5th Congressional District Debate

>>Good meaning. With you can you hear me okay in the
back? Very good. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome to the
University of Virginia’s Frank Batten School of
Leadership and public policy. My name is jer wri ri. I
teach classes on legislature legislative strategy. I’m
joined by associate Dean and professor Craig Volden. It
is indeed an honor to host candidates about our rptive
to the next United States Congress. Tonight’s debate
continues a school tradition. It’s — very first — for
this very seat. Spoiler alert, Mr. Madison won. This
is it in a district. It is said that was artfully Gerry
manned deader by Governor Patrick Henry. Diverse
points of view. They range from Madeline awe bright.
Jim cane and Cori Stuart. Robert McDonald. To Tom
Garrett, Robert Muller and John Lewis. Professor Volden
will review the ground rules. Let me state first our
television and online viewers that audience tickets were
distributed through a non partisan online process.
We have made every possible effort to ensure that fair
and Frank discussion ensues and, yes a genuine debate
solely guided by citizens’ concern, no one else’s agenda
. Seated is has been limited by public safety an
fire marshal. We ask you of you, what malate mother
simply called good manners. We’ve all soon enough
shouting matches in the committees of Congress and on
cable TV. Question we just do not do that in this
classroom. Please, model for our students here the good
behavior and the goodwill we wish from all of our ee lict
located officials. What do I moon? No heckling, whistling
, booing or imposing on your fellow citizen’s want
what these candidates want to saivment we’re committed to
civil discourse and academic freedom. It is to defend
those freedoms that we will act promptly to protect folks
‘ right to hear their candidates. Two fell le
citizens from our commit community str had the courage
to stand up. We honor both Denver Riggelman and Leslie
Cockburn for that remarkable commitment. We commend both
of them for their demple shouldn’t to engage not just
one or two but a whole series of debates throughout this
sprawling district. Mr. Monroe and Mr. Madison,
managed to disagree agreeably . We trust that our
candidates and our audience will help us do no less
toment. This has been co- spob sord by center for
lawmaking. Here this Charlotteville and 2 student
groups deeply tbrd in its jowm outcome. College
Democrat Republicans and university Democrats. Their
leaders I would point out are is worked with us in a truly
will I patriotic spirit. Utterly devoid of games man
ship. They chosen to speak both together tonight
and to act joint lip as keepers of the fair time
clock. Please join me in welcoming their
Representatives Mary Alice can you could say ski and
bees for comments. [ Applause ] >>Welcome. My name is Mary
Alice. [ Inaudible ] Thank you for joining us here
. I am excited for engaging — [ Inaudible ] >>Thank you for our
wonderful candidates for being here. [ Inaudible ] Thank you for the 16th fore
er for effective lawmaking. [ Inaudible ] We look forward to a good
discussion. Thank you all.>>Thank you vesm.
[ Applause ]>>Thank you. Thank you,
students for your commitment to engagement. Many of our
students will be voting for the first time this November,
and it is really your future that we’re a discussing here
tonight so we especially pressure leadership and
initiative. I am Craig Volden professor of public
policy and pom tickets and co-director of Center for
Effective Lawmaking. Before I call on the candidates for
their opening statements, I will briefly review the
standard Batten School grown rules agreed to by both
campaigns. Candidates will have three minutes each for
opening statements and two minutes each for closing
remarks. The order of speakers was determined by a
coin flip earlier this evening. Ms. Will we plan at
that kowl for those closing statements soon after 7:25
p.m. We as moderators will put questions to
candidates in turn with 90 second responses and a 60
second rebuttal permitted. Candidates will tip typically
not receive the same question as they may have already had
a chance to state their views in rebuttal. When we do ask
the same question, each candidate will have 90 second
to offer their views an rebuttals will be waived.
Our student timekeepers will

Maurice Vega

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