A Second Chance and This Sucks

(upbeat bass guitar music) Elizabeth Lorenza. Good morning. Good morning, Elizabeth. Elizabeth your motor vehicle has been booted. It has, yeah. Inspector Kerrigan, you wanna explain to the court what the status on this is? Yes, Your Honor. Back in 6-14-13, a judgment was due of $290. That’s five years ago. Yes, Your Honor. (mumbles) she only paid $100 to release the boot. That was for tickets which are marked off here for 2013 back to 2007. Since then, she’s accrued more tickets going forward from 2013 to 2018. And has never paid the $290 judgment that is still owed. And never paid any of the other tickets? No, Your Honor. Alright. So, Elizabeth. Here’s the deal with you. You were here five years ago. You were charged $390. Were you before me, the first time? Yeah. You were. So I gave you a break. So I said pay $100 and then gave you time to pay the additional $290. And you said, “I’ll pay, I’ll pay, I’ll pay.” You didn’t pay one penny. You got the boot off the car and you said, “I’m free. I’m not going to pay anymore.” So you pay nothing. And after that, you’ve got one, two, three, four, five, you’ve got six more tickets. You didn’t pay one. Not even one. Now your cars booted again. So, how would feel if you gave me that break and now I was before you? Again. What would you do? Well … yeah. I would be maybe a little bit upset. I’m not upset because this isn’t my money. And I have an obligation to perform my duties. Yeah. And try to do what’s just and fair. So, I’m confronted with you who actually snubbed your nose at me last time saying, “I’m not going to pay it. I’m not going to pay a thing.” And then you got more tickets. You didn’t pay them. Now your booted again. I don’t remember six tickets from then But I do remember two. I don’t know where six are from. And in addition to that you went through two red lights. You didn’t pay one. So, what do you want to tell me? I don’t have a real, good explanation, I guess. You know, I just have been struggling And things come– We haven’t changed out phone number down here. You could have called and said, “Listen, I’m experiencing some difficulty. Can you give me more time?” You never did that. No. I guess I didn’t. Nope. No. You didn’t do that. And not only that, but you got more tickets. Yeah. So, now here’s your problem. Here’s my choices. My choices are I’m going to set a new amount and you have to pay it today. And if you don’t pay it, the cars going to get towed. If the car gets towed, then you’ll charge you over $100 for the tow and then about $30 a day for storage. They’re not going to release that car until we authorize them to release it. So your car will be there. You’ll probably have to default the car. That’s what’s going to happen. Yeah. So, that’s my decision. So what are you asking me to do? Help me. And I have cash in my pocket. And I’ll pay a substantial amount. How much can you pay? Like $300. I take no pleasure in giving people lectures. I really don’t. It’s just not my nature but I have a job to do. I wish that justice in this case would demand that I say, “You know Elizabeth. You can just go.” But you didn’t show good faith the first time. I’m going to impose, this would include your previous judgment, I’m going to impose a fine of $560 dollars. You’re going to pay $300 today and it will remove the boot. That’s going to leave you with a balance of $260. (sighs) We’re going to put you on a payment plan. You want to pay weekly or monthly? Monthly. How much can you afford a month? Probably 30. $30 a month? Okay. Now, that’s a sensible suggestion. Because I would suspect you can afford $30 a month. Elizabeth, here’s the deal. If you can’t pay the $30, call the court, speak to one of the clerks and tell them that month, whatever the situation might be, that you’re experiencing some financial hardship, and if they could continue it for another month. But call the court. We’re not changing our phone number. Alright? If there’s any issue, then tell them that was my suggestion and leave your number for me to call. Okay? I want you to do something proactive so you can help yourself. If you don’t do that, and you don’t pay the 30, and you come back to me again, you’re going to end up forfeiting your car. Yeah. I don’t want to do that. Don’t force me to do it. I know. You know? No. I know. I know. I know. Everybody, “I know. I know. I know.” I want to make sure you know. I don’t take any pleasure in doing this, okay? I actually reduced the fine a lot, to give you a break. So help yourself. (chuckles) Are you working? No. You’re not working? No. Alright. I’m not going to get into that area but if you can’t afford the 30 on any particular month, call. It’s not going to go away. The computer isn’t going to say, “Oh, Elizabeth doesn’t have it this month.” Okay? (clear throat) You have to do something proactive. Yes. Go to work. Thank you. (upbeat bass guitar music) Jamie Riley. (clear throat) Okay let’s see. You were due in court and you didn’t appear. Yes. And then you filed a motion to vacate your default because you were defaulted. And the reason that your giving to have the default dismissed was you were out of town for work. Yes, sir. Why didn’t you inform the court that you wouldn’t be here? We haven’t changed our phone number. Oh. I just I don’t know. I’m sort of new to the whole thing of getting in trouble. Now you certify that you have a valid defense to these charges and here’s what your defense says, “I honestly made two mistakes and wanted the chance to use my good driving record to reduce (laughs) any tickets.” Okay. (stammering laugh) I wanted to just be able to come here to just say I’m a person just like everybody else. Sometimes you make mistakes. It sucked. I was definitely in the wrong for the … So, what had happened was this guy was in this lane and I was in this lane and I thought it was a turning lane and I went this way and he clipped me at the end. So that already sucked that I put somebody else in danger. And he had to deal with that. I had to deal with my car being messed up. I had to deal with the insurance. I had to deal with now the money part. And then, well I was going to say that coming here was a terrible experience but so far it’s been pretty entertaining and it’s not that bad. (chuckles) So, I was hoping that maybe that this could be forgiven. It’s the first accident I’ve ever been in and (stammers) it sucks. Oh. Well, you perhaps could use a bit of terminology. Number one. Okay?
Sorry. Alright. This isn’t a street corner. You’re in a court of law. And your explanation, quite honestly, I know you’re trying hard, but I really didn’t understand your explanation. I thought you were the third-base coach for the Red Sox. You were saying, “He went this way and I went that way.” So I didn’t know, I didn’t get those signals. Inspector, did you get the signal? I did, Your Honor. You did? I did. Oh. What do you think about the signal? It sounded like he was in a lane that he wasn’t supposed to turn but he didn’t know that and when he turned anyway, he got into an accident, Judge. See? First day on the job (snaps)… He’s doing good. He’s doing great. He just convicted you. Woo! I thought about this and I was first going to make a decision like this and then I decided I had to make a decision like this and so the decision is you either have to pay $85 today or come back and have a trial. What do you wanna do? I’ll pay today. You’re going to pay today? I just though maybe I could come in and try to alleviate the $80 and maybe make it last or using the good driving record, you never know ’til you try. Unfortunately, you can’t use the good driving record. I tried. If not, I would dismiss it on the good driving record. Okay. Well thank you so much for your time and thank you for listening to me. (chuckles) Of course. Have a good rest of the day. (guitar bass music) Can we just stop for a moment. Who the heck is this kid? I take a couple days off to recover, bravely, from a painful knee surgery and this wannabe shows up and does the patented Ziggy Lean and in my courtroom? Oh, hell no. Keep moving kid. This is Ziggy’s house. That motorist thought his case sucked? Well, this really sucks for you kid. I’m watching you. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now!

Maurice Vega

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  1. Life is f**** hard it's really f**** hard that this judge knows that he's a great man we all need a little break in the life we live in just a little bit

  2. If you can't even pay more than $30 per month, you don't deserve a car. Just sell your car and buy an electric bicycle.

  3. I am Canadian Very pro America, this judge represents everything good about the the great country of the USA God Bless him

  4. Kind judge👍🏼
    I’m guessing he’s a great neighbor in a great grandfather as well. Our country need to more good judges like this. 🇺🇸

  5. Juge sir do not marcy on read light plese I lost my little princes that truck did not stop on read light big big crash and we lost her she is a phd student mother of three children barred in usa we live in Pakistan what ever she say her hole life bad are good we only smile she is a only princes of ower hole family know we only cry for her only till my dath plese no Macy on read light

  6. Oh boy! What a great concept for a spin-off series – "Caught in Providence – The Revenge of Ziggy". Consider me subscribed.

  7. Get well soon inspector Quinn love what you do as well your job isnt easy your always be my heroes in my eyes and I cant ever say Thank you enough again and again Thank you for your service well not only you but to all our Police department and Sheriff department Thank each and everyone of you for your service my Heroes in my eyes

  8. Thank god. I was like, who's this joker trying to be inspector Quinn. Get well soon

    P.s. I'm a little behind the curve.

  9. I feel for Elisabeth. She’s an American citizen, been all her life. We need to take of our own before helping others. Please

  10. This Judge every time I see him touch my heart so deeply,the scar are so difficult for me to cure.
    What a dissent human beings,professionalism,ethnic,great personality a real true champion.
    God all way bless you Sr.💗🇺🇸

  11. Elizabeth is clearly in some deep sh*t. You can see shes at the point of
    breaking down throughout the interview. she looks tired and depressed.

    I think the judge did a good thing. letting her off the hook entirely
    would just promote more misbehaviour… but this was a very humane
    solution. You can see he actually wanted to let her off, but he knew
    that that wouldnt help her. She needs some consequences to change.

    its a shame judges cant sentence someone to get help in these cases, because she clearly needs it.

  12. The lady is very haughty and she does not show any regret or humility before the geneorus and kind judge.

  13. Why do people in the comments compare him and Judge Judy. Judge Judy isn't a real show or court proceeding they are actors and its in a studio. This is a actual court proceeding these people were actually asked to come to court for real violations. This isn't some fake reality court show. Be careful putting down those appearing before the judge as they are not actor but real people facing real traffic violations. Not scripted and stop comparing to judge Judy who is a real judge but a fake show.

  14. OMG this woman things it's one rule for her and another for everyone else. I don't like this woman at all

  15. what do these ppl think is going to happen if they don't pay their fines ?? maybe I am a goody two shoes I would be so angry with myself and be soo worried about how i was going to pay the fine but by hook or crook I would do it ,cause i couldnt live with that many bills hanging over my head

  16. UK, run a red, £100 fine and 3 points. 12 points and you lose your license. American traffic laws seem lenient and often ignored.
    The inspector looks like Ed Nigma from Gotham.

  17. We would like to see Quinn in his place coz that belongs to him. Get well soon and come fast we are missing you.

  18. Damn this judge is soo good he makes the UK courts look like kangaroo courts full of stuck stuck up a-holes with a penchant for daylight robbery .Mind you referring to parking tickets only and not the whole judicial system .

  19. He is a great judge I don't think I would have given her much more of a break she is breaking the law consistently going through red lights it's not going to be good if she kills somebody someday

  20. for a sec i was like inpector Quinn lost sooo much of weight!!!! how!!! even i should!! then i realized this is some new kid in his pose.. XD

  21. The guy had a bad day with Mr. Quinn not being there. I'm sure Mr. Quinn would have given him the benefit of the doubt and so would have the Judge.

  22. Personally, I'm tired of all the excuses, none really reasonable for multiple tickets. And clearly an individual with so many tickets (unpaid) is not going to learn a lesson from leniency, nor pay under any lenient payment plan. At some point, a little tough love, as they say, is needed – the tickets, late penalties, court costs, and boot fees, or walk (which they brought onto themselves).

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