A Further Blow to Democracy in Brazil? Glenn Greenwald on Conviction of Lula Ahead of 2018 Election

NERMEEN SHAIKH: We begin today’s show in
Brazil, where former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has been convicted on corruption
charges Wednesday and sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in prison. He will remain free on appeal. Lula has been the front-runner in the 2018
elections and is widely considered one of Brazil’s most popular political figures. The former union leader co-founded Brazil’s
Workers’ Party and served as president from 2003 to 2010. During that time, he helped lift tens of millions
of Brazilians out of poverty. The sentencing of Lula comes a year after
his successor, President Dilma Rousseff, also of the Workers’ Party, was impeached by
the Brazilian Senate in a move she has denounced as a coup. Prosecutors allege a construction firm spent
about $1.1 million refurbishing a beachside apartment for Lula and his wife in exchange
for public contracts. He is also facing four other corruption trials. AMY GOODMAN: But Lula says he has been the
victim of a political witch hunt. Lula’s legal team has vowed to appeal the
conviction. In a statement, they said, “For over three
years, Lula has been subject to a politically motivated investigation. No credible evidence of guilt has been produced,
and overwhelming proof of his innocence blatantly ignored,” they said. Meanwhile, many of the lawmakers who orchestrated
Rousseff’s ouster last year are also facing corruption scandals. Last month, federal prosecutors charged President
Michel Temer with corruption, accusing the president of taking millions of dollars in
bribes. We go now to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where
we’re joined by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald for the hour. Glenn is the co-founder of The Intercept. Well, Glenn, we’re going to talk about a
lot of issues this hour, but let’s start in Brazil. Talk about the indictment of the former president,
Lula. GLENN GREENWALD: It’s hard to put into words
what an— AMY GOODMAN: The conviction. GLENN GREENWALD: —extraordinary political
earthquake this is for Brazil. Lula has been the singular dominant figure
in Brazilian politics for more than 15 years. He is identified internationally as being
the brand of the country. He was president for eight years, from 2002
until 2010, and oversaw extraordinary economic growth, left office with an 86 percent approval
rating, and is currently leading, as you said in the introduction, in all public opinion
polls for the 2018 election. He’s a polarizing figure now, to be certain. There’s a large segment of the population
that despises him and that doesn’t want to see him return to power, but there’s
a large segment of the population that wants to see him be president again. Certainly, he has more support than any of
the other prospective 2018 candidates. And so, to take somebody who is this dominant
on the Brazilian political landscape, not just in terms of its recent past, but also
its short-term future, the person overwhelmingly likely to become the country’s next president
through the ballot box, and convict him on charges of corruption, bribery and money laundering,
and sentence him to a decade in prison, just a little under a decade in prison, you really
can’t get much more consequential than this. Independent of the merits of the case against
Lula—and the extraordinary thing about this case is that there’s a lot of different
corruption charges and claims against Lula, including being at the center of the Petrobras
corruption. This has always—this was always regarded—has
been regarded as an ancillary case, not very strong. It involves kind of obscure questions about
who is actually the owner of this triplex apartment that received the benefits. Lula insists that he is not even the owner
of the apartment, whereas the state insists that that was just a scam, that he really
is the owner and these benefits went to him. But leaving aside the merits of the case,
which will now be adjudicated on appeal, if you look at actually what has happened, it’s
amazing, in Brazil. You have, first, the leader of the country
who was elected president, Dilma Rousseff, impeached on charges that, even if you believe
them, are extremely petty in the context of the corruption claims lodged against the people
who removed her. So, you took out the elected president of
PT, which severely harmed PT, and now you take the next PT candidate, who was president
and who likely will be president again, and you convict him on charges and make him ineligible
to run for office for the next 20 years. It certainly looks like, whether, again, these
claims are meritorious or not, that there is a real attempt to preclude the public from
having the leaders that it wants, which are the leaders of PT. And at the same time that you have that going
on, once Dilma was removed from office, you move from a center-left government, with PT,
to a center-right government, with her successor, Michel Temer, who formed a coalition with
the right-wing PSDB party, and now they’re talking about removing Temer and installing
the next person in line, Rodrigo Maia, who is the head of the lower house, essentially
the speaker of the house, who is a member of the right-wing Democrats party, which means
you’ll go from a center-left party to a center-right party to a right-wing party without
a single vote being cast. And so there’s a lot of concern and a lot
of perception on the part of Brazilians that this is a further blow to democracy, that
this is really just politically driven, that there are all kinds of corrupt figures on
the right, including President Michel Temer and Senator Aécio Neves, who was the candidate
the right ran against Dilma in 2014 and almost beat her, about whom there’s much more tangible
and concrete evidence of criminality, and yet haven’t been convicted, haven’t even
left office. Aécio is still in the Senate. He was ordered by a court to be removed, and
now he’s been returned. And Temer remains running the country, even
though the whole country heard him on audio approving bribes paid to witnesses to keep
them silent. So, I think it has to be underscored that
there is reasonable debate about how strong the case is against Lula. But the way in which these cases are being
prosecuted, the people who are paying prices and the people who are being protected, does
give a strong appearance of it being politically motivated, whether that’s really the intention
or not. NERMEEN SHAIKH: And, Glenn, there have been
reports that protesters—or people came out on the streets yesterday following the conviction,
both in support of the conviction and opposed to it. So could you talk about that and the people
who have been—who have approved, who think this is a good decision made by the judiciary
to convict Lula? GLENN GREENWALD: Sure. So this goes back to the protest movement
against Dilma, which the Brazilian media, which is a corporate media very much opposed
to Dilma and very much in favor of impeachment, depicted as this kind of uprising on the part
of the people. And the reality was always much different. There is a huge segment of the population,
primarily the wealthy, the oligarchs, the upper-middle class, that dislike PT because
of its socialist policies. PT has become much less socialist over the
years. They’ve actually gotten into bed with some
oligarchs, the way the Democratic Party has in the U.S. But they’re still perceived as a socialist
party. And compared to the right, they certainly
oppose austerity more. They favor greater spending on social programs
and the like. And so there is a segment of the country that
hates PT on ideological grounds. And that is the segment of the population,
that has been trying to defeat PT at the ballot box for 16 years now and has failed to do
so, that were out on the streets demanding Dilma’s impeachment. The same people who wanted to beat her at
the ballot box and failed then went to the streets to demand her impeachment, which is
not surprising. And so, the people who are out on the streets
now demanding that Lula be imprisoned or celebrating his imprisonment are the people who have just
always hated PT and hated Lula strictly on ideological grounds. Then there are people, sort of the hardcore
loyalists of Lula and Dilma and PT, who are out on the streets protesting his imprisonment. This is really the big question that continues
to lurk over Brazil, which, I should remind everybody, is the fifth-largest or fifth most
populous country on the planet. It’s a country of 260 million people. So it really matters what happens here. The lurking question is: Are you going to
move beyond the kind of hardcore political junkies on the right and the left, when it
comes to street protests? We haven’t seen massive street protests
demanding the removal of Michel Temer, and we haven’t yet seen people pouring out onto
the streets in anger over Lula’s conviction—albeit it’s been less than 24 hours since it happened. We might see that. And the reason is, is that Brazilians are
just exhausted. This is not a country where there are isolated
corruption cases against specific political figures. This is a country which, for decades, has
had a political class that is systematically corrupt. It runs on corruption. And the only thing that has changed is that
you now have an independent judiciary, a judiciary that’s a little bit more or a lot more aggressive
about holding people in political office accountable. There’s more transparency. And so it’s being exposed. And what Brazilians have seen is that the
entire political class in Brasília, virtually, is itself corrupt, that their political system
is one based in corruption. And so, they really aren’t convinced that
they should be out on the street demanding Temer’s removal, as much as the country
hates Temer across the board, because they’re not convinced that whoever replaces him is
going to be any better, just like Temer replacing Dilma actually made things worse. And I don’t know how much loyalty there
is to Lula at this point among the broad population, given that people are really disenchanted
with and exhausted by political scandal. And so, I don’t—if I had to bet, I would
say there isn’t going to be a mass uprising protesting Lula. There will be some people out on the street
who are hardcore PT followers, but I don’t think you’re going to have massive social
instability over the fact that Lula got convicted, especially since they haven’t put him in
prison. They said he could remain free pending appeal. AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to go to the ousted
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who was recently here in Democracy Now!’s studios
in New York. She was talking about Lula. DILMA ROUSSEFF: [translated] I think that
Lula will run for president, unless there is an effort to convict him on appeal, because,
today, if Lula were the candidate, well, he’s still the only person who has a significant
number of votes. He has a 38.5 percent support. The others in the latest polls all had around
10 percent, 9 percent, 5 or 6 percent. So there is that difference. There is a concern on the part of those who
carried out the coup. They are very concerned about this situation. Now we have to see how things evolve. I think it’s very difficult to convict him
twice. I don’t think there’s any basis for that,
because the witnesses who were called, when I called him, they did not incriminate him. In addition, I think there could be other
efforts to avoid the 2018 elections, because certainly those who carried out the coup and
are pushing the coup program are not going to enjoy popular support. I can assure you of that. AMY GOODMAN: To see the full-hour interview
with the ousted President Dilma Rousseff, you can go to democracynow.org. Glenn, your response? GLENN GREENWALD: So, I think maybe she overstates
just a little bit the inevitability of Lula’s victory. As is true for polls in the United States
a year or more out of an election, polling tends to be about name recognition, and then,
ultimately, as the election proceeds and people pay more attention to the more obscure candidates,
they’re able to get some traction. But she’s definitely right that if you had
to bet your money on one person to win in 2018, it would be Lula. That’s certainly who I would put my money
on, not just because he’s leading in the polls, but because there is no political talent
even close to Lula in terms of his ability to just be persuasive and charismatic and
to appeal to people’s gut in a way that very few other politicians that I’ve ever
seen in my lifetime are capable of doing. So you certainly wouldn’t bet against him. And, you know, you—I’ve been on your show
many times talking about the impeachment process, and you know what a political upheaval and
crisis it was for this country to remove Dilma, to remove a democratically elected president
who is part of a party that won four consecutive national elections. It really tore the country apart. Imagine if the elites of this country endured
all of that, went through all of that to get her out of office, only for a year and a half
later PT to return to power in the person of Lula. So, yes, they are petrified that Lula is going
to return to power. They do want to make certain that he is ineligible
by making him ineligible through this criminal process. But there is another aspect to it that I think
is important to point out. It’s not so black and white, this morality
play, because there are a lot of politicians in Brasília across the political spectrum—on
the right, on the left and on the center—who are very vulnerable to corruption charges
and to having criminal proceedings brought against them. And they are petrified, all of them. They have watched some of the country’s
most powerful politicians and its oligarchs go to prison, including Eduardo Cunha, who
was the most powerful and feared politician in Brazil over the last several years, who’s
now sitting in a federal prison without any real hope of getting out anytime soon. It’s a serious threat. And what we see now is them start to unify. Recently, Lula gave an interview in which
he actually sort of defended Michel Temer and said, “Let’s not jump to conclusions
about whether he’s really guilty. We need to see the evidence.” There’s starting to be a movement on the
part of all these politicians who are vulnerable to corruption charges to unify against the
Lava Jato investigators, against the corruption investigators. And so, how much of a threat Lula really poses
to the oligarchical class? He’s become very close allies with a lot
of the leading plutocrats, a lot of the leading oil and construction executives. He’s made a lot of money by doing business
with a lot of these extremely wealthy and powerful financial interests in Brazil. He’s not the Lula from 1986, where he was
this firebrand, you know, hardcore socialist union leader. He’s been integrated into the power structure. And so, I do think that they want to make
sure PT doesn’t come back to power, but I don’t think it’s accurate to depict
it as them viewing Lula as some kind of towering enemy of the elite. I think that the elite has found a way to
work with Lula and accommodate their interests with Lula. And so I don’t know how petrified they are
of his return. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Glenn, very, quickly, before
we go to break, I wanted to ask you about something else that occurred on the very same
day that Lula was convicted—that is, yesterday, Wednesday—which is that the Brazilian Senate
approved a government-sponsored series of labor reforms. So could you tell us about those reforms and
how the approval by the Senate, as reports are suggesting, might boost the Temer government—Temer
himself, of course, facing corruption charges, as you mentioned, and, in fact, Brazil’s
first sitting head of state to be formally charged with a crime? GLENN GREENWALD: Yeah, I’m really glad that
you ask that, because there’s no way to discuss the situation in Brazil without understanding
the agenda of international finance and domestic oligarchs, in particular, their desperation
to impose extremely harsh austerity measures on an already suffering poor population. Michel Temer, shortly after he was installed
as president, came to New York and spoke to a gathering of hedge funds and foreign policy
elites in New York and said that the real reason Dilma was impeached was not because
of these budgetary tricks she was accused of using, but it was because she was unwilling
to impose the level of austerity that international capital and the business interests in Brazil
wanted. That’s why they put Temer into office, to,
quote-unquote, “reform” pensions and labor laws, to make people work longer, to extend
their retirement rate, to reduce their benefits. This is what the whole thing is about. And it’s amazing because every time it looks
like Temer is going to stay, the real increases in strength, as does the Brazilian stock market. Every time it looks like he’s in trouble,
the real decreases, and the Brazilian stock market weakens, because international finance
wants Temer to stay, because he’s the only one willing to impose these harsh austerity
measures, because he’s already so unpopular and so old that he’s not going to run again
and can’t run again, so he doesn’t care. He’s willing to do their dirty work for
them. At the same time, yesterday, when Lula got
convicted and it looked like or the court has declared him ineligible to run again in
2018, what happened to the real? It skyrocketed against the dollar. The Brazilian stock market boomed because
international finance wants the right to take over and continue to maintain power in Brazil. So, everything is about the underlying attempt
to take away the benefits from the nation’s poor that PT has legislated for them, to make
people work longer hours, to make them have fewer benefits, to transfer wealth from the
laborers in this country and the poor in this country back to the oligarchs. That’s why Dilma was removed. That’s why Michel Temer is in power. That’s why they want to make Lula ineligible. And so, that is absolutely what lurks at the
center of all of this intrigue. AMY GOODMAN: Well, Glenn, please stay with
us. We’re talking about the former Brazilian
President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, convicted on corruption charges and sentenced to nine-and-a-half
years in prison. When we come back, we’ll speak with the
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald about the Putin-Trump versions of their meeting
at the G20, and also about the latest brouhaha, the Donald Trump Jr.-Jared Kushner-Manafort
meeting with a so-called Russian government lawyer. And we’ll also talk about what’s happening
with NSA whistleblower Reality Winner. Stay with us.

Maurice Vega

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  36. Lula is a convicted criminal. I don't see how his arrest is a blow to democracy. How many appelas already? 15? 20? He may be leading polls but that does not exempt him from crimes. Simple as that.

  37. The biggest problem is that if you’re going to put Lula away for taking bribes then you have to put everyone else too. It’s bs. They’re all part of the problem. Put them all away. Also, Lula did good but he and Dilma failed, so stop looking at the past and find a new PT leader!

  38. esse comunista vagabundo além de afundar o país com as maiores taxas de infração,desemprego,criminalidade,assassinatos da história ,ainda fica fazendo esses joguinhos de marketing para se auto martirizar. Eu sou brasileiro e conheço a história do país e digo que se tentarem uma revolução comunista aqui tenho certeza que milhares de conservadores se uniram para a guerra civil até a ultima gota de sangue em favor da família tradicional,do capitalismo,e dos bons valores que fundaram a civilização ocidental.

  39. Where the hell this this information came from. Lula took poor out from poverty? How, show me data! Does a poor person who earns nothing, comes out from poverty by receiving 10 dollars a month? Oh come on, wake up. Are international media really stupid or are they just playing fools? Corruption is destroying this country how dare you protect the thieves?

  40. Yup, just like i tought… another video made by non-brazilians who think they know something about Brazil's politics… Why havent u invaded us and forced ur so called "democracy" upon us ? Oh thats right, we dont have enough oil… hahahah

  41. It is well known that AMY GOODMAN is a war.monger BILDERBERG S H I L L. Yes DemocracyNOW is partially FUNDED by BILDERBERGS

  42. If anything, proving an ex-president is corrupt and sending him to jail strengthens our democracy because it shows no one is above the law. Glenn Greenwald is a fool with an ultra-leftist agenda, democracy for him is whatever his personal preference is, everything else is fascism in his eyes.

  43. Updating – It is now clear that Lula was the head of a Party that is a criminal organization, maybe the largest in the world, operating billions of dollars in bribes, he is now an inmate who was sentenced not to nine but twelve years, for common crimes of corruption and money laundering, and he was condemned in the Trial, Appellate and High Courts of Brazil, by 16 judges, in the operation of full democratic state ruled by the Constitution, and this is only the first of nine cases. The majority of the Brazilian population endorse this condemnation!

  44. A blow to democracy is carrying for a corrupted individual that make part of a well know marxist name party, "Workers Party", the place where you can found anything, just the worker that is always missing. We, brazilian tax payer are paying for all this corruption scandals, is not only one, or 2. Even the construction in Moçambique and Venezuela we got default by those country of deals done by this duet of idiotic communist, Dilma and Lula.
    These 2 idividuals say to the public and stupid media that they are for the poor, but they never EVER cancel a pay check from the government and neither they have drop the king-like cost that it's the president of the Brazil to the tax payer. Just to have a comparison, they cost more to the public vault than the Queen of the Uk to the british people. That's how for the poor these people are.
    these statement by Lula is OBVIOUS lies. But for sure the average brazilian want his hearth in a silver plate, that's FOR SURE. Not even in prision he can stop wasting or money, R$ 300 thousand to acomodate this piece of garbage that only looted the country and make preparation to turn in to a Venezuela or Cuba.
    Fuck off to these so call journalist of the world that need to think about what this guy that don't even have 2º grade has to say. Fuck off, really. If you are a journalist go search for all the scandals of corruption in his period as president. If you say that he is a honesty guy I will doubt YOUR honesty.

  45. Interesting the PT Spokesperson Greenwald doesn't mention how these right wing parties and Temer in particular got into power. Nobody voted for Temer Glenn. The people who pay you to live in your mansion in Sao Conrado put these morons in power. Also interesting is the fact that Brazil has been run aground and run into the ground long before these so called right wing idiots arrived. Nobody is denying that Temer and Aécio Neves are gangsters of the highest degree but Lula and Dilma were in bed with them and have put them where they are today. PT must be paying Greenwald a lot and why not, they've paid everybody else a lot to serve up BS.

  46. This is fake news. Lula and Dilma have run Brazil into the ground and are some of the most corrupt politicians going.

    BOLSONARO 2018

  47. Lula is incredibly corrupt, don't believe this propaganda, he declared the apartment he was convicted of having received from engineering companies on his income tax.

  48. He is not popular anymore! He is the nas guy, im brazilian and we need strenght to pass through ALL this shit that is happening to us 🙁

  49. Lula is guilty. Enough said…only stupid people want a prisoner for President. Bolsonaro 2018 or Brazil becomes Venezuela. South America stop listening to Fidel Castro-ism.

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