9 Tips to be a Better Leader – Leadership and Management Skills and Qualities

hey guys practical psychology here and today I'm going to be teaching you some tips on how to be a great leader so one of the biggest misconceptions about leadership is that it is something that is innate many people think that leaders are born this way and they don't have to spend time and effort to develop their leadership capabilities this cannot be any further from the truth by implementing the 90 words of leadership into your life you'll be able to develop your potential as a leader earn more money in your career and earn even more respect from your peers and be more fulfilled in your personal life so here are 9 tips on how to be a better leader tip number one integrity integrity is the foundation of all leadership people are not willing to follow someone whose actions are unethical or unjust imagine you are working for a boss who despite your great efforts and sacrifices for the company gives the job promotion to employee that has been slacking off why would you follow such a leader on the other hand when we operate from integrity we gain the trust of the people we work closely with trust amongst team members is one of the most accurate predictors of success and it all starts with leaders integrity then the team members can reciprocate the behavior of the leader and create a favorable atmosphere so that everyone can benefit tip number two is that actions speak louder than words a great leader should lead by example and not delegate something to his followers not willing to do himself during World War one General George S Patton led his troops by walking in front of the tanks despite the risk of being easily shot by the enemies Martin Luther King jr. Mahatma Gandhi we're all great leaders who stood up and led by example you were not a true leader if you are not brave enough to take the first leap practice doing three small things you were afraid of every day to get familiar with being uncomfortable so when the time comes to take charge you will have built the resilience and confidence abilities your friends or classmates will then see you as a powerful gifted leader while you are enjoying the fruits of your labor tip number three be persuasive the third secret to making people follow you as a leader is to become more persuasive persuasion is too broad of a topic to cover in a single point so you should definitely spend a lot of time studying it because it will skyrocket your success one powerful thing you can do to ten times your persuasion when you ask someone to do something for you is to frame it so that they see the benefit they get from doing a particular thing if you want to persuade your buddy to come work out with you it will be wiser to show him what he will get increase confidence longer life and girls looking at him rather saying that you feel bored or unmotivated to go to the gym alone and you need a partner tip number four is to make people feel important the billionaire Mary Kay Ash's secret to building her Empire was to imagine that every person she met had a sign on their forehead that said make me feel important leadership is not about the leader it's about the followers according to her this is a secret to succeed in life but how do I make people feel important genuinely ask them questions about their interests passions concerns and other things don't forget to praise and thank them on the smallest achievements never condemned offer constructive feedback and that will help them improve tip number five is to praise in public and correct in private one of the worst things a leader can do is to condemn someone for a mistake in front of his or her colleagues now you've ever had friends over and your parents got mad at you for something you've probably felt like this not only will it violate the make people feel important tool but you will lose your respect and credibility as a leader of course we can all agree that mistakes should be paid attention to and correct it in order to not be repeated but here's your framework on how to give proper criticism so the person that you were criticizing two things that they do well before criticizing them and then one after the criticism this is called sandwich approach let's say that your colleague or business partner is 20 minutes late every morning first you talk to them and private and start with the praise then you include the criticism and again finish was a praise James the customer service you provide to our client is really outstanding the fact that you were late for work every morning is a problem for us because our team and clients need your exceptional skills and knowledge at that time of day just like that tip number six is to take responsibility for your mistakes a leader is not supposed to be perfect or not make any mistake making mistakes is completely normal unless you try to cover them up deny them or make somebody else responsible for them a great leader earns respect by admitting his or her mistakes and learning the lesson vulnerability is a sign of leadership strengths it is mistakenly viewed as a weakness tip number seven is a have a clear goal or a vision successful companies reach consensus on all of their common goals from top to the bottom of the hierarchy even the most brilliant strategy will fail if such consensus is not received after you have set a clear achievable and yet at the same time challenging goal as a leader and communicated them a mainly to all of your followers you are bound to achieve them despite the adversity another tip to achieve goals be it for yourself or the organization you are in is to write them on paper people with written goals are 51% more likely to achieve the goals than without yet only 3 out of 100 adults actually write their goals down according to a study in the UK tip number 8 is to be knowledgeable now this was the first tip and how to think like dr. house being knowledgeable as a leader is crucial in order to feel confident and to gain the respect of your followers saying that you don't know how to do something or asking for advice is fine but when this happens regularly you start to lose your leadership credibility you still have to have that technical information always seek out new information and try to better yourself as a person this will inevitably make you a better leader and more valuable as a person tip number nine is to surround yourself with great people there's a saying that you were the sum average of the five people you spend most of your time with no matter how great the leader is he or she will always be limited by the potential of his employees let go of the old friends or relatives that are holding you back err has a whole bunch of negativity in their life it's okay to help them but if they keep dragging it down you should probably let them go surround yourself with epic people that will challenge you to make a stronger version of yourself Andrew Carnegie attributed his success to being surrounded with people way smarter than he was and putting the brainpower to use it become one of the wealthiest men in the world how was Thomas Edison able to invent the light bulb without formal education he simply used the brands of highly educated physicists and people that excelled academically in combination with his perseverance he was able to add more than 1,000 patents to his name I hope you guys enjoyed this video and learn something and if there was just one gold nugget you got out of this video leave a like below if you want more videos like to subscribe thanks for watching

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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips! I’ve been managing small-medium sized teams for the past few years, have to say that Culture Code was big for me personally. Three big things that I got from him (Coyle): Building team safety, showing vulnerability, and establishing team purpose. I have learnt a lot via a great review shared via http://bit.ly/2T2NtAb.

  2. Did you notice that men were portrayed as leaders 2:1 when compared to women in this presentation? Just an observation of the obstacles women face in leadership bias and its subtle discrimination.

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  4. This is golden condensed information. Several of these I was already aware of. It's unfortunate that even though we've known a lot of these for a long time very few leaders follow them because they think they know better and constantly fail. The key is "influencing" them to consider the idea that they might be wrong and then directing them to this video with an open mind. Very very difficult with most so-called leadership.

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  6. Wow thank you. I just became an assistant supervisor of a private security company. I was chosen for this job. And so far it’s been hard to get more people to follow and be respected. This puts thing into prospective thank you

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  8. I like the "Sandwich Approach" terminology. I always just thought Kiss, Slap, Kiss. Hey good job on this and that but this one thing is very lacking. Here's why it's important to fix it and how I think you'll be able to. Also, I'm here to help. Keep up the great work on this and that and let me know if you continue to struggle with what we've discussed, I have faith in you, now go out there and show me what you can really do!

  9. Great Video… Please research The Edison portion though. He is NOT a good example of a leader. Davy, Warren de la Rue, Swan's work on the light-bulb all predate Edison by years. He may have made improvements (or did some of the scientist working for him…) but Edison=bad example as a leader or inventor (and if integrity is your #1 topic… then that even makes the case for the removal of Edison stronger)

  10. We have some nice guided hypnosis sessions for leadership and management skills on our youtube channel.

  11. I never comment on videos but I like your educational and entertaining videos. I watch something educational every morning as I eat my breakfast and I love your channel

  12. This is an excellent video. I use most of these on a daily basis. I also found a couple I can't wait to try out!

  13. I am 14, I had read many leadership books, I already knew everything taught in this video, but this is really good, thanks for making it to help people out.

  14. Excellent information here. I love to talk about leadership as I believe that everything rise and fall with leadership. Subscribe to my channel for morehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PH5rEsHIVc

  15. Our guest, Erich Schönleitner, puts it like this: First you need to follow, then you can lead. If you have not learned how to follow, then you are not a good leader. – If you're interested in what else he has to say about how to become a great leader or business advice, check out the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4QtwBxaP1o&t=1s
    happy day!

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