5:00 AM – Current Affairs Questions 22 June 2019 | UPSC, SSC, RBI, SBI, IBPS, Railway, NVS, Police

hello good morning India [Applause] [Applause] Monday to Friday back-to-back classes live from Studio re-subscribe could even write my study channel go good morning guys welcome to my face to the changing the wife learning method new commercial ostrogothic our Tanaka Indian a number on each additional wife I study pay now wifeís tree has become the part of her me as he buys June those are illness daily current affair capsule week last nap car start up hey Tsubaki but chicken pants pick 20 see but he is also eager to him foolish holy me Jeremy Keys soccer coach Ilana hoga kuch nahi hoga hood the kick is not to call Coulson si upon his sick idea could his Alana hoga yes Frank Harris customer he up key I adopt a leak already – yes anchors kasama he is a fan hearts Kissimmee okay Araki Mota Pataki lava a police at McCoy in he hoga not dost Nayyar nested are its anchors Kissimmee map much booty secularity a man Kohanim a DJ yogi Monica Hari Hara hey Monica Jeet Ajit sunny seliger a much booty siliguri a I got up a man that is a mascara hehe up to put up key malic acid about hey Upper Valley Pedroza had a teen ager mentally pass me here to do not equal TACA TACA up Co exam Nicola stroking his sack ta but slugging here the headlock here whose relay is Marcia studies ki j oz need to collect Java cut the rule Nick lega jelly the shark after subsequent a question of the day take about Nike WH on Ebert Paragon Road he but 0 Dakota can agree now is this Naumkeag me a tool page GI standard Kaka Xavier ticker explanation tequilatec e WH in equestria viancca liar just mr. ko ko Laguna road he patrolled practical got now or lack of the press are become coming like popcorn a piranha geography I aware tool Co WH o our stack the monkey smoochy Dora Lake City again a tacky bursty placenta or NP by to copy of stretch it or a hip high benaiah justly clear chili pepper economists in America and trash the universal history common ah-ha-ha-ha yunus-bek spice a fan question International Day of yoga is celebrated on 21st June explanation International Day of yoga is celebrated annually on 21st June since its inception in develop on that 2015 7 I never had his magazine kakaka Yoga for climate xn then next knew he'd miss the kissing she didn't kiss sollentuna may fool some grand prix me pond'rous ohmmeter miss wannop Ajitha hi sander Jia PU Chitra yaki Kapiti who Sonny PU Chitra science ra explanation Degla thankee PU chipped reproduce day the best time for her season so far to win the woman's 1 5 double zero meter gold air da Fox and Grand Prix in sollentuna yeah Shelley I have to select a t-star about to say have to be my Ozma SSB ye namely the masochist largest I'll keep an eye on circa Punjab explanation Technica p punjabi state government will launch its a flagship universal health incidences scheme named edgy star about to say hot be my asana SSB by the Health Scheme will be the first of its kind in the state and provide annual health cover the piece 5 lakh but a family yeah ok apostolate ok chilly next this was funny the Divas kiss Watanuki masochist Blaise Matuidi ruse France Italy Germany in sahaja yoga encounter with a cop car France here explanation dignity explanation ball hockey world music day those are illness or international module day to the 19 is observed every year on 21st June its originated in France where it's all also named known as Fe te de la mu G K meaning yeah hey guy a French malachite was for Englishman translation about Michelle comment or present state carnivore he commented CQ speaker K the hearty Bahama Jessie oh yeah the Kalina is spilling Italo Codecademy explained sorry scar or a couple incisors got tough head okay Shelly Bucky Apple uncle Alaska butter with is your class Satsuki happen on key day literally like a third of you do solid punch head and say as McCallum and EcoSport scuzzy katryca radiata egg didn't get DK do certain many sports G Catrice karate objective dick nigga as many approaches sports gk trick cardiac as decompensate gimmick attend a player Hotei cones at unum and Chris game calejo table America idea Jack Declan jack Alaska Rothko bar Valley class mitigate as eternal support up logos classic urban school thank you so much from the bottom of my heart next day key Mahara cannot say none Istanbul do this luckily a Oh monkey Korean indicate mistake corn such a Haji tonight yeah hey it's after the guys come with a cop car because it's constant areas Grantham's egg apke be honest nari NS sunaina important question a yeah the figure tikka chali next day trigger explanation daily jaga key Indian Navy has deployed ships ni s Chennai and I NS Tanana in the Gulf of Oman Oman T capital economy Muscat Oman he kept attacking a musket other higa higa next to Cindy Cherokee promotion or development of yoga to G over 9 k plus car at the carnival a cockapoo scholastic attorney decided the select Penelope's liqueur but just luck is considered a Gurkha 25 lakh expense on Deck mega Prime Minister's Award for outstanding contribution for person in development of yoga 2:09 has been around announced or its navigated by the addressed Naga but just a larger pepper person Thea's ever bigger jelly important a the other sugar next person locally a kicker to secret cell or call center called hedonic is a kisser maquillaje Mumbai in idly Chennai or Pune it's cancer after noodle he explained something tanki Minister of State for personnel public grievances and Pensions dr. Jeet Anderson other conductors eaten since have been inaugurated the integrated grievance cell and call centre for pensioners the centre has been launched for central government pensioners at Gen pop one in New Delhi next Walmart for this for my brush to serve adult anemic or Lankan chronically those over C – a – 2 million sciatica boot can carry a name like a biscuit Konza in may say I can hear Jean Brazil Mexico Vietnam is a Viet Nam here then I got a Vietnamese cancer which I go to experience in the tanky and Tosh – cool – etiquette diggers Valle Martin a part of the gene Brazil or Mexico Muhammad Vietnam of Santa's cartographer guy I know though opening of a Pakistani McCallum Quranic at Oprah was really a big move in America conquered oh so Bercy American dollar kaput incur an empire say hey McPhee vector he next I get bitchy karate conically well I'll treat organic insecticide nutria hey governor on a phenomenal America more heinous in do is considered a cop no Bindra exponential decay icky India's only individual Olympic gold medal yeah never a very most important day India's only individual Olympic gold medalist akamaru Mickey Joe open up in the sample individual may allah gold alayka right hey olan pigment Kabbalah karate here instead upcoming cinema Tanguay página he was appointed is in independent capacity by the world are three to sort out the ongoing mess in the National Palace unclear a chilly next date energy iconic look happy Linda Lou the convict East filter because person FSD escabeche FX just a full from Kazakh financial stability and development comes an important hair is canceled a gap of finance minister but one of Hannah's mr. Kona Nirmala Sitharaman adenine in Lassiter about this time to finance minister but the financial stability and development council was constituted in December Devadas the council is chaired by the Union Finance Minister here Shelly asked a last crucial machinima is capital consulting a key hidden hunger calloused hands of an otaku portion Mutapa amethyst salute padania coupe ocean automotive paths am a legume a hidden hunger is related to cherubs insane is cancer a Pokemon sesame denied the yucca caution of the day my vegetable punky a nod to kobayashi Barra ma up locally classical I am huija hopper me important questions Kirara important topic around could be like a book or a house you up demand Currahee Matt last character would do sudden approach the command system recommend curtains for paratha who what if we do like a tatami but to the Buddha man that is a kept curd sports collegiate sports career DMA docked in will do sports – crying it was a capital currency a video Karuna Bucky GOP will be eyeballing a I pick up will be a problem whether I built a put a Twitter HT without the a emotional Cusco cushioned I got second up company 1857 Bacardi AHA that in three case cover Kiev ha was what may occur internist an organization called yaha sports Chaldea ha it sports Utrecht wala video as fishermen at Aldi and sallykaus I'll trip up ia I got what we did they clear the sports texting Elkhorn yoga see that the map Magoo shiny entire top jacket dick nigga barrage a Rothko Dean Connie Rocco Buddha Appa is hvala we do vehicle at Attica LeBron Hanukkah bye-bye take it all the well god bless you lobule

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  1. Sir jharkhand state ki ek video bnaiye
    Jisse hmein JSSC(special constable and exise constable) ki preparation ho ske

  2. Sir Maine to padha tha ki yoga day ki theme 'yoga for heart ' h or apne to kuch or hi btai h.inme se konsi shi h?

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