ABC News Election Night 2016 Coverage 11:35pm – Midnight (Hillary R. Clinton vs. Donald J. Trump)

that's going Clinton campaign right there you see tears of the Clinton campaign now let's take a look the pictures at the Trump headquarters right now you hear the those hats Donald Trump now is 222 electro-voice to 209 for Hillary Clinton Tom yamas he is getting close Simon you've seen that victory watch party multiply that times 10 inside of Trump Tower right now in the war room I'm being told by sources they are very excited they are triumphant for several reasons you know we said conventional wisdom was completely wrong in this election and so was political science Donald Trump's on his third campaign management team everyone said they weren't ready for primetime even they themselves that time weren't sure how they would do in this race and yet they made the call to go to Minnesota people criticized him for that seems to be a smart play tonight his last stop on this campaign was in Michigan seems like it was a smart play and for this very small group of supporters and people he work with that are still there they put up with a lot and now they're here we've got another big state it's a new probe when a she's a small state but it's a very important once the state of Iowa six electoral votes last photo Republican for George W Bush in 2004 it has gone to Donald Trump and John Karl I got to bring this to you right now because now basically Hillary Clinton has one path she basically has one path I'll show it to you two ways first of all on the map she needs to win all of those states we just mentioned in that industrial Midwest Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota and she needs to hang on to the state of Nevada if she does that she narrowly wins let's look at it on our possibilities board so here's where we are if she wins Michigan New Hampshire Nevada Pennsylvania she still needs to win the state of Wisconsin to get over 270 so Donald Trump has many many more pass at this point he's still leading let's go through those states he is still leading in most of those states he is deleting in most of those states so let's go back to our map so we go start with running out it running out of states that are still up in for Pennsylvania Clinton is now up slightly in Pennsylvania but Donald Trump is up in the state of New Hampshire 4846 65% and reporting in Michigan it is tightened but Donald Trump is still leading in the state of Michigan with almost 60 percent reporting Wisconsin Donald Trump is up three points with 70 percent remaining in Minnesota Clinton has a lead so but but right now she has to win in three states where Donald let's take down in Wisconsin because he's got a fairly healthy lead there right now three points in Wisconsin yes he does and you know here's here's one County that caught my eye if I can just zoom back out in in Wisconsin up here Door County it's not a very big County but this is a County I'll circle it so you can see what I'm talking about right here he has got a three-point lead with in I'm sorry and we get Door County anyway he's got a lead in Door County this is a county that Barack Obama won by double digits in 2008 and by seven points in in 2012 it's a it's a it's a place where the median income is 50,000 it's exactly it's almost predominant it's 96% white and it's a state that's been democratic but now suddenly is the Trump Democrat and Matthew yeah when you look at the margins in Ohio that that would tell you something about what could happen in these other states as well well I yeah I think when you take a look at Ohio which looks like it's gonna be an 8 to 10 point victory for Donald Trump and then you'd extrapolate those voters that are there which are also in Wisconsin when also in Michigan I right now the odds completely favor Donald Trump being elected next president United States right now the odds are totally in his favor and if he wins Michigan I mean if you've been to Wisconsin either one of them he wins Tiran you were talking about brexit well it is deja vu there's no question about it there the sense of all the polls and all the pundits going in was that Britain would never leave the European unit such a radical thing to do and they were being told by all their betters the the voters of Great Britain that the smart play the smart thing to do was to stay in the European Union and unmask a great wave of the unwashed Britain is a very class-based Society and the people who voted for brexit were the people who were not not in the higher classes for sure and they out and they sock the the establishment right in the face and it does feel like that's what's happening because of Donald Trump I just want to take a step back here this is an astonishing personal triumph as Tom just pointed out this was not a campaign by any normal sense this was a personal endeavor and one thing struck me while these results were coming in a quote from his sister Mary Ann Trump Barry who's a judge on the New York State Supreme Court she said I knew better even as a child than to even attempt to compete with Donald because he always wins martha raddatz i wonder to Vladimir Putin is thinking right I think whatever fruit is probably very excited right now and I think other world leaders are a little fearful of what would happen under a trump presidency I think some members of the senior officers in the military are probably a little nervous about this too I mean he's basically said the generals have been reduced to rubble let's remember what the Trump supporters are voting for he asked for a ban on Muslims build a wall he fended Mexicans the disabled lashed out at a gold star family the military fighting in Mosul around there he said they shouldn't tell people what's happening and the Access Hollywood tape that Access Hollywood tape we haven't talked a lot about this evening but the white working-class men I spoke to after that Access Hollywood tape was released didn't care I mean really didn't care white evangelical votes than we have ever seen in our exit polling 87% and it might not have been a person a campaign for Donald Trump on the in those traditional sense but there was definitely a campaign in the churches there were videos that went out on Sunday of Mike Pence talking in the churches buses that went out and that turnout is the highest we've ever seen for a presidential car George Lester the use the word fear and talking about how foreign leaders are responding to this I've got a number of emails from friends amount of color across the country and there's also a level of fear growing in brown America because if you look at the optics of the Trump rally all right too many people that looks like 1950 America you don't see many brown people walking around that room and so I think there is a sense with some of the Rettig we've heard throughout the campaign that this if Trump goes on the wind this may be a wonderful opportunity for him to now pivot back to people of color and say don't be nervous because many people are nervous another piece of good news for Republicans coming in right now it is from the state of Wisconsin and that is the incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson has defeated former Senator Russ Feingold right there 52 to 45 so Bill Kristol that means if if this continues to go the way we see it going right now you will have got Republican Senate looks that way or at least 50/50 with Republican maybe vice president breaking the tie and incidentally another state I mean Pennsylvania I mean which mrs. secretary Clinton's ahead in most we get just eyeballing it most of the vote looks to me like it's Republican vote that's outstanding that blue wall that everyone this always happens in politics right when I came to watch it it was the worst the electoral lock that Republicans had the Democrats couldn't pick after 80 84 88 those three big Republican victories in a row then there's the now that's the Democratic blue wall with the Democratic blue wall which was Pennsylvania and Michigan Wisconsin those were three of the key states and it looks like it's totally crumbling you know that Wisconsin Senate races are shocker that was one that most Republicans today that I spoke to thought was gonna go to the Democrats so we have a very good day for Republicans not just and not good for all Republicans on the top but but a very good day for Republicans in the Senate and also the house because it looks like we are projecting that they will lose no more than nine and possibly as few as five seats in the house that's far less than they thought they were gonna sneak into Wisconsin little bit more what are you seeing out of Madison County in Wisconsin let's take a look Madison County we see 70 in Madison we see 71 percent of the votes in obviously huge a Clinton vote there but a 29% still to come a 29% still to come how about Dane County Dane County right next door oh wait I don't have Dane County at my at my other it is Dane County a 71% in and obviously it's a big Democratic County so there still is there still are a lot of outstanding Democratic votes potentially out there but only or George I think one of the things I think we're seeing we've all talked on how unpopular both of these candidates are how high their likability dislike ability was and how untrusted they both were what it looks like has developed is that they voters would rather go with a flawed outsider than a flawed insider that seems to be their decision they know if Donald Trump's flawed they know he isn't temperamentally ready to be President but instead of going somebody they didn't like as the insider they went with the outsider and Tommy almost let me bring this question is it to you spent a lot of time with the Trump campaign how much thought had they put into what he would do as president how prepared are they for this tradition and to take oh transition to take over you know he had Chris Christie Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey was heading up his transition team Governor Christie obviously had a lot of news he was dealing with in the last two weeks it's unclear how far he got on that but he did have a core group of supporters that included Mayor Rudy Giuliani Chris Christie Donald Trump of course himself and and others that were with them to the end Governor Mike Pence his running mate was always with him Senator Jeff Sessions so we'll see how that cabinet could possibly shake out but to be completely honest I don't know if they've thought that far into the future because they were so focused on winning this race another quick update from inside that war room there now high-fiving each other Trump family members with the staff it looks like they're almost celebrating a victory tonight the victory front on the preparing for the what comes next front I mean we were joking a press corps that covers her that they had essentially started measuring the drapes let's just talk about the two different campaigns I was just looking at some of these numbers days as a candidate 576 Hillary Clinton 512 for Trump she had 350 fundraisers that she attended he had 50 she raised 502 million bucks he raised two hundred fifty eight dollars they've got to be scratching their heads right now you wonder if the Democrats completely not only underestimated donald trump but the entire republican party let's take a look at the national vote coming in right now as well donald trump has pulled ahead i believe in the national vote right there that's right 48 to 47 percent about a million and a half votes Alex Castellanos I too to the point here maybe there's some reasons that men voted against the first woman president and all of that but underneath this all Donald Trump had a very clear message make America great again he was changed I was walking through the DC Airport and they were selling the t-shirts at the chatzky stand what did the Trump t-shirts say make America great again the Hillary Clinton t-shirt said Hillary Clinton in 2016 there was no real message vision offering the American people something better they tested 85 slogans in the campaign not finding that clear message the campaign I think with the vision and the message may have had an edge there Anna Navarro you were one of those establishment Republicans who did not support Donald Trump mm-hmm what happened well um looking like we didn't do well look I think that I think what we're seeing today is frankly a rejection of Hillary Clinton I think people looked around and said I'd rather vote for the devil I don't know than the devil I know I think the Comey letter was extremely hurtful to her it's it's frankly astounding um you know that he won Florida for example he had such little infrastructure he had no field offices Hillary Clinton began organizing in Florida well over a year ago when you compare what Mitt Romney did in 2012 as far as organization Mitt Romney lost Florida John McCain lost Florida I think the turnout was wrong in all the polls they the same way that meant Romney underestimated the number of Obama coalition members that would come out I think these folks underestimated the number of white folks that would come out there's a rule John Kasich said if you build a church without Jesus you get a warehouse if you don't have a vision if you don't have something to inspire people all the machinery in the world won't deliver voters who aren't there to the polls what to check out Alex's point you know I interviewed Trump back in 2013 in Iowa it was his first trip to Iowa as a potential presidential candidate nobody thought he was gonna run I don't think he thought he was gonna run at this point and I asked him what would the motto of a Trump presidential campaign be this is 2013 and he said well I think it would be make America great again I'm gonna try I didn't even remember that my went back and looked at the old interviews he has been consistently on that message and I wrote the story and exactly but but exactly it's exactly my point but but also something happened with Hillary Clinton which is for all the talk of when they go low we go high the Hillary Clinton campaign at the end was entirely a negative campaign it was Donald Trump is unfit for office he is tempor mentally unfit he is unprepared not only that he is likely to fly off the handle or maybe even cause a nuclear war that was literally the argument that they were making got a projection there we have a projection is the same of Georgia 16 electoral votes they are gonna go to to Donald Trump as well Bill Clinton won in 1992 Republicans have wanted ever since Donald Trump continues that tradition the map continues to get smaller and smaller and smaller and lead $4 Trump gets bigger and bigger he now has 244 electoral votes to 209 for Hillary Clinton of course you only need 270 to win David Muir he is closing it he certainly is Georgia and look at this this is really fascinating a key question that we ask every four years the the track of this country and if you think it's on the wrong track look at this 93 percent is a wrong track went with Trump 32 percent who did not believe wrong track went we've Hillary a look at this non college white men this is even larger than the number I had for you before this is 49 points by 49 points Donald Trump one non college white men in this country that's a record set the last one since 1980 was 11 point gap yeah let me go back to Pennsylvania and Ohio in those rural areas when voters were absolutely saying those white working-class men were enthusiastic about Donald Trump they were that hidden vote got to take a break Donald from 26 electoral votes from victory such a dramatic night everyone is watching Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania we'll be right back and we are back now coming up on midnight here in the East Donald Trump let's take a look at the map right now Donald Trump has a league 244 electoral votes to 209 for Hillary Clinton you need 270 win you see the states out there right now for Hillary Clinton when she basically has to run the table right now Donald Trump is ahead in most of those states right now Matthew Dowd this is really something we could have one of the biggest upsets ever in American history coming up regardless of the final outcome which I think leav lis heavily leans in Donald Trump say this is the biggest political upset news story in a hundred years in at least a hundred years Donald Trump not favored to win against 16 opponents comes through the primaries wins the primary everybody discounts him comes into a general election totally behind against a machine that had all the establishment all of it including the Republican establishment basically there silently or vocally against him and he's about about not yet but he's on the verge of pulling off and I think we're gonna look back at this it's more so than any other election presidential election that we've seen our lifetimes but go back 100 150 years let's go to Nate silver right now Nate silver you had your forecast coming into the night like so many others in fact you were more cautious on Hillary Clinton victory than many others but you still had it above 70% you've had this dramatic change as a result of coming overnight well we were a lot more cautious because of the snare that's unfolding now which said if she under performs in the Midwest she could lose the electoral college despite winning the popular vote she will probably win the popular vote once California and the west coast is counted but there are a lot of swing states in the Midwest if you lose Wisconsin which has not been called yet but probably will be if we're being honest she can maybe hold Michigan Pennsylvania and get to a 269 269 tie but when you lose Ohio and Iowa by three to five points when Michigan is in jeopardy her voters are concentrated just on the coasts and she'll have plenty of votes she'll get a lot of votes maybe more votes in Donald Trump but that leads to not our winning the white house oh that's that and then where is your projection right now can you put it up there again so right now we have claimed with the 20% chance but that's without Wisconsin having been called when Wisconsin's called she either has to basically win Arizona or there are some ties some 216 Isis giant eyes they involve her running the table that would go to the House of Representatives potentially so you know not even that much of a reward for Clinton there because the house would probably be Republican but if she ran the table it could be a tie is maybe her her best hope unless there's a lot of vote we are counting for in Wisconsin or Arizona somehow swings her way let's take another look at the states that are still out there Jon Kyl start with responsive I keep things have happened but I don't know if stranger things have happened I mean just just a Matthews point of you know covering this race the odd the chances this guy would be the Republican nominee where we're astronomically small and and then this it's just unbelievable so you wanted to go to Wisconsin in Wisconsin Donald Trump lead is actually expanding in the state of Wisconsin four points next door in Michigan it's tight but I tell you have looked at this 48:47 Hillary Clinton is underperforming in Wayne County which is Detroit she is underperforming in in Wayne County the clearly that the big-city vote the african-american vote in Michigan is not turning out for Hillary and silver mention let's take a look quickly at Arizona because Arizona Donald Trump has a lead there Arizona Donald Trump has a lead it's only a three point lead but 63% reporting it's closer than you would have expected in previous cycles but it's highly unlikely that she's going to win the state of Arizona Cokie Roberts astonishing it is astonishing I will say this but Arizona they have voted to increase the minimum wage and maybe some of the same people voting to increase the minimum wage or also voting for Hillary Clinton so it could be surprising there but it would be a surprise it is Joe Arpaio has lost sheriff free to be drawing support down here in John McCain is one okay John McCain is one right there we are just moments away from in I'd have to take another quick break crucial point in this race all eyes on Michigan Wisconsin in Pennsylvania we'll be right back Oh

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