#309: 9th May 2019 Current Affairs in Hindi | May 2019 Current Affairs Questions + GK Tricks

subscribe create s book.com co or bella wilfer click 30k CB video ki instant notification pie you good morning guys Jesse hey upload or my aapke educated admission of case arts or it may sue by a Jewish mayor passion he's a Baptist 14 I had a think he approached over whom he said Logan hard okay a coffee or chalky South America endeavors Karan Leone shoe escape airplane motivational kiss sahaja yogi Meera Abner could kybella favorite a motivational quote Eddie ok Swami mechana near the other o jogo or the tech motorcoach depth academic lecture papinek effective and ice awake and do not stop until the goal is raised I think it is no tiene eh is APNIC attitude Manisha get MATLAB of qiyama plain goal clearly get we need Java determind hanky-hem up nice up with Joe Hamish Alec time oh say I'm choker cable up Nicole / focus again you have my previous years mental make here doha me Abby Kurin ahead or ehe Sumerian girl who Nisha what attitude would just wha no passion what goose' yeah am i under gonna chain up near section Monica – Jeru a spot customer shear or you mean that the hey movies hair or you act what's up a Facebook hair in sub Cucuy a bee orchard therapy life mining at the please and please is back with some aji or APNIC goal / he focus area Chile show up courteous kept my session key restarting curtain index K shot or camper English was a push up come dig on a per mile a banking finance silica extra highlight the key news up coming up or doing it actually should look at the helm a session key or starting a business and finance a or economy say yes Bank about getting a yes bank micrometer and grief ski with shirkuh the groggy acquisition Kia how much Kiba the Napa gonna kill erm the game are you about Katya yes bang yes bank has acquire eight Corolla share in electronic equipment maker CG power and industrial solution see the power gamma Club Crompton and grips power and industrial solution / yes bank may eight corrosion acquire km8 shear acquire Karuna comic la vieja Kia's Benghazi Gmail twelve point seven nine percent is take ho jayega or age of twelve point seven nine percent is taken a scheme market where look at me is key map it value to 92.5 six Corolla Pisa Degas Morocco but yes bang ki baat karu yes bank name Crompton and griefs power and industrial solution k-8 Kenosha Alka acquisition Kia eight shear Melissa yes banker CG power me twelve point seven nine percent shear Vijaya this key market value to 92.5 Sakura loopy Hui egg but also Maggio yes bangla-pesa the yawning yes magnificent the onion exactly ma'am Crompton and Griffin yes banks it would hardly utter they say not a panic ensued email and see Alton a national company law criminologist Banco poverty has been eaten eight percent she'll to acquire cursor to you two-year point up with Serena yes bank and Crompton and beeps power and industry solution previous years my banking exam me as the question technical Malaysia jab query bank AC company kashiyuka equity Shankar time for your important point appalling news aapke saamne Harper take him Chile yes Bank about killing it oh yes banky to keep a bullet mclubbe brahma dr. ki baat karu out of nickel ki baat karu don't own a appointment her job cakes army ascertain where he points up rather than yes banky tagline her experience our expertise gabby apple on karna have or mumbai Miska headquarter at two thousand for me in a bank a license mela ticket to a point family apathy clear ticket the Perry news yeah p.m. complete Callaghan escape Alec Compton and groups came arraignment release information Crompton and groups ahead but mom buddy may have Gotham topper sketch chairman him or K and neelkant is K CEO had Joe up with the Kaipara Crompton Greaves basically electronic items Marathi motors Marathi a transformer Bieber nothing actually argue everything avi happen a private bank II but he had to list off head headquarter and tagline of private bank bully Ronnie eleven thirty per apke aesthetic banking classic this may have Bangkok a headquarter or tagline he balcony running him so or MDC okay the booby up will learn calculus you step-by-step I'm chilling it up calm targeting yep me 1130 Valley bash me or Cal cop car target hey Hama hopper stadium Ravel damn instantly become a valium so statically can be classic uni actually so yes re point Japanese lately who are gay birthday hey or international affairs kake news ki baat kahi 2001 Singh India Afghanistan may proper development Scalia past donate Quran to a pic yahwah avi afghanistan or india radiogram india can I get Aikido be passing a Millard I have no specific value hona chahiye up kept asking haha maybe a salad I have in or Afghanistan Kiba to you the king upper no India us agree on preserving of GaN gains mclubbe Kiowas comment let me put some hat under here India and us have agreed that the games made in Afghanistan in the past 18 years have must be preserved and consolidated mclubbe India and Adobe Afghanistan my official title sake I was keep proper structure by naturally we ha Indiana Edna Edna investments keyattr or Indiana Afghanistan may infrastructure could develop technically it may amount to the first car like a joke I will not show you take him the happen during Khalil job a Michael just gonna MK by Rebecca but yet us k us delegate yoky Afghanistan Kelly proper appointee ergative to Khalil jhatka visited India may go Sushma Swaraj EO Khalil Capri wish may Abadi who in him too he pointed me opossums agia agia but came to India has committed more than three billion dollar to the reconstruction and rebuilding of Afghanistan since 2001 so India Rekha keynote a three billion dollar investment clear reconstruction and rebuilding of Afghanistan the EAB point here point a Poland Ghana edenia 2001 or a three billion dollar-a-year point away other kinetic actually are giving it about scaling up the next canoe ski or your hopper Afghanistan Kavery my static point at will Madonna so Afghanistan key capital Kabul had currency of gun Afghani hemp or ashraf ghani watch a president and jelly i give a scary or international affairs my up go home ask et Deus Renuzit a MATLAB total hamari ask you t3 news yet the dough reporter hey Mia market in Co JC Freaker the area you don't know reporter Nate you don't know reporters and carry reporter thing or in your body are Otaki no-name Mia Marquis conferring the confidential information colleague Pieta the skeevy Aseema Myanmar government in Co jail Medallia the 7s Kelly leg in Perryville Road Chabad in dono patrick Aramco mood Correa yeah I escaped I remember carrying another him to Reuters journalists jailed in Miami after they were convicted of breaking the Official Secrets Act bogged free from prison after more than 500 days behind bars Toma telepaths for them k bath in koji cynical guy in cuba arab hockey no name sir carry Joe a new so T informational PSLE keyattr a give a trip in I'm approached wanting a proper living in absentia game in condom have value or cure so oh no in eco system barmy parayoga or seven years key in go punishment minute silicon five in the disk a button go the area chica tsunami other came violin or key isuzu yellow hang on environment release information therefore taking happen to journalistic Yasuo or Valon Mia mark will share this year UNESCO Gilda Glen MOOC cannot press freedom price 2019 many up way deeper higher UNESCO Guillermo can oppress freedom prices Camilla hamper endogenous cumulative yacht Korea mana Cooper hiya where he leaves another point telly I'll give her team or baat karta obscene explains he mark a static point about curling tomiyama Keepers don't have in minute capital nepeta or currency Harper Koch LT to Apogee / – I are you guys Hannah chilly are you burning your international affairs may ask you t3 news mclubbe ascii total shorty news from abuddin rapper so india re-elected observer to Arctic Council to India Co Arctic Council cup do our assay perimeter shot McClure P observer state tuna gang KSK Fida hota hai bassoon leader him again I'm art critic console ki bath cream to e8 permanent member this shook like Samoa or Jovi member arctic on silica observer remember one time whose cover sorry soothe high melting Muslim architect member eoghankelly a Qaeda was acting a girlish member cook way perish on hijo de tu to India ESCA do Baris a observer burner hey I escaped are a bit worried but curve in the him India has been reelected as an observer to inter-governmental forum Arctic Council so are giving council observer do Baris a India bungee ahem year point map Busan Hirata he was already here India here over the hill the Arctic Council promote cooperation coordination and interaction among the Arctic state on the common issues the common issues big corporation will die coordination will type interaction melt ahead – yes fi the India Kelly hamari who's a team or guys a girl Kumar aficionado police is a lie clear their Bishop coma make another eye upon the crime see their my real life is to do see I eschew up get the FK next plane Kia / – next point up case omnia Harper Asuka Heather he hid the language in guys I agree but the hair or Arctic Council came by release information in the Octagon silca step establishment 19 September 1996 Camila WA timekeepers currently a governmental organization him Oscar head quartered through most Norway mayhem naegleria / membership me muttering – up where your helper for member country permanent Swahili Korea Canada Denmark Finland I like Iceland Norway Russia Sweden or United State aapke saamne him Chile I gave birth they have bath getting an ex finally hammer on explain – yeah / Cuyahoga or International Affairs key him Bart in Africa in Europe say International Affairs to him so India or Bangladesh to jointly produce film India or Bangladesh xiith milky film Bernanke scooper yeah Shah Rukh Khan Cooper a Salman Khan Cooper to India or Bangladesh go heavy Bangladesh key founder Mosley Bora he-man Cooper movies behind me I use Skiba 3d security hey up see Dickie happen thank you so much thank you so much in Isaiah the crab look up come on making a diary or the hang it a gap beneath a hammer is a biggie though India and up locating information be last module cookie a be mapper which minister of Nicaragua information Kelly are you carrying a host topic America India and Bangladesh agreed to jointly produced the film based on the life and works of but Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman – Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Cooper ik movie man I Jackie Joe India or Bangladesh jointly produced carrying a ticket its movie co-director English Shyam Benegal's or its movie script writer hungy atoll Tiwari yeah be up come then you see happen did here G huh Chile do similar Wangyal I do like Goku similar wha d'ya pull a new suit on earth I asked was well counsel a melodica poor chicken are you re about Cathy so additionally Prasad party decided to carry Bangladesh TV on didi fresh this platform so DT cos open a platform here what happened Bangladesh TV Kobe introduce ki jagah or Prasad Varkey ski but limit which are just been illegal Bangladesh Team India Bangladesh Cooper yada he mayor Bonnie are Kuna who yet on geopolitics a Hannah Chile resolved Arctic environment word is about killing the Prasad Martha Coe 1997 when I gotta head quartered New Delhi ma'am or doctor a Surya Prakash Chairman and Sri Sri Sheikh of empathy CEO hem Prasad Varkey undergird do or company archaic all India Radio Eric do Russian so yeah we are playing up in the Kaipara 1130 11 kilometer on that Micronesia upon governor Milligan always men will always rule operational protocol Bangladeshi vodka a capital Dhaka currency taka Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina or president Abdul Hamid hey Bangladesh kid you up in a predict Bahrain jelly mirror I love you like a hero blistering in a mecca Halleck town key to revoke a feed him every kind of jung-eun a our jello I gave birth their vodka a appointment people yeah muse me I'm Cooper let me the Chicano economies in Africa to just kiss PR Ramachandran joo-heon a Chief Justice Bernie Hickok get this girl hi Kourt K a Paralympian Cooper check on the game just his pee around children Menon was sawn in s chief justice off this got high coat chicken or other ambedkar thing I get to anandiben Patel in Co Shepherd Allah hey you be up kepada yoga so he was earlier a judge of the Kerala High Court you Kerala High Court capella just him do you hop on up common idea ticket jelly I gave her the hair or up way up a recent appointment cateura sorry Vision Canada team to October time key US Air Force general thought deep Walters have been sworn in as the top military officer of the 29 nation not to military aliens the thought D voltar's yaga yaga fee important point were happy example they can equate pakka Milligan 3 a point up will incur 9sk bad girl masquerade the Bombay Stock Exchange in a up enabled off member miquellee Mahela paheli female director could appoint him Josh Libya's in Konami up way but the independent woman directory appoint to him and then I getting it so Air Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh midoriya took over as vice chief of the Indian Air Force here be a cupola area B Point cafe important are you buddy the former Indian army chief General Dalbir Singh soo hug was appointed as India's High Commissioner to the island nation specials yeah be up Coppola a chicken Tilly are you birthing Twitter announced that it has appointed Manish Maheshwari as the new Managing Director for India we sorry point Caffey important and jokey Apple in Karnataka surely okay buddy appointment may egg point up to ordered a eq e cube ropes in Badri Narayan map lofty agua en k Bahamas ready baccala 30 cam so II cube an environment social and governance platform EQ baked egg a platform a new key environment or social or government services Kelly worker that so II cube announced the appointment of Chandru boundary between Iran as managing partner no managing partner a point to match Andrew Bathory 9e cube Matua be the ecclesia proxy came to a point cheapest Apple incur Napoli can even in he will deepen which I got not an example question ticket other appointment ki baat karta him Elam in Perham Raja L Poonam Raja has been appointed as member for LTI Commission Right to Information Commission right to information cap founding year head 2005 the Right to Information Commission me as a member a point to a LM purim Raja Priya B points Emily AB cubed Adi ahem are you biting at the him India's G Padilla India's GDP of idea was re-elected to the international narcotics central control board so India teach Ajith Parvati aku International Narcotics Control Board me as a member a point keahi board member appointee official yeah yeah to a point home near Kota International Narcotics Control Board may member judge Ito idea to up case omnia per miss decree yeah sure I give birth in high or above quilting next news / or next news Maris family a perky I agreed you up go home the cutting head to run burn area Marisa or ha session cool like kathira here telly are you days or even keep occurring 808 make oh well Red Cross they celebrate Jia Jia aapke saamne have welded read closely again by the Red Cross Kabaddi match for disinformation of which are you to manage during Geneva Convention panic video when I saw sped up the a cliche gap to put information schema image actually the world Red Cross day also known as world Red Cross and Red Crescent day is observed every year on a timing to upward Daisy Ithaca New York et me attorney or is key theme cafe but here the 2019 theme is love hashtag love and aim to ball in the public understanding of the society by highlighting the diversity and university of its work and approach though miracle say examine abyss commotion Niaga ever I got Itoh up dicta he summer jiangha it's an operatic evil Red Cross key theme theme so made a subset at cross key theme examining I he don't he both body other Torche i up to paly barmy summer Jang is so much that of hanging I say be thick jelly the list of important days in the month of May 2019 so January select a metric a days I hope ki apne at carl jung yup to barber Cahokia or job at africa he appear what will occur today I think up rock stars saying up curtain hanging means that happen until Sigma Xi gap could generally silicate made the kiddies yeah other than he had him or examine a tie her up in her path no school in earning a penny up we go she's in a key working her hum January said I came a turkey days of heat that learning curve I'm chilly today Lizzy upper they keep a me make a salad is a Buddha Katya a gamer team agreement or agreement or pack to keep up cutting up chica upon the him ta Fe impact with pcre a vak appointed I guess K vitamins ready became full forms marina pedagogical the him tractor and farm equipment limited has signed a pact with petroleum convert conservation research Association to aid efficient utilization of energy in agriculture is karma club de agua the tractor and farm equipment limited yeah egg workshop Bernal Araya farmers clear some taiga kissed her essay hung up Nate tracked irska efficiently use classic me I'm a cure tractor Co Hamish a maintainer can achieve a hammock you a petroleum diesel cookin sir acharya lucky hum come sitcom energy may at CH a production car pine the farmers coke tractors karakov corner income maintenance khatib when it comes to come cost hope per day put yes a point is Malika a cheeky Thomas Kiba the applicant rather hear the pilot practically under the pact of workshop would be held involving ta Fe dealership in making farmer aware on the advantage of better maintenance off Hector to VY sorry bottom care at the upper the tractor and farm equipment limited or conservation research association petroleum in k which may agreement sign why are you to a gay bar curtly and explain quito tractor and farm equipment to limited k bar a battery so it is n tractor manufacturer in chennai india chicken algae about cream 90/60 mas Cubana hiyata or headquartered she named him Mallika Srinivasan is Kate Sherman or CEO we are given a petroleum conservation research Association bacteria namsom alula key petroleum k conservation Killa cam domination to get in the game 1978 may say when I hear or hear Indian Ministry of petroleum and natural gas key and the conquer time its objective here English in promoting energy efficiency in various sector of the economy to a ploop concept so much younger tell you somebody's our table here CV in Angola is sorry important needed I mean a key made up in a personal experience last year State Bank of India IBPS or update robe exams with him which make marker interface creeks ocean dick now man a proper burial Amana a kid point Maurice up super high so I can examine a portion I am the 23 or 24 questioning but Rick morality out of 40 so journal awareness a Current Affair ski bath getting it my important section who trial exam Kelly Jim quick point Sean is retain ya Musa Paganini Casa Cushing's our method pain looking risk you Lena Homme de Pereira has the pure perlier henna jelly a call agreement or MOU key Barker team and I oh s an NH mph signed MOU fits the graph will form key worth getting up in the him the National Institute of Open schooling Ministry of human resources development and national health mission of Public Health Department of government of Maharashtra religion National Institute of Open schooling Ministry of Human Resource Development and national health mission of Public Health Department of government of Maharashtra in k-beach may MOU sign one or in K which may I make you sign where the king upper it focus at offering vocational program to the health service provider of national health mission through national institute of openness cooling the National Institute of Open cooling K through 8 vocational training program dia jaga sa run go yogi national health mission may worker especially Maris ramen Punk a skill development Kelly a JP MOU sign who ahem to a bee honey butter the two sided sticky jelly idea what they were about 13 X find key upper the National Institute of Open is cooling em i sk very much worry see information be back early 1989 miss urban IVR sky headquarter noida mayhem or professor CB Sharma is Kate chairman or parent organization mclubbe yeh jo aapke higher Ministry of Human Resource Development K under that come Kanta hamara National Institute of openness cooling ticket or another are you ready to national health mission cave aromatically the national health mission code 2013 UPA government launched Kurata it's objectively a rural health co-op Ahana tick it was further extended in mass 2018 to continue until March 2020 yay point example one said time in national health mission cook Kappa kailia by Xavier year 2023 sevillana gap and the government even higher to a garam bath curtain key people doctor an ANBU money Ram Dass you have o sk CEO Han ticket we have a pointer P at curly Jigga Shirley okay but they have both caps a recent agreement and Emma new apparel 2019 – a prayer my couch important mo Youkilis firmly upon the Eurovision curricula for example India and Bolivia for example Ministry of External Affairs with a National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development the key upper bi yes NIT Delhi – yes a point manipulate for higher up Garrison Keillor chicken chili Arya birthday award or honor he Bakr P so to Indian among one one five UN staff honored the United Nations K except Andhra some money skirmish are you mr. doe party MATLAB UN name push-up nikkor mature young KO is tough customer atheist Madhu our piace i own qiyamat care thank wan want a yellow the him an indian police official Jeetendra kumar and a consultant chicago are among 1 1 5 UN peacekeepers and stuff honored by UN for the sacrifices to except andhra UN peacekeepers and is daphne up needs a play plan oka buried on Kirby atop made Duty konima tippy-toe una caja de Mayo no Samantha Nikhil a United Nations name una semana feei India made Jeetendra Kumar or chicag re Dona Marta hey abhi na ma boy under 10 total except under UN peacekeepers and stuff to hear point up : Karnataka the he apart the UN secretary-general Antonio boot ratio pointy Akeley Jigga United Nations case to get free general hey Antonio Goodrich the him pay tribute to 1 1 5 peacekeepers from 43 nation who sacrificed their life in the line of duty at the Solman ceremony to take a yep Kamala Michelle Gaiser a point actually I gave birth in a United Nations came are a marker to United Nations cadet quarter New York may have gig intergovernmental organization him 193 member country Jr good trajectory general him or discuss tabla shman 1945 member sachika Chile are given the list of recent avoid apparel 2019 aurilla hopper up come ESPN India multi is put avoid 2018 carry vision given the image every Sigma ESPN India multi is put about 2018 shada bullion a place at a point how many iPod India takea PhD story wise collegial how might a slight per year para jugar chicken chili liftoff recent avoid a PLC basket at the way seem hamara cheesy unable to him about obvious risky baskets the engine which is subset compass on there the Gipper noted actor when I look up at the I died in private nursing home in May 2009 teen mclubbe Geoff's exam in Columbia syrup which are like a kiss feels a bit longer pain oh yeah actor Tim Molina Mukhopadhyay apparently news a skier play a permanently orbit risking do see a new ski but caffeine taurine out singer and composer subir Nandi in cabinets and hoagie ahead or yep nah Eli Singapore Megan variety and give it away to subir nan de up Kalinga yay Ranaut singer and composer thing tick are you but cream Western bitch K batsman in Ghana classy mourners see motionless in cabinets and ho gaya hai ye Western Digital obscene no sulk he'll to create 29 test muscular theme see mourners Yeti 3 News Oscar Murray orbit risking him a vodka cotton you ski but killing a caffee important father of modern legal education in India mister doctor and our Madhava Menon in cabinets and hoagie ahem – yeah visited by a father of modern legal education maritime good doctor an arm of a minim yep went up we are Karnataka Chile okay but they arbitrary spin actions are P so formal mlc Jairam ready who is popularly known as Telangana Ram Reddy passed away in Hyderabad in May 2009 teen 3 a politician T G ramp ready to you BM nap with ahadith omni patch or betrays a cupola actually a extra lightly barker thing or extra highlight me pally news year but Rema he handed us firm to join Department of Commerce yes comma Club Calicut Kalman yup quake information with ik kalma Napa information anything he'd create wind namkha a event India or US Commerce level cuddly memoir Tovah hopper at creative window megabeth iyagi hand the US companies demo India my investments currently created meanwhile a point calm aapko already explained Katsucon near Delhi Megan who are they clearing up on the wahee newspapers Arco hundred US companies or yacht konnyaku extra Bouchard nikana or are you burning it to extra light my news number to keep up curtain and double 18 each October tacky PMT level exams Kelly a qualifier examine so neat PG cutoff reduced by 6% time don't need major PG program here is key to cut off here was 6% I'll come cardiga it is very very important question the key happened the government has decided to reduce the qualifying marks for neat PG for 2019-20 by 6 percentile 6% I'll come care the area again up general category came here to OpCo 44% I'll check it again a person with disabilities category came to up code 39% I'll try again SC ST OBC mattheum to 34% I'll upgrade upgrade HRM oh yeah APA point a pooja Nina postgraduate medical courses Kelly embarked on I think chicken chili I gave birth to him or up College okay next news / next news summary Sam Neapolis to interrogate him Eurasia marry next Chile desert strong 2019 started to Desert Storm kilowatts away him Desert Storm to to the 19 thought it to be the longest cross-country rally in Indian to started recopy start to hear percept oh yeah he's on Nina yeah Agora bath Korean Toby Kinnear key like this Nancy is dad William total is Mitch a sake no sir kilometer key opcode traveling or anybody him so beacon a Rajasthan say a star to buy a point how many I'm Kataria chicken if my pardon aapko chili news number forty Bakr team the drug firm mark drug for make head scan I'm a murky limited is car Nana Procter & Gamble health limited ho jaga the he it by summer Jigga you do FMCG companies he kissing a Casey medical company Co pharma company good clerk a ring here or uncock none and areum abacus in Pylea whatta glaxo smithkline or apke Unilever cambogia Whataya korean or apadeshi up go to Procter & Gamble pura Valda made though he company FMCG Jesus was reading him a cap cap Procter & Gamble or a capper Unilever / you even a pelican kardia or a Procter & Gamble named Merkel limited to acquire Kyohei or SKU nom the idea Procter & Gamble health limited to Apulia be Samina pedagogy yeah medicine company kiss kiss – I'm sorry for your FM CD company kaha cap-and-trade curling in the game apart so drag firm mark limited has been renamed as Procter & Gamble health limited by Q because the name has been changed following Procter & Gamble's global acquisition tick of the consumer health business of Merck KGaA Germany so germany key company have markov ehe company am an ethnic courier key starting as mr Hakata in pharma sector about pharmaceutical the MU J in September Remus were his knowledge him Tamaki balcony to Magnum jaga Procter & Gamble health limited wijaya ticker – yech the record Iverson mclubbe FM CD say pharma sector may enter car nigga ticket to your point to me explaining earlier are you able to hear or news number five keep operating in the 59th be ro rising day to have a celebrate key area is key but entertain the hill border road organization be ro celebrated its 59th rising day on 7th May 7th Miko 59th rising day I subpoena diverse Managua border Road organization come but 7 May 1960 co s Coburn Agatha other our body to be ro is a leading and road construction agency under the Ministry of Defense with a primary role of providing road connectivity in border areas to border areas main road connectivity provide Karanga objective of time or even a bit like 53,000 kilo meter road Bharati him yoky Ministry of Defense cannot conquer T so BR o year important point a year while a point be asked of him born in da bi-polar in Karnataka are you extra light my news number six key Barker pain FIFA announces to new avoid categories to promote women's football globally the FIFA a vicious third per mile a football Cobra Hawaiian a period or name of what Kiko Sherlockian boo converse mRNA is cavalry vodka in the key FIFA introduced two new award Congress a women's goalkeeper of the year and women's team of the game to promote food for women's football across the globe though Mahela football københavn achillea kia a question yebin thank you award hay casera many media jaya i us-cuba ramoth curry the 3ds information deleted the best fifa football award 2019 ceremony will take place in Milan Italy 23rd September 23rd September Co Milan Italy me the best fifa football avoid 2019 ceremony who gives me avoid distribute th anger to year be point timely up co da da no chicken chili a gay birthday news the Messiah Venky Barker theme or yeah per amp anomic a new president ki baat Carini Lauren Tino Cortijo has been elected as the president of Panama to Panama kidnap present a point to a hell or NT no party Jojo kiap wave signal in Konami other members Giada wish burning a new name G Juan Carlos Varela Co replace Keohane unfortunately Lauren chinotto LT Joe yep anomic ani president-elect to a handicapped chili arguably when a basket after news number 8 key gree huh gree huh council launch gree huh rating system for evaluating existing school in India the hip Grisha council Negrita rating sure looking him or year waiting school score 8 kreega this schools may involvement collocate Java Campea jaga mclubbe green Ricola Korea for sanitation Kalika ranking hoagie Hana school ki gree ha ratings Namaskar who got ticket are you the king upper the green huh Council launched greener for existing day school in India to comply with the nation reason for a greener and sustainable future dodged a big way news Peru the poorest Shep deploy ethnic is Rodney a most evil concept come my name at how green rating jaggery ghee school Smeg greenery school Akira tinkering Israel colobus egg lime poor up Cooper Nicki alakina Kaiser Aetna even each I take a degree hockey marry me this year degree Jaco variety renamed the energy and resources Institute name with an active aid from the Ministry of new and renewable energy or is coop sa Cozumel to him Ministry of new and renewable energy say melting chicken chili a gay bath curry or bath curtain next point key news number 9 ki baat karta nobody a chica Barakat tourism a in decade of growth have o 8% per year Sharia India Mike M I see meeting incentive conference and exhibition tourisme going at 8% a year Ayatollah square Ibaka a be important news a taking upon AG report I hear report card title India inbound today's unlocking the opportunity a creep or tire India inbound tourism unlocking the opportunity publicity that India's mice mclubbe meeting incentive conference exhibition tourism arguing 8% per year simple Basham a em I see em I see careful for : corner or Juliet tourism sector have oh eight percent clear it's a India member now you report carrier report gramma India inbound tourism unlocking the opportunity portion here bunt a key report kissing publishing through a report published Kia Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with US bank the victi or yes Magnum will carry a report published key to em I see 8% up with my at Colonel chicken chili Hobart extra like menus number 10 key Barker came the purplefrog to be named as kerala state amphibian purple frog coke carol clear raja vacanam the again basically the western heart my pie chart ahem j-jim afro bottom so purple flower the authority alexei opium soyeah kerala state k ambition nami – hey hey you betcha Nami JB point ecological avi important point here be a pull on karna or are you buddy extra light menus number 11 key marker him to Senegal may in a president bunny or Senegal main a president Bonta he ik loggia kiss an angle major Prime Minister Kapost hosiery Mukerjea J ISQ bar everybody after him in the very first initiative of President Macky Sall to Macky Sall to make a senegal k president Bernie him second time in kahi aur muhabbat parliamentary approval DDI him he do Prime Minister keep post appear who say remove Cardenas on you achieve our take away competition in other Hannah – yeah beer a cliche upload chilly though in Cana de Clichy upper Macky Sall smack Mackey's elk and I'm up wasone Achaia jokey up k senegal k president maneja chicken chili i gave an extra Lightman used him at well key bacterium to West Indies record ODI cricket first-ever 350 plus score opening Stein metal of West Indies naval record breaker the mclubbe paheli the open air club Trudeau opener him he known 18 sub purchase plus Casco Kia Pele we get Carrie opening up my both body camera or a year master Ireland key against me I escape aroma throughout the tender him West Indies player John Campbell and shy hope created the history by making first ever 350 plus r/n opening is 10 against Ireland caffeine is a year Hannah you to appropriate rocky so John Campbell or Shia hoop in Kenema period when a Chang him chicken negligee or a sapele bar wacky dono opener knave 115 and see other animal I am or yay Ireland met Dublin Ireland my masculine a Sasuke recorded you honey I put information the etiquette exile I'd me a bath carrying it on our government key the Karnataka government's limit the wit of school back not more than 10 percent of the child wait Mac lapa Karnataka government's neighbor achievable e ki jo student a on K back of it in cave it came ten percent superconn au Menasha already Magna tree managed Agra but a chai Karnataka government do a initiative later I Hannah – yeah be point tomorrow yeah a muggy boiling your MC Cuba up cutting MCQs aapke saamne yeah Harper are a HEPA apportion after sampling apparatchik as a key which of the following has unwieldy as your blockchain service that would simplify the formation management and governance up we upon he appointed or applicants Athena have pal abortion apiece amateur guys yall will consider or section could like bigger officially show you are you guys cancer Allah or answered a hopper and Sarah be Tecna he I had pally and Sarah thing everybody dang it what is kind sir guys consider Microsoft Microsoft is light and said ok telly next version as per global assessment up to how much how much million of Earth estimated 8 million planet 8 million plant insect and animal species are at risk of extinction within decades mclubbe Cibola gap a global assessment we whose case of separately animal it's art million missing it's in a million body heat or January keeper yeah Tina Joe hem the shack macadam Mojang he took it in a yup cubed I'm a hockey ice can suruga and Sahara and sir is 1 million 1 million is right answer ok questioner muttering the Madras High Court directed the state government to relocate the Maha Shakti Maha Maha Shakti Marie mariamman temple following its removal last year from the develop path in which which city – yeah October Tyra he Madras keep on watching negatory Matata meows Tamil arrow straight Kiba thorium so kiss this trick me apke Marsha T mariamman temple here in gofal say Bosson Akiba 30x cuyahoga and the answer is Tiruvannamalai option number two is right answer okay our next question question number four who was bestowed with the US Presidential Medal of Freedom the nation's highest civilian honor inmate 2019 or I think he is at a point I put yeah the Omega that I mean up bull a name we upload is kind circus concert I get votes phone in checking option number two is light and shadow game next question Apple and Google have removed how many dating application from their online store after the US Federal Trade Commission at least the app allow kids as young as 12 year to access them to fit any application kohada editing application code what is the lightness of guys and the right answer is option number three option number two option number two hemara say answer Hoosier I have Hawaii abiding you're barking up the next question key or home on an excursion up the screen bird in richest state in the last one year the number of Indian pitch patent receiving organ from brain-dead donors has gone up by fifty six percent yeah officially a crush may kiss Roger may blend dead donor say and googoo plop Knievel a party Ragusan kami 56% Kivlin doing here – Kai sky in Suruga de Clichy Harper and surkhi embark on a Gascon Suruga jelly what is the right answer guys is cancer cure guys cancer or gap got Tamila with Tamila rose right answer let's move to our next question and our next question is up kasam neighbor student in Appalachia thank you chilly bandana nipple dance continuously for how many hours to set a Guinness World Record on longest dancing marathan by an individual Chili's cancer they as pop coming to me PDF map who needs a panga May up go PDF summary description to download Curley cigar take it to the PDF Abby burner ahead to throughout time have Jagga PDF could come into boxing I really would description a chicken and the right answer is 126 126 is right answer Chickamauga Berkeley and Berkeley happening next question key is row is set to launch its radar imaging satellite nama katana high on May 22 2009 teen from Sri Hari katha in Andhra Pradesh interrupting it was to egg butter many of Cibola psychic information up clearly had to up with further lucuma pedigree information swimming at oh maybe optic amateur chicken reset to be our one option number for his light and said okay next question who has been appointed as the head of marketing for India and South Asia by visa in May 2009 teen year be point up Copenhagen and the right answer is Sujit avi Kumar option number four is right answer okay let's move to question number 10 recently Rama Rao passed away he was RN to Rama open is an OVA vaakya had Cathy politician a single a cricketer team spiritual leaders here dr. T yeah be a capella a big bar C point ring and the right answer is singer singer is right and Serapis omni option number two actually I give a thing question number 11 he marketing so where did India and the United State hold the India US bilateral trade meeting in May 2000 19 so Abby my up goose keiVarae missing hobby ratha extra Lightman is number one Kaiba Raymond and the answer is New Delhi option number one okay next question who was conferred with VK Krishna Menon about 2019 in the UK for his contribution as a pioneer of decolonized journalism Kiska and Suruga South Africa so you belong to him or in garam here in carnem had GD robert govinda care option number one is right handsome okay next question former viola number one Roger Federer has returned to which place in the ADP men's ranking released in May 2009 teen so Perry number pick on head Djokovic a certain number play Rafael Nadal hey or teaser number P iboga happy Kevin Roger Federer okay next question budget of the last captive white tiger died recently at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in which estate in this park located the key is cancer leukemia player sanjay gandhi national market statement a steadycam equation Manya is concern mr as to option number two is right answer our next question PM Narendra Modi announced to provide how many how many rupees financial assistant to oh Lisa and the right answer is option number four 1000 Corolla peas our next version the Reserve Bank of India has increased the eligibility capital on home loans extended by regional loser and small finance bank to this rupees this amount in metropolitan areas and the right hand says 35 lakhs ready five lakh for metropolitan and 25 like for other centers other cities next question who among the following one gold at the 36 Felix stem international boxing tournament 2019 in worship Poland to Cal Maricopa neither is Cuyahoga Goro Solanki as well as Manish Koscheck option number for both 1 and 2 next ocean the president of Mali aapke in Ghana Madonna him and I was the new executive of 37 member under Prime Minister Bob OCC Tuva hockey president Kalam October thi scanner muga yapper Malakian president ki baat karu and the right answer is ibrahim abu bakr Keita option number four is right answer our 19 question recently the Geological Survey of India north eastern reason installed two geological display board at two important site or a site corn here ma blue cave and theory agate in which state both the site are located so he kisses state made no sighting you have to push ayahuasca answers in a cask and Sarah Graham and the right answer is mahalia option number two is right answer option number two is right answer how am i avoiding your bath killing your next question key hamara last question abhi map working on sprinkling up an Austrian killer Luke Jacob whose atopic are Monza by she's in the here when will the massive asteroid called triple line for to Apophis will fly past earth mclubbe keen triple line for to Namak we shall catch with the grad Cubs are deeper holding up there's the capacity already is considered a cliche upper and the right answer is to 0 to 9 chile about the hey ops a PDF keeper calcium so PDF up go Hamada description my milega download curly chica students may Malaika burn our key by the pommel yoga I don't know it curly cigar ticket pally but loosely but yeah hey up psyche the him a meatus book neck initiative Shahrukh he is a student Jew kike VHS a political a geographic knowledge who were here though hum a proper hamesha as a freelancer company militia you team or a skill huh subject matter expert me higher current SME MATLAB Kapoor Shaad Mumbai muhammad khan kanika family – again up as a freelancer come karna chattering so that will be your math to English oh ji-ho reasoning Joby apke strong subject to up was clearly up like a sixteen yeah I get up to SME magna hey MATLAB key up good textbook Micah and I had contained develop connecting it to up hum system but as a team to marry email-id up coda create a potion milk curry or apna resume up milk gardenia – amar in yoga – up wake mocha Malaga up high – as a freelancer work recipe up group which quotients but on whom go ski but let me up compare paid cutting it tick well let up go SME when I had to up up like reflecting mirror email ID but here's our email career up quick mocha home there and calm care Anika chicken odd KO / hey upcoming anatomical supreme ticket so thank you so much guys or up Jahi to faculty to learn a bunch of a hobby boats I'll sit behind the faculty mannahatta care to subject matter expert Vika fiacci job with me here at sea job a a chill equation Mumbai mechanical Marisa dick legit though a pop not resume how my forward carry mere email ID / you happen up with the Kaipara other rock niggas at make we have got dosed ero sake say illiquid Parashar no financially weak o2 up or say be a peak asset name Messi the up Sobotka Messi the up kick on some but Madonna Mary malaria publicly upper to apne apne resume up Nevada up machine upper Milken it Hank you so much guys APNIC Allah here ham heartless a up co-op Cassata Humphrey Oscar pinky up Koha make a better life they pass through contain through job Cassidy be a bath up with some anybody chicken tofu shop guy or decision up we Lena thank you so much Milton 1130 pay for aesthetic banking quotients or what happened means much Adam Alma chapter him ice 330 Merrick last me a vocal up Cuba chicken thank you so much Chris you

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