hey everybody how you doing super super excited about this video and I'm pretty sure I say that in every video but today I'm extra excited and let me tell you why today we are shooting some hot hot hot 4570 government loads I've got quite a few videos on the 4570 government load up until today most of those rounds have been pretty weak in the spectrum of 4570 loads pretty much everything that I've had my hands on so far has been hovering around that 1,300 feet per second or so give or take a little bit one of you guys sent me this entire box full of stepped-up hot 4570 government loads there's four different types in here that you sent to me these are all hovering around 2,000 feet per second all in either 405 or 430 grains very appreciative of that thank you thank you very much but if we've got some hot ammo we've got to think up of some targets here for videos that will do these loads justice so in this first video with these hot loads of the 4570 let me show you what we're gonna be shooting today with these hot hard cast 4570 loads check it out I've recently cut down and failed a walnut tree really really big walnut tree that I was afraid that was gonna fall down on my house I cut up tons of it with the chainsaw hauled it off and piled it up for firewood for their two monster logs that were so huge so big that my little chain saw couldn't cut them up and they were actually I kicked them down the hill and they're sitting here in the ditch so the smallest one I'm gonna attempt to put it in the back of my truck and that's what we're gonna shoot in this video with these hard cast hot 4570 loads so check out this big log here let me back up a bit so you can see it there that one down there is about 8 feet long and I'm 100% sure I cannot get that one in the back of my truck for this one let's measure it put the tape on it this one right here at the top is what's up say 20 inches and 21 with the bark inches in diameter and how deep is it 38 inches in length and also if you look at the bottom it actually splits out wider so at the bottom the trees almost 36 inches in diameter I guarantee you this thing right here not only is it awkward but it also probably weighs I'd say at least 200 pounds but I'm gonna go get my pickup truck backing up close to this see if I can put it in the back of my truck go put it up on the mountain where we can shoot it I also didn't mention it's like a bazillion degrees out here today literally it's at least 95 degrees and crazy humid I couldn't even get the cameras to work because the lenses were fogging up out here but with my truck there now you can probably see a better idea of how big this log is so I'm gonna try to load this baby up in the truck here quick yeah there's absolutely no way I can lift that in the back of my truck I'm gonna try strapping a rope to it and just dragging it see how that works got the log tied up to the truck here this may be an epic fail but I'm gonna try to drag it here with the pickup we'll see what happens [Applause] I cannot believe that worked but it did I didn't slow down I just kept creeping all the way up the mountain but actually this is a part of my front yard the ground is so dry it actually didn't even leave a trench or anything so that's pretty awesome let's go take a look see where we hold it up the mountain to the rifle range and here we are out at the range still hooked up to the pickup truck been a lot of work to get this log to where we can shoot it but we're about to have a whole lot of fun let me get this log untie give my pickup out of the way and let's come load those hot rounds into the Marlin model 1895 4570 all right guys we're ready to do some shooting I don't know if you can see it on my face but it is hot the sweat is literally dripping off me my entire shirt is drenched with sweat but that's not gonna stop me from having some fun with these new 4570 loads that I got let's do a recap on this log because I've already forgotten how big it is this is black walnut 20 inches in diameter on the front and we are talking about almost 39 inches long there in the back the last 45 70 video I loaded I'll put a link in the description down below but the low power loads at 1,300 feet per second went through 10 gallons of milk jugs and I couldn't believe it so if the lower power ones can go through 10 milk jugs I'm pretty sure these high power ones are gonna blast out the back of that log and it's gonna be awesome but let's take a look at the bullets we got here we got a few to sort from in this box but I think we're just gonna go ahead and send it and pick out the hottest rounds that are in here so let me look up the specs here there it is so the hottest here is a 405 grain grizzly 4570 + P that shoots at 2050 feet per second and has three thousand seven hundred and eighty foot-pounds of energy i'ma say it again two thousand and fifty feet per second three thousand seven hundred and eighty foot-pounds of energy that's the grizzly 45 seventy plus P that would be this one right here so we're going to load this up superhot 4570 round put in the comments down below what do you think is gonna happen to this log I think it's gonna blow out the back but let's go ahead set it up by the way y'all pray for my shoulder later I'm pretty sure this is gonna hurt got the Marlin model 1895 out here got the big old rounds out hard cast over 2,000 feet per second plus P bear rounds is it gonna be fun got one in the chamber let's line up against this log split this sucker up here we go well it definitely hurt my shoulder a little bit even though I had it Square real tighten my shoulder I don't see anything split all the way off but let's go check out that log see if they came out the back I was aiming dead center on it I can definitely tell the difference in those loads then what I've been shooting 4570 like I said I can still feel it in my shoulder nothing ridiculous nothing that you wouldn't be able to handle but definitely want to have that seated in your shoulder good but I see the I see the log here let's check it out I was aiming pretty near dead center you look there there's where the bullet went in now let's go to the back and see if we can see anything it didn't split any logs off or anything but it very may well have come out the back and I don't see anything hmm let's look again about where it went it so it went in right there went in right there so about the center so if it would have come out the back it should have come out just about here in the center through that split but I don't see anything coming out the back I tell you what let's do this time I'm gonna shoot another one of those grizzly loads but aim a little bit towards the top so if it does come out we might have a better chance of seeing it come out or I don't know maybe even finding the bullet but let's shoot another one close to the top here with one of those grizzly loads like I said on my shoot a little bit more towards the top see what happens here with this one this one I'm gonna shoot sitting here that one I don't think I had seen it in my shoulder as well as I did the first time felt like it rocked me a little bit harder but let's go see what happened to the log on that one is so hot out here I look I'm literally having salt fall down in my eyeballs and I keep having to wipe them but I know we hit it now question is what happened to the log let's check it out so there was the first shot where we didn't see anything coming out the back I can see I – aimed a little bit higher there's where we hit this second time did the bullet come out the back here is that it maybe now and the trajectory of that bullet it would have come out about right there so again there's the hole so you look there and line it up if it were gonna come out the back here would 100% how blast it out right through here even on the second shot that 4570 hot round did not come out the back of 38 39 inches of black walnut so what did we learn today a couple things the hot forty five seventy loads are definitely much more fun to shoot than the light ones I definitely pack a punch and will bruise your shoulder but the bigger the better in my book I think it's always a case a lot of fun shooting those loads today huge huge huge thank you for sending those rounds in so we could make this video today if your attacker has a forty five seventy you need to be behind the wall that's at least three feet thick of black walnut of those two shots of those hot grizzly loads that black walnut and three feet deep did stop the rounds which honestly surprised me I thought they were gonna blow out the back huge huge thank you for sending those rounds in so we can make this video today greatly greatly appreciate that tons more videos on the way guys especially some more with the forty five seventy round don't forget to check all the links in the description check us out on all our social media sites love talking to you guys don't forget to subscribe to the hootie-hoo channel if you haven't already stay tuned for the next one thanks guys

Maurice Vega

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  1. You should put a couch pillow on the back of that gun, no one uses the little pillows on the couch anyway

  2. Great Channel , subscribed, we pay $90 for 20 rnds of 45-70 here in Australia, really enjoyed the video

  3. Your gonna put one of them too hot loads in that marlin and blow your face off. A standard 4570 round is plenty to kill anything that walks in north America. And no son you aren't gonna shoot a LEAD tip round through a log that thick and long. Steel penetrator type round would have a better chance but not all the way through. 50 bmg maybe

  4. If it would have went through its not good for hunting. You want all the energy to get used up on the target.

  5. Walnut? That's some of the hardest wood in America! Absolutely nothing is gonna happen!! You'd need a 50cal!

  6. I thought you might split through like that. Standing going across the grain I thought never. It's just to thick,. Now you can turn it sideways and have a good backstop, or cut it flat across the top and have a level shelf..
    Great video. How about old stove, BBQ, clothes dryer.. Those could be fun also.

  7. We're not going to have alot of fun.. We're going to watch you have lots of fun..like the idea of shooting the tree chunks.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. πŸ˜‚ is wallnut man! is same density as oak , no way it could gone all the way thru. I am not sure that even .50 could cross 39 inches of this wood, is really dense.

  9. Everyone complaining?

    I personally think it would be more cost effective in chopping wood with a 45-70. Hell, sign me up. I’ll just keep shooting my stumps. Eventually I’ll have fire wood. Maybe full of lead, but one hell of time cutting it! πŸ˜‚. Love the 45-70 and any reason to justify shooting it. Yes, even chopping stumps! Great Vid.

    Gotta go cut fire wood with my 45-70 Ax!

  10. I wish you could have spit that log, but im sure it went more than half way threw. This was fun to watch!!!

  11. You said you can't believe pulling it with your truck worked I can't believe you thought you were going to pick that up

  12. shooting into the end grain is the problem. Ever seen tree rings? Bet you have. They don't expand much, that round probably went in less than a foot.

  13. Majority of these geniuses have no clue about running a YouTube channel and providing content. I subscribed bcos you're very informative.

  14. So you burn walnut wood and shoot rifles….with stocks made out of walnut….hmm. Guess how much money you burnt?

  15. When I Close my eyes, I hear Hank Hill! Might need tiny bullet maybe .22 cal going over 4000fps to get threw that I’m 5hinking…

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