5 Steps of Innovation | Part 2 | Hindi | By Dr Vivek Bindra | Leadership Trainer

Maurice Vega

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  1. Humko ek bat samaj may nahi ata ki Jo log Vivek bindra sir ji ka video ko unlike karte hai o log Kon se planet se aya hai..🤪🤪🤪

  2. Sit Hats off to u..I am a big big fan of you…can u pls make a video on how to improve and maintain good husband wife relationship…

  3. Thanku sir aap ki vajah say aaj. Mai jada to ny but kisi say kaam bhi ny hu aap ki new ideas mara kaam ati hai dil say aap ka sukargujaar karta hu sir

  4. Sir ek video sab jo entrepreneurship program ko kaise small retail outlet mein practically possible hai aur mind ko kaise develop kare ki entrepreneur ban sake uspe bhi video banayein

  5. Great work sir for small retail units but this agility+stability=success ka formula small units mein kaise apply karein ispay video banaiye pls

  6. मान गया …….. बिजनेस गुरु ………👌

    बहुत ही जबरदस्त मोटिवेशन

  7. Very nice video sir, Salute to you

    Sir, I am a manufacturer of high alumina ceramic items as like thread guides and wire guides.
    But my competition with Chinese material. What can I do, I don't understand?
    Please help me, I have attended your live seminar at Talkatora stadium in Delhi.

  8. I started a small company for making concrete items so i need your help. I want to know how to get about that that what is lavel of the product in the market.

  9. Full of contents and you need to see this video again and again. If you see once it makes you highly charged but later on you forget everything totally. Don't see all his videos at a time. Choose one and keep looking at it and think over it and then again watch it next day. this is the way you can absorb his ideas. What he tells simply is not so simple. He simplifies great ideas, but very difficult to implement until you totally conceptualize the ideas. Better to attend his programs/workshops on leaderships for perfect knowledge.

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