This is what it looks like when you say your police can do ANYTHING and get away with it.

    It would be no shock at all if someone ran over protestors in the US. It would be no shock at all if the police “feared for their life” and opened fire on protestors in the US. Macing and tear gassing people? We call that Tuesday in America.

  40. If Hong Kongers want to live in a democracy they should be allowed to move to a democratic country. These Western-backed coups have to stop.

  41. Those videos are nothing compared to what is going on in massive the anti corruption protests in Iraq. In less than a month,More than 400 protesters were killed either by gun shots or tear gas.

  42. The officer on motorcycle was suspended. Check the police conference( tho in cantonese unfortunately for you). What else would you ask for?

  43. The U.S. could officially announce their official support of Hong Kong. But that might create a different escalation. Like similar escalation to Vietnam or Korean wars. On the flip side China's new social point system, and surveillance state are going to set precedents in the long term that could harm all of us.

  44. You guys should search for videos of the other “side” as well.. don’t be misled by fake and bias media which you guys have always hate.. the “protesters” are not peaceful anymore and they attack peaceful regular citizens who tried to stop them from destroying public buildings and railway and roads.. the silent majority is coming out to condemn the rioters behavior and many of them are being attacked because they have different views.. don’t be bias and be truthful..

    “The police shot a protester!! Bad police!!”
    Once you Watch the full video
    “policeman is surrounded by rioters and one of them is trying to snatch the gun away from him, he have to shoot the approaching rioter.”

  45. The police make most HongKongers very very angry, the protesters don't use gun but just use the most primitive weapons vs the police's modern weapons. Though useless but just do it for righteous!!

  46. Mainland China Gov finding excuses to impose their rule (even by proxy). Be it with even harsher approach or anything, ignoring costs, fabricating excuses.
    Or protesters finding a way to negotiate. Probably will require face-saving compromises towards gov.
    Or gov caves and acknowledges protest as viable response to bad policy decisions. And further involving people in those decisions. Due process and all.

    The last one – I don't see that very likely, no matter how preferable it is. 🙁

  47. I'm in no way excusing the police but after 5 months of street fights, people are going to lose their patience and things will keep escalating.

    The protestors have become an "enemy" of the police force in their mind. That leads to them a lack of empathy for them as citizens and a desire to win against your enemy.

  48. If you want a perspective on Hong Kong that you do not get from your mainstream media from a white dude who has lived in Hong Kong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQx5NKAfueg

  49. David, China are involved.
    On Reddit People had posted photo's of the local PLA military base, where it showed soldiers dressing in riot police uniform.
    The Chinese won't be sending the military in in uniform, so the West won't kick up a fuss.

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