#82 WHATS A BREXIT?? – Posh Peter’s Politics Episode 3. BREXIT [ Unscripted Political Comedy ]

[Peter] Hello everyone. Yes yes it’s me Posh Peter [Peter] and welcome to… Posh Peter’s Politics. [Peter] Yes yes yes yes. [Peter] And today on this episode [Peter] we’re going to have a special discussion [Peter] about Brexit. Yes yes yes [Peter] With my special guest… [Peter] Boris Johnson. Yes how exciting [Peter] Oh
[Fred] Oh Hi Peter [Peter] Where’s Boris Johnson? [Fred] Oh yes er sorry. I’m afraid he couldn’t make it [Fred] and they called me in at the last minute [Fred] But I’m here and I’m so excited. [Fred] Hello everyone! I’m Freddy! Hi Peter [Fred] I’m so excited.
I’ve never been on a talk show before. [Fred] This is so good. Oh my god. [Fred] I’m glad that Boris Johnson couldn’t come. [Fred] Yes now I get to be on here instead. [Peter] Right ok. Well… [Fred] Yes they told me all
about what we’re going to talk about [Fred] It sounds really exciting. Yay [Peter] Oh oh oh ok. Ok that’s good then. [Fred] Yes yes yes
[Peter] So what is your opinion on Brexit then? [Fred] Well breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. [Peter] Breakfast?
[Fred] I love breakfast so much. [Fred] My favourite is bacon with eggs [Fred] And sometimes with toast as well. [Fred] Ooh Ooh
and yes and I really like pancakes and cheerios… [Fred] And Lucky Charms. When I want cereal… [Fred] I always
have Lucky Charms with the little marshmallows. [Fred] Num num num num. Oh and waffles. [Fred] Waffles with syrup [Fred] oh and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. [Fred] Oh my god. They’re my favourite as well. [Fred] Oh I really
think breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. [Fred] What do you think about breakfast? [Peter] No no not breakfast. Brexit! [Fred] Oh is that a bit like brunch? [Fred] Sort of later but you know [Fred] You have breakfast but not at breakfast time. [Peter] Hang on. Let me ask you in another way. [Fred] Yes?
[Peter] Do you like a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit? [Fred] Ooh. I like a soft boiled Brexit. [Fred] Yes with soldiers for dipping. [Peter] No!
[Fred] Mmm. Yum yum yum yum yum [Fred] Yes my Daddy always makes me a [Fred] soft boiled Brexit in the morning. [Peter] No no. BREXIT. Not breakfast. [Fred] Yes Brexit. Not breakfast. [Fred] Yes he makes me a soft boiled Brexit. [Peter] No no no!
We’re talking about politics here not food. [Fred] Oh no. I’m afraid I’m not allowed that no. [Fred] My Daddy says I’m not allowed. [Fred] Because I have
hay fever you see and it makes me sneeze. [Peter] No no. Not pollen. Politics. [Fred] Pollentics? I don’t know what that is. [Peter] Oh oh…
[Fred] I think I might be allergic though. [Fred] Yeah my Daddy says I’m allergic to lots of things. [Peter] No no no!
[Fred] But once he told me I was allergic to sunshine [Fred] but that’s not true. I checked [Peter] No no no no. [Peter] Right I’m
going to have to explain to you what Brexit is. [Fred] Ok
[Peter] So basically Britain as a country in 2016… [Peter] decided to leave Brussels and leave Europe [Fred] What? But why? I like Brussels [Peter] You like Brussels? [Fred] Yes I love them. [Fred] Yes we
had them at Christmas. They’re delicious. [Peter] No!
[Fred] Yes brussel sprouts. They’re really nice [Fred] We had brussel sprouts with bacon [Fred] and then we had them with our roast dinner. [Peter] Oh for god sake…
[Fred] They were so delicious. [Fred] So we are talking about food. [Fred] We’re just talking about dinner. Oh! [Peter] No!
[Fred] Ok. No don’t worry. [Fred] We make brussel sprouts in this country. [Fred] So we don’t have to worry if we leave Europe… [Fred] because we can make more Brussels. [Peter] No no no no. Brussels is a… [Fred] Yes! Yes! We farm them here. [Fred] I’ve seen it on the discovery channel. [Peter] No… Yes about brussel sprouts [Peter] but that’s
not what I’m talking about again. No no [Peter] Brussels is a city in Belgium in Europe [Fred] No no no no. I’m pretty sure about this. [Fred] Brussels is a type of vegetable. [Fred] Yeah. I
know because my Daddy makes me eat them [Fred] because he says they’re good for me. [Fred] And I
really like them but he thinks they’re disgusting [Fred] but I think they’re great. Yum yum yum [Peter] Oh for goodness sake. No no no. Look… [Fred] Why don’t you like Brussels? [Fred] They’re so delicious [Peter] No! I’m not talking about food. [Peter] We’re talking about politics here. [Fred] I’m so confused. [Peter] Look… I’ll try and explain to you why… [Peter] we decided to leave Brussels and Europe [Fred] I don’t
see why you would. They’re so delicous [Peter] Right… So we decided to leave Brussels… [Peter] For a number of reasons [Peter] And the main reason was immigration. [Peter] Yes yes yes. So we wanted to stop… [Peter] immigrants from coming into our country [Fred] No I think you’ve got mistaken again. [Fred] I think you mean you want to stop ignorants [Fred] But you sound very ignorant. [Fred] If you’re saying you don’t want people… [Fred] coming to our country… [Fred] that sounds very ignorant to me [Fred] But I
agree. Stopping ignorant people like you… [Fred] Is a very good idea. [Peter] No!
[Fred] It sounds like a very ignorant persepctive [Fred] If you
want to stop people from coming to our country… [Fred] Then you have no idea of the potential of… [Fred] Wealth of knowledge and skills [Fred] and
things like that that you’re potentially turning away [Peter] But no… [Peter] There
are plenty of unskilled people as well you know [Fred] But do you know that a large portion of our… [Fred] National Health Service is made [Fred] up by foreign workers [Peter] But… [Fred] Yes
so what would happen to our health system [Fred] Which is already suffering [Fred] due to lack of funding and other issues [Fred] If we then take away all of the workers [Peter] Well… [Fred] I think it sounds like you would like [Fred] To have your cake and eat it too. [Peter] No…
[Fred] Yes [Peter] No [Fred] I think I’m starting to understand yes. [Fred] I can see why there needs to be a debate [Fred] It sounds like there needs to be a debate [Fred] To stop people like you. [Peter] No! Look. Look. [Peter] We need to stop immigrants coming into… [Peter] our
country because we’re losing our identity… [Peter] as Britain. Yes yes yes [Peter] Yes we’re losing the British identity. [Fred] Oh right. Yes that sounds really good… [Fred] You mean you want to retain the identity… [Fred] Of an empire building, like world conquering… [Fred] identity
[Peter] Yes that sounds great [Fred] Where we have bad teeth [Fred] And we like waiting in queues. [Fred] And
yeah so I don’t really think we really want… [Fred] Oh and of course. Hunting foxes [Fred] And cruelty to animals and racing them. [Fred] And doing all sorts… [Fred] Yeah
that’s a really great history to hold on to. [Fred] I think a fresh start would be actually [Fred] Quite a good idea don’t you? [Peter] Well… [Peter] Well some people like the old values. [Fred] Yes the traditionalists. [Fred] The people who can’t let go. [Fred] Yes
the people who are dragging the rest of us down [Fred] The people who are pushing forward [Fred] And being modern and interesting [Fred] And accepting and kind [Fred] The people who have a new world order [Fred] And a new perspective [Fred] And
it’s people like you that are holding us back [Fred] You are the anchor to our ships [Fred] You are the dirt, the dust and the crust… [Peter] No!
[Fred] On the sails. Yes [Fred] You. Yes. [Peter] This is absolutely ridiculous. [Fred] Yes
[Peter] Who booked this guest on? [Fred] Yes. Don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to him. [Fred] Go now. Go and find the real facts [Peter] No! Don’t listen to him [Fred] Find out for yourself and find out the truth. [Peter] No!
[Fred] Yes [Peter] This is absolutely ridiculous [Fred] Don’t listen to bigots like this. [Fred] These people do not have [Fred] your best interests at heart. Yes [Peter] I’m leaving. I’m not listening to you anymore [Peter] I don’t know who booked this guest [Peter] But this is ridiculous [Peter] I am going to my trailer. [Fred] Right anyway so [Fred] my favourite thing for breakfast is bacon [Fred] Yes. Do you like bacon? [Fred] I love bacon. [Fred] I like bacon most when it’s smoked. [Fred] And I also like it when it’s really crispy [Fred] And I like the fact that [Fred] You can have bacon hot [Fred] And you can have it cold [Fred] Sometimes I like to have… [Fred] bacon in a sandwich the next day [Fred] But
other times I like to have bacon on it’s own [Fred] It’s really really good. [Fred] Do you like bacon? [Fred] What’s your favourite kind? [Fred] Do you like big bacon? [Fred] Or small bacon? [Fred] Or rashers of bacon? [Fred] Or do you like other types of bacon? [Fred] Do you like it smoked? [Fred] Or do you like it unsmoked? [Fred] Do you like it… [Fred] Well I don’t know [Fred] I’ve run out of questions. [Fred] This is reallty hard being a talk show host [Fred] Hello? Hello? Help [Fred] What do I do? How do I make it stop? [Fred] Uh. Eggs? Oh I like eggs. [Fred] Um help! [Fred] Er boiled eggs? Do you like boiled eggs? [Fred] I like boiled eggs. [Fred] I like them with soldiers [Fred] Hello. Help. How do I make it stop? [Fred] Hello! [Fred] Hello! [Fred] Oh! [Fred] Bye!

Maurice Vega

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  1. I stumbled across this channel today and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy what I've seen. The concept behind it alone is the most original thing I've seen on this platform in a long time. I definitely subbed and will be sharing with more people. Keep up the great work!

  2. Gotta be careful of those “people” that act stupid cause they know more than you think. Lol. Watched in full and liked. Tfs #iamacreator

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