5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

Breakfast is the
most important meal of the day so get started on the right foot with these five incredible
smoothie recipes. (upbeat music) So, to get started I’m going to share just a couple tips to
make your smoothie making run smoothly, right? First up, you want to use frozen fruit. Now, the reason is you don’t
want to be watering down your smoothie with a whole bunch of ice. hamilton beach juicer reviews So, freeze your fruit yourself. I like to freeze my fruit in a single layer on a baking sheet. This prevents it from all
clumping and sticking together. Next, when it comes to using your blender be sure to add your liquid
first near the blades. That’s gonna help your blender
run a little more smoothly. Finally, don’t be afraid to
prepackage your smoothies and leave them in the freezer. These are great ’cause all
you need to do in the morning is roll out of bed, pour
these into your blender with a little bit of yogurt and some juice and you’re off to the races. Breakfast is served. I love this sunny tropical yellow smoothie to start off my week. It’s perfect for a gloomy
Monday to get you going. So, we’re gonna start with a
half a cup of pineapple juice. Now, if you don’t have pineapple juice, it’s fine, you could also use orange juice or even almond milk in this
recipe would work just as well. To that, we’re going to add
a half a cup of Greek yogurt. This is going to add a little bit of much needed protein into our smoothie then we’re gonna top it
with some tasty fruits like some frozen pineapple, some mango, and some tasty banana. Finally, we’re gonna
hit it with a little bit of grated ginger just to liven it all up and press blend. Monday morning breakfast, taken care of. (upbeat music) I call this my Orange your glad it’s not Monday anymore Tuesday smoothie. We’re starting with some
orange juice, about half a cup. To that we’re gonna add about a half a cup of Greek yogurt for protein, one peeled orange frozen, half a peach, also peeled and frozen, and finally, one shredded carrot. I love sneaking vegetables
into these smoothies when nobody’s looking. They’ll never even taste it. Come hump day, I’m ready for something bright and beautiful like
this ruby reb smoothie that features watermelon and strawberries and fresh raspberries. It’s absolutely delicious. We’re going to mix is up with
a little bit of almond milk and some Greek yogurt. I’m using vanilla flavored
Greek yogurt for this recipe and boom, there’s breakfast baby. (upbeat music) By the time Thursday rolls around you’re stressed out to the max or at least I know I am. What better way to start your day than with a whole lot
of antioxidant goodness? This purple smoothie is so delicious and features some of these
most antioxidant rich foods. Into our blender we are adding a half a cup of pomegranate juice. If you don’t have pomegranate juice, cranberry juice will also work. Then we are going to add some
vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. We’ve got some frozen blueberries and frozen blackberries and even some beautiful freshly pitted cherries. When they’re in season, buy a whole ton, pit them and then freeze
them so you can use them all year long. Ladies and gentleman, congratulations. You made it to Friday. Now, in order to prepare for the epic night you have ahead of you, probably best to get some
greens into us early. So, I’m gonna show you my tasty Friday green goodness smoothie. All right, so it starts with
about a half a cup of OJ, half a cup of vanilla
flavored Greek yogurt, to that we are going to add
two peeled and frozen kiwis, and then a whole avocado. Trust me on this one, it’s gonna add some creaminess and some texture. You’re going to absolutely love it. Now, believe it or not
you can freeze avocados. You’ll never be able to eat it on its own again but it is great in smoothies. And then we’re gonna
add a handful of greens and you won’t even taste them because of this beautiful kiwi. Also, keep in mind that smoothies are an excellent place to improvise. So, once you’ve got
these basic recipes down you can add all sorts of things to them like protein powder or
hemp seeds or chia seeds. Any kind of greens,
you can sneak those in. You won’t even know they’re there. These are incredibly delicious and packed full of nutrients. I hope you’ll give them a try best juicer for the money
and let me know how it goes. Be sure to tweet me or
instagram me a photo of what you come up with
in your own kitchen. I love hearing from you. And be sure to subscribe
for more great recipes just like these. Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday, Happy Wednesday, Happy
Thursday, Happy Friday. And come Saturday it’s
time for eggs benedict. I have a video for that too.

Maurice Vega

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  1. There's no evidence that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You just repeating what you heard all your life

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  3. I have a question people say that a smoothy contains the same amount of sugar as a coke fore example. Is that true??

  4. This is my recipe it's called the exotic Jessica
    Peeled orange frozen raspberries milk bit of ice and orange juice and yogurt

  5. After watching tons of these I'm just gonna make a nice strawberry smoothie.
    Frozen strawberries
    Milk (maybe strawberry milk)
    Low fat strawberry yoghurt
    And if I want to go for a strawberry limeade vibe add 3 table spoons of lime juice

  6. Awesome content! Love the mason jars! I have a great recipe for my, "Green Smoothie," on my channel if you'd love another great tasting, healthy recipe! Blessings to you!

  7. I'm trying to eat healthy foods and I'm so glad I found your channel. No more cakey n chips for this boy. Thanks for your time n videos!

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  9. Whose watching this for a quick breakfast because they are always in a rush to go to work and trying not to miss your break fast

  10. My siblings: I hate veggies!
    Me: Hands them pink smoothie with carrots and spinach
    My siblings: This is really good! What's in it?
    Me: I'd rather not say
    Time: 10:43pm

  11. All smoothies r so healthy easy to make breakfast but in the last one green smoothe what did u used that greenish leeves i dont get it is that spinach ???

  12. The Sprit explain. Ingite consistence with lemonade videos of this channel. All consistence my thoughts 🎒🌏🥛 and action

  13. Wrong. !!!!
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to miss!! Especially when it would be dodging these insulin spiking heaps of sugar.
    But don’t take my word for it.
    Investigate INTERMITTENT FASTING, LCHF and KETO. If you are concerned for your health, vitality and LONGEVITY.

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  15. I just got a new job and am planning to try making smoothies with a blender I had bought last year and have used a few times. I want to lose weight and keep it off this time. Thanks for your wonderfully made video. I could use this as a tip for weight loss if I don't feel like eating a meal for breakfast.

  16. 0:54 Monday Yellow smoothie
    1:36 Tuesday orange smoothie
    1:59 Wednesday red smoothie
    2:30 Thursday purple smoothie
    3:09 Friday green smoothie

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  18. Mango, banana, blueberries, pineapple, a bit of fresh ginger, kale, beet, carrot, spinach and a splash of flax seed in fresh coconut water. Hell yeah! I love when my fruits and veggies get along. That's one of my favorite mix-up. #Rasta love

  19. "Add a cup of pomegranate juice, or u can add cranberry juice". I've never even heard of cranberry😂and where do I even get that pomegranate juice? Nice recipes anyway. I think I'm gonna try the rest😌

  20. 1: why does it look like u havent even blended the smoothe. just been like "oh, this looks like a smoothie now. fuck the lump…"
    2: u know that u cant mix diary with citrus juicy. right?

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