25. Neoliberalism and the End of History – Part 6: Populism & Big Data, Facebook Dark Posts

Maurice Vega

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  1. That made me have an epiphany on how much big data is essentially one big and powerful tool for corporate manipulation…

    That's actually way more concrete and dangerous than any conspiracy model one can come up with : And the people that are concerned about data use and actively demand regulation are a marginal minority.

  2. Sanders would not go far enough, he is still a bit too establishment. Trump obliterated the investments made into the Hillary campaign, it was beautiful. but it is only the beginning.

  3. The world is globalized, all democracies are polluted by lobbyists. There is representation for ordinary people in a modern two-party system. There is no socialism or capitalism anymore, only the us and the people who exploit us. We are not the world, political representatives are supposed to represent us, not some vague ideological nonsense about globalized trade. Nobody talks about pollution from production, its always the consumers. Nobody talks about exploitation of Asia workers, it's always the working class who are forced to buy the products because of globalized monopolism who are to blame.

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