90 seconds on the 2018 Ontario election campaign trail – 5/25/2018

this election is coming down to some clear questions who's looking out for you who is on your side people want change and if you thought the Liberals were bad an NDP government would be 10 times worse this is the type of change that the NDP would deliver from bad to worse the NDP would make life more expensive they would make life harder I've known Tess lean for some time now this woman is an activist in the Interfaith community she's for over a decade been an activist on interfaith issues and so I find it you know pretty unbelievable that that she would be in any way implicated in anything that all that's anti-semitic it's in our platform that we will fight hate of every kind whether that's Islamophobia whether that's anti black racism whether that's anti-semitism we've made such progress over the last five years we have an economy that's thriving we've got low unemployment rates record lows the policies and the plan that we put in place is working on all fronts and I am going to work every day of these next two weeks to make sure that the people of this province know what we've done and what we are prepared to do going forward and what we know we can do going forward

Maurice Vega

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  1. IS this election over yet? Maybe the point is to get people so tired that they become disengaged and just skip the whole thing

  2. Pivoting towards the real threat. Vote NDP people because we do need a change but it has to be real and the two big parties that have ruled and ruined this province for too long need to be sent a message.

  3. I'm going to vote for Doug Ford because he knows what Ontario needs to be fixed and he will be a great leader and get the tax down.

    And to those so called scandalous information about him is lies because I can tell that they are taking parts out of the so called tape just to ruin the PC Party with there fake information about him.

    Andrea is way worse than Wynne and look at her making mistakes she made about her party money so I don't trust her with Ontario.

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