2020 Calendar: Yes or No?

so I need your advice today or basically I
just want to know whether you are interested in a 2020 David Pakman show calendar. If you are sort of new to the show in the
last year and a half, you may not know that. Starting back in I believe 2014 we have done
yearly David Pakman show wall calendars and there’s always a theme. Sometimes it’s hatred at male banners submitted
by the audience. We’ve previously done political and show related
comic strips. We’ve done a lot of different things and we
skipped the calendar last year. We didn’t do it 2019 calendar at the end of
2018 quite simply because we were just way too busy with the new studio technical changes
and a bunch of other things. And I’ve started getting emails because it
is getting to be that time of year. Do we want or do we plan to do one in 2020
so my question to you is should we do with 2012 at 20 calendar? I already spoke to Matt Strathpine about doing
the art, which would be comics. He’s been doing some really great comics,
which we’ve posted to our social media platforms like the one that we’re showing our video
and television audience right now. Um, all related to the show and to things
going on with the show and politics and independent media. The quality of this stuff is really, really
good. He is conceivably up for doing 12 images for
the 12 months of 2020 with a cover. But really it’s a question of how many will
we sell and the way that we should do this is if you would be buying a calendar, and
we usually do it two ways. You can just buy a calendar on our website
or you can get a new yearly membership and you get the calendar for free. Those are the two ways that we do it. A how many people will buy one. So if you would be interested in a calendar,
please get in touch by email through the website contact [email protected] tell me if you
will buy one. I don’t need you to email me to tell me you
will not buy one because all that matters is how many people will buy one. Uh, instead of doing this thing we sometimes
do have, do you want us to make one or not? It really just comes down to we have a limited
amount of time and always many, many options for things that we can do to engage with the
audience. If we can’t sell at least a few hundred of
these, it probably doesn’t make sense to do it given the time and cost and everything
that goes into it. So just get in touch whether you are or aren’t
a member, if you would buy just a calendar or sign up for a yearly membership to get
the calendar for free or you’re already a member, but you would like up your yearly
membership to get a calendar, let me know. Uh, David pakman.com the contact form is the
way to do and I look forward to hearing from you and more information soon. If we are going to do it, we probably need
to get Matt going on the art like in the next week or so, so that uh, he’ll have time and
then we can get the calendar to print and get them out to people, uh, before probably
the end of December break. So that’s the plan. If we do it, get in touch, David pakman.com. I do want to hear from you about this. Will you by 2020 David Pakman show calendar. Uh, let me know.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Cool, but different checkered shirts for each month would be fun!

    The comic is good, but (to me) looks like David Duchovny more than David Pakman. ?

    You could do a calendar with 12 of your best thumbnail expressions!

    No matter what artwork you decide, I'd definitely buy a TDPS 2020 calendar.

  2. No. I don't understand why anyone would buy a David Pakman calendar. What does it have to do with politics and what does that have to do with "engaging with the audience" as you put it.

    You already over market yourself to the point that it has caused me to unsubscribe once because it's uncomfortable to watch. I would have thought this was a joke but it seems that you really are asking if people will buy a David Pakman calendar.

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