A passionate committed team at the Government Digital Service

I love first and foremost the people I love the fact that I work with so many passionate people who want to do a really really good job and I work with incredibly talented practitioners you know the team the people in my community in GDS and across government are really the thing for me right so you've got amazing people from lots of different backgrounds lots of different interests and they're all there to make it better no one's phoning it in you know they're getting up every day and thinking about how how they can make things better for the user and that some people are doing incredible work and give my job being able to give them a platform and talk about that excellent work they're doing is is the best thing about it I think working in GDS I love the culture I love the people and I'm continually inspired when I see someone always going a little bit more to make a difference for the user and the respect that we show each other as colleagues too you know I don't really think anything is someone else's problem which is really nice and everyone's willing to push things on a little bit forward so you never sort of drop into mediocrity I don't think

Maurice Vega

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