5 Richest Politicians in the World

It's known that the leaders of the various nations around the world don't Necessarily make the most amount of money in that nation however There are several political leaders who are worth a lot of money, so let's get into this right now Hi guys. I'm Leroy Kenton and welcome to another episode of FTD facts now I got a say in doing this video and like it really really shocked me especially the political leader in the number one spot so I'm sharing the top 5 richest politicians and let's begin now with number 5 and that is Sonia Gandhi at 2 billion dollars now the 71 year old Indian Politician is wealthy by all accounts and she's currently ranked number 9 in Forbes list of the world's most powerful women She's originally of Italian descent but became an Indian citizen after having married the late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi Now she is the president of the Congress party, but despite her immense power She has never shown Interest in running for the prime minister position her 2 billion dollar net worth makes her richer than the Queen of England so containing this video at number 4 we have Khalifa bin Zayed Al Dayan at $15,000,000,000 Sheikh Khalifa as he's also known as is the current president of the United Arab Emirates as well as the ruler of Abu Dhabi the AL Nayan family Holdings are said to be worth over a hundred and fifty billion dollars And he's a very popular guy among his people because his rule has seen a very positive influence on Religion as well as he's also introduced certain democratic processes in the federal National Council yeah, this guy his whole Family is loaded ok so now in the number three spot We have hassan al bull kai at twenty billion dollars, so this guy right here hassan al ball kai He's the ruler of brunei and he's one of the only two Sultan's in the entire world the other one being Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed Oh maaan now this guy has grown his wealth since coming to power in 1967 he even amended the Constitution in his country to make himself Infallible meaning that he could never be made wrong and just a fun fact his full name is Haji Hassan Abu Chi Moo he's Aden what do Allah try saying that just one time fast? Talk about a tongue-twister of a name moving on to a much easier name to pronounce at the number 2 spot We have Michael Bloomberg at forty seven point eight billion dollars Ranking him as the eighth richest person in the entire United States and the 10th richest person in the whole world Michael Bloomberg is the founder and CEO of the Bloomberg? Corporation, and he was the mayor of New York City in the United States for 12 years until 2016 although he's no longer the mayor of New York City he currently still remains in politics And he's so rich that at one time he actually hired an entire audience for one of his rallies When you can't get support just pay the people and they'll back you up Ok so you guys ready for number one like this one. Just like blew my mind. I'm like How well a number one spot comes Vladimir Putin had? 75 billion dollars now Putin first came to power in 1999 as the prime minister of Russia But he quickly switched to being the president in 2000 until 2008 then he switched back to being Prime Minister in 2008 until 2012 and then he switched back to being president after 2012 I guess he likes the sound of President more than he does Prime Minister now to many his career path has been pretty shady at best given his background and especially the annexation of part of Ukraine But then again the Russian household income has increased by 2.5 times and the country's economy has grown for eight straight years and newer estimates say that Hooten could be worth as much as 200 billion dollars, which would make him the richest man in the world so although many people Disagree with Putin's policies. There's no doubt that yeah Russia's income and economy has steadily been Increasing so there you have it. 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  1. U praised Pakistan who is behind Mumbai attacks… Many American killed in Mumbai attacks…porkis is hiding Osama bin Laden who behind 9/11 …Nd u praise Pakistan…bravo …clap for u idiot…. Just for few likes u praise dis terrorist country…in many videos Nd called Pakistan military is no 5…

  2. You skipped Nawaz Sharif (former prime minister of Pakistan) Google his net worth . It's 3 billion.

  3. Bangladesh cricket team captain mashrafi.I want facts about him. if u search about him. u will get why he is exceptional

  4. 1 doubt. If Vladimir is richest politician and richer than Bloomberg, how come he isn't among the Top 10 richest people in the world?

  5. what about ur presidents? how many countries they destroy after ww2 ? 14 ? how much money american and europian politics did on death ? 14 countries destroed … and is not over :((

  6. Who Care's… If its stolen peoples money …while they made the world go hungry… …the got rich from the people by doing nothing….

  7. India have strong economy in the world and will soon the supper power country of 2020
    Look at here 👇

  8. Good afternoon excellent video from INDIA 23/12/2017 💜💛💚💙💝💘👈👍👋👌✋👏✌ 3:12PM

  9. putin knows how to rule stuff but its extremly difficult to rule such a huge country.
    Germany is so tiny and easy to rule but Russia is
    T H I C C E S T

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