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Democratic debate let’s create this video it’s
highlighting Bernie Sanders and debate 5 that just took place this is showing
some of its opening remarks senator Sanders I’d like to go to you Americans
are watching these impeachment hearings Democratic debate at the same time they’re also focused on
their more immediate daily economic and family concerns how central should the
president’s conduct uncovered by this impeachment inquiry be to any Democratic
nominees campaign for president how Democratic debate central would it be to yours
well Rachel sadly we have a president who is not only a pathological liar he
is likely the most corrupt president in the modern history of America but we
cannot simply be consumed by Donald Trump because if we are you know what
we’re gonna lose the election right now Democratic debate you’ve got 87 million people who have no
health insurance or underinsured we’re facing the great existential crisis of
our time in terms of climate change you got 500,000 people sleeping out on the
street and you got 18 million people are paying half of their limited incomes
filing what the American people understand is that the Congress can walk
and chew bubble gum at the same time in other words we can deal with Trump’s
corruption but we also have to stand up Democratic debate for the working families of this country
we also have to stand up to the fact that our political system is corrupt
dominated by a handful of billionaires and that our economy is rigged with
three people owning more wealth than the bottom half of America we can do it all
when we Riley the American people in the cause of justice Mayer Buddha judge let
me put the same question to you how central shit okay so right there he’s
asked a question about from the answers Democratic debate Democratic debate at well when he finds a way to move back
to his economic populist message highlighting
the three people own more wealth from the bottom 50% of Americans those are
things a lot of Americans do care about and so Bernie is a good job at
highlighting like yes what’s happening with Donald Trump that is important but
leaders of this country that can focus on multiple problems at once they don’t
only need to focus on that throughout his entire career Bernie has been
focused on economic populist message talking about wealth inequality talking
about the rigged system in his book our Democratic debate revolution he writes about policies like
NAFTA and how they really hurt the middle class in this country mine writes
about Wall Street and 2008 bailouts how the taxpayer money bailed them out and
they turned around right after and they’re storing money in tax havens
overseas and so good job by Bernie and staying consistent with his message
that’s the main thing that makes him Democratic debate unique from the other candidate on stage
makes me me from beauty judge and from Cory Booker and Uniqlo vote are really
the other candidates okay I went a little bit ahead later in the debate
he’s asked actually a pretty tough question about if he believes they
should chant lock him up to dull trumpet events and so it’s honest it’s a
question that almost either way no matter how he answers they’re like it’s
going to tick some people off but let’s go ahead and look at how he responds not
changed my charge is to see a nation right now which has so much common pain
to two of your campaign events recently Democratic debate senator should Democrats discourage this
or are you okay with it I think the people of this country are
touching on to the degree that this president thinks he is above the law and
what the American people are saying nobody is above the law
and I think what the American people are also saying is in fact and if this
president did break the law he should be prosecuted like any other individual who
breaks the law but at the end of the day what we need to do is to bring our
people together not just in opposition to Trump the initial question I think
that you wrote that somebody raised here was that we are a divided nation you
know what I kind of reject that I think Democratic debate when you talk about the pain of working
families in this country majority the American people want to raise the
minimum wage to a living wage when you talk about the climate crisis the
overwhelming majority the American people know that it is real they know we
have to take on the fossil fuel industry Democratic debate they don’t we have to transform our
energy system away from fossil fuel energy efficiency and sustainable energy
even on issues like guns the American people are coming together to end the
horrific level of gun violence so I believe yeah we got a deal with Trump
but we also have to have an agenda that brings our people together so that the
wealth and income doesn’t just go to the people on top but to all of us as
president but let me ask you to pick up on the issue that senator Sanders just
raised about no one being above the law so right there you bring that message
again into his message of economic populist I’m saying Americans actually
aren’t that divided when it comes to a Democratic debate lot of these issues a lot of people want
minimum wage a lot of people care about Medicare for all people want to see more
opportunity so Bernie was a good job again and just staying consistent no
matter what questions asked he’ll answer it it doesn’t completely
spit around and he’ll answer but then you’ll take the message right back to
economics and honestly with the way the income gap has risen since the night
since up news in the middle class has been vanishing with automation and
globalization there’s a reason why Democratic debate Bernie Sanders is this popular and he is
in this moment if you like this video go ahead and subscribe to my channel I’m
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favorite candidates are Bernie and Andrew yang Elizabeth Warren I put in
that top three category as well but thank you for watching

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yang couldn't hold his laughter at the absurdity of that question. Are these news outlits competing for the worst debate or something?

  2. Bernie has been studying the economy and social trends his whole life. Read about it in his book "Our Revolution." In college he would often study sociology and material other than what they were learning in class because he found it interesting.

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