5 Days in Jail!

(bass guitar music) (whoosh) Katie Wallace. (children chattering) Katie, that’s all? (crowd laughing) That’s it. (sighs) Inspector Quinn. Judge, there were less kids in my freshman class. (laughs) Arrest those two kids for wearing a hat in the court room. Yeah, especially the fire fighter hat, judge. (children chattering) Katie, who are these kids? Where’d you find them? Did you rent these kids outside? Unfortunately, they don’t go back. So, no. (laughs) Nope. Are there any twins here? Who’s the twins here? Who’s a twin? Anya’s a twin and Eric. Okay. Who’s the most vociferous here? (children chattering) Any of them talkers? Yes. Which one? Just, yes. (laughs) Who do we think talks the most? Probably Alex. Where’s Alex? Alex likes to talk. Where’s Alex? Alex, raise your hand. Come on up here, Alex. Oh, you wanna go sit? Hurry up, get up here. Come on, come on. Come on here, buddy. This way. (laughs) Come here, Alex. Stand right here. Can I wear your hat? Can I wear it? (crowd laughs) Oh that’s nice. Get over here. You wanna be a judge? Say yes. Yes. All right. Is your mother guilty or not guilty? Not. Not. (laughs) Take your hat back. (laughs) Should we fine her some money or should we let her go for nothing? Yes. Yes what? Yes, money! Yes, money. (laughs) No, you come over here, baby. How about $50? Yes. Yes! How about $35 court costs? Yes. How about five days in jail? Yes! (laughs) Inspector Quinn, get the cuffs. How ’bout a raise for Inspector Quinn? No. No! (laughs) I can’t win. All right, here’s what I want you to say. Say, “My mom was the way, one mile over the limit.” Say that. My mom was doing one mile over the limit. And, “I think you should “dismiss this case.” And I think you would just miss this case. This kid’s good. Yeah. Okay, well I asked your opinion, so I guess I have to take it. So, give me the gavel. I want you to say, “This is the case dismissed.” What? Bang that? Bang that. (gavel bangs) Case dismissed. Case dismissed. (crowd claps) Okay. I think you’re gonna be a good judge. Okay. Shake hands. Okay, good luck. (laughs) Can I go say hi? What are their names? We’ve got Owen is six. Alex is five. The twins are three, Anya and Eric. And Esme is a year and a half. Katie, you have a wonderful family. They’re beautiful. They’re wonderful, yeah. We have something in common. I have five children as well. Oh, do you? All within seven years. So you know. I think you beat me. You know. (laughs) All right, Katie, you were one mile over the limit. I’m gonna dismiss the case. Thank you, your honor. And congratulations on having such a beautiful family. Thank you. (children chattering) We gotta go that way. I wanna go up. Oh, I don’t think you’re gonna go up. Katie, get them outta here. (laughs)
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Maurice Vega

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  1. کاش پاکستان کے جج بھی اس اسکول میں تعلیم حاصل کرے جس میں یہ جج نے حاصل کی ہے

  2. You need to throw out any ticket a person get for going less the 5 over the speed limit. Unless to beat the light! How the rules are in Canada

  3. ليش القضاة عنا بيحكموا علينا بالاعدام والسجن مع اشغال شاقة واهانة القضاء عندما نعترض وتقول التهمة كاذبة وتعرضنا للتعذيب والاختفاء عدة اشهر ثم الظهور في النيابة… 😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

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